1. JD says

    He’s obviously not a hardcore Catholic (nor am I!). Didn’t the Vatican totally call it blasphemous when people started wearing Rosaries as fashion items?

    What an amazing body… daaaamn.

  2. Bill says

    The paparazi suck. You want a picture or Kate Gosselin’s beaver chewed hair? Got it! Want a picture of Brittaney Spear’s cooch? Got it!

    Get an easy picture of a hot, sexy CR in SEE TRHOUGH WET WHITE SWIMTRUNKS….sorry missed that!

  3. Deepak says


    Okay, rethought my definition and decided that a person’s physical appearance, manner of dress, and general hotness didn’t have any bearing on their sexual orientation.

    Anyone who claims this man is homosexual (based on anything less than a stated proclivity for sex with men) really needs to rethink how american society and gender expectations have shaped their own internalized definitions of what it means to be gay/straight. Stereotypes are detrimental no matter who they are coming from.

    Oh, and yes, he’s hot as fuck.

  4. unleashed says

    I know I m a girl but I love those shorts-with a bikini top-the bomb-where can I get a pair-oh and yeah luv him too obviously-luv ur site too!

  5. mike says

    Reason #5 in my continuing series: “Why I Love Soccer and Why It Is The Best Sport In The World”: Cristian Ronaldo in short, white, wet, see-through shorts at a beach in Sardinia, getting over a heart-breaking loss to Barcelona.

    P.S.: Anyone understand what Ralph said?

  6. Dhani Darko says

    So good looking, well dressed, and athletic is gay? Most of the gay dudes I know are fat slobs who spend a lot of time imagining themselves with unattainable straight coworkers, drinking beer and smoking weed, and bitching about Dancing With The Stars being preempted. I’m just sayin’…

  7. Drew says


    I’d like to know the maker of those swim shorts as well. I’d guess they came from his own boutique, CR7… but you can;t shop it online.

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