1. Chris says

    I’m all about the NYT, and checking their website too many times a day, but I’m also a sucker for this kind of humor (awkward pauses, face-to-face humiliation).

    Hopefully everyone watching it understands that the evening Daily Show / Colbert Report is even worse (following their election coverage was confusing, since everything seemed to happen MORE than a day after it actually did), and that if you check any newspaper’s website they have constantly updated news.

    Anyway, I laughed the whole time.

  2. ggreen says

    Its very telling that Keller is seen with a Blackberry strapped to the front of his pants. Its too bad Keller doesn’t realize his paper is tanking because of the huge ongoing hit(s) to its credibility, which Keller continues to defend.

  3. brian says

    wow, that segment comes with its own advertising spot too. VERY cutting edge journo, pal.

    once you get over the fact that it’s all designed to keep your attention long enough to buy something, who cares what it is says or what you call it? journalism, entertainment, classified ads, whatever. keep it coming and sell it — even the crap that hovers around towleroad.

    btw – snarky gen x exposes by overprivileged white guys is SO Nirvana ’91.

  4. Todd says

    Good for the NYT. I thought it was very funny. And of course they knew what they were getting into. I thought they handled it as best they could. Would love to know though why they agreed to it.

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