1. crispy says

    Becks is actually in top form right now (footballing, not modeling), World Cup qualifying is heating up, and he’s on his way back to LA to finish the season… so I recommend you stop reading Towleroad right now if you’re over him. Better yet, just stay off the internet altogether.

  2. crispy says

    “What’s the deal with his little girly arms?”

    I realize soccer isn’t as popular here in the States as neanderthal sports like American football and baseball.

    But are you really that dumb?

  3. David in Houston says

    5 year old’s hairstyle… check.
    Cliché Chinese symbols tattoo… check.
    Zero sex appeal… check.
    Posted to piss off Crispy… check.

    My job is done 😉

  4. Christian Canterbury says

    ENOUGH!! I’m so OVER this media WHORE. Go back to soccer or STOP PLAYING and just become a full time model! I’m not even a sports fan.

  5. paul c says

    I don’t understand how someone with a nasal little Truman Capote voice, no discernable personality or signs of intelligence, an average-at-best face and a blatant tendency to try way too hard and generally come across as super needy — which is exactly what Beckham is and does — could be considered attractive.

    I’ll take Frederic Michalak over this little worm any day.

  6. Delonjo says

    Airbrushing. Total airbrushing. The Tom of Finland comment is totally apt. He looks like a desperate cartoon. Does he still play soccer–in Los Angeles?!

  7. Athiest says

    He looks nothing like these photos – he has marginal ab definition and his butt aint so bubble. he has been perfected to the point where the poster ain’t worth the paper its airbrushed on… This trend in extreme makeover airbrushing is only gonna make people more determined to look perfect and compare themselves unfavourably with their heroes and models. Give me a normal, real man with some hair and gasp! maybe a little love-handle…

  8. jakeinlove says

    Gread body, I wonder how much is re-touch. Not to say he doesn’t do his part, but… The tats are hot, but sometimes he just doesn’t make my blood boil. It’s just kinda – eh.

  9. kyle says

    I’m with Paul.

    WAY over exposed. Just a media whore, much like Lance Armstrong.

    Time for them to go away.

    And his big multi-million contract to play with the galaxy and he played, what, 1 game?

    And it’s highly unlikely he’s heterosexual. The only problem with that is he’s in the closet and had an opportunity to have become a positive role model.

    Now he comes across as just a greedy whore.

  10. says


    Can’t they get a proper model with a nice ass, nice thighs (the white boxers don’t even fit his skinny pins) and a good-looking face.

    He’s one ugly dude – look at his pinched, scowling face. He looks like a London dyke standing in the queue at the Post Office.

    And as someone else said, too much ink. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

  11. Jan says

    My my my, don’t we have a lot of “Men”????? throwing hissy fits over David’s exppsure, voice, face, footballing abilities etc.
    Just stop looking (Meow) and go elsewhere.

    David’s one hot bod and I for one, cannot get too many photos of him AND his beautiful family.

    Americans mostly are just jealous they do not have ANY of their sports people having this whole image!!!


  12. Kyle Sullivan says

    He’s adorable…when he’s not trying to look so butch or sexy and just being himself. I’d like to know him — and not just in the Biblical sense (but there’s nothing wrong with that, at all).

  13. Al says

    He’s not attractive.

    Yes, he stuffs his crotch. I’ve seen the real deal.

    He’s so fucking boring. He and his no-talent wife, need to go away. Neither has a proper job.

    Did he just get hurt again? Oops.

  14. says

    I’ll take Christiano Ronaldo over Becks anyday. But honestly, if given the opportunity, I’d take both (or they both can take me! ha!)

    Beckham has days where he’s super-hot and days where he’s just average. When he’s wearing a nice soccer uniform, I think he’s at his hottest. While the Milan kit looks nice on him, the plain while of the Galaxy kit really shows off his abs (once said kit is wet with sweat!)

  15. Tony the Tiger says

    Even if you are a Beckham fan (which I am not) this is a terrible photo of him especially the complete absence of his eyes, the emphasis on the complete lack of arm musculator and the weird tightly manicured line of hair down from his belly button.

    And yes this guy is over exposed and yes his girly voice ruins it for me too.

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