1. peter says

    sad that he’s a man? why?

    if it was a woman, would he take her out on a date or something?

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Geez, no love for Hasselhoff. That was a cute song and it was cool that he got to be face to face with the guy he had a crush on and serenade him on national TV. Or it could have been a scheme to make it past editing in production…Either way, stop being a bunch of haters!!! Lol

  3. Roger Ramjett says

    Loved it!!! Good spirit, hysterical lyrics, and a positive reaction from The Hass! LATER 2 DA H8TERS!

  4. philip says

    This really was hilarious, and I thought that Hasselhoff was actually very gracious (you might actually check it out in the clip because the text version lacks context). I would also note that the two men on the panel were the ones that sent him through to the next round.

  5. anonymous says

    you know, TOWLEROAD never posts information about the NYC GAY MENS CHORUS, which was also featured on America’s Got Talent.

    I dunno. As a regular reader of this blog, and as a New Yorker (i think Andy is a New Yorker as well) i think it kinda sucks that this dynamic community organization never gets coverage on this site.

    Oh well.