Former DNC Chair Howard Dean Drops Out of LGBT DNC Fundraiser

Ben Smith at Politico reports that Howard Dean has pulled out of the LGBT Democratic Party Fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow night in Washington D.C., which will be met with protest.

Dean"A Dean spokeswoman, Karen Finney, stressed that Dean's move was a scheduling conflict due to a 'family commitment.'"

Could it be that we are family?

Via Americablog – which notes that Dean was one of the top four names on the invite. Americablog also has a rundown of who's in and who's out.

The Victory Fund's Chuck Wolfe has dropped out as well. As has Hilary Rosen.

Rep. Jared Polis is attending the fundraiser. He talked to The Advocate about why he's doing so:

Polis "I’m a Democrat and a proud Democrat. Our
party’s not perfect but certainly I will help
the Democrats however I can. I did an event for
Democrats for education reform Monday and if you figure our
party has a ways to go on LGBT equality, we have even
further to go on education reform where President
Obama has been a great leader, but those are battles
we fight every day … Some donors might
choose to support the Party now, some might delay. I
would certainly hope that before the next election
we’ve demonstrated that we’ve moved
substantially on the equality agenda. But if the Democrats
fail to deliver on the equality agenda, then
it’s reasonable that gay and lesbian donors
might choose to donate to activist groups rather than the
Party itself.


  1. Robert says

    So what more than being compared to incest and pedophilia does it take Mr. Polis, before you realize Obama will not move without pressure?
    Giving him cover by attending a fundraising event specifically for the gay/lesbian community is not the answer and is a betrayal of every member in that community.

  2. Trace says

    Hey Congressman Polis…

    I havent seen any DOJ briefings or anything from the administration that sets back education any further than what it is today. How do you compare the two?

    Why cant these people get it?.. its not the lack of movement that got people angry… it was the movement backward with the DOJ briefing.

  3. hadassah weinreb says

    Rep Polis speaks as someone who knows not only that DNC $$ is important to his career but that the Dems could support a challenger to him in his next primary.

  4. Chitown Kev says


    Exactly, Polis is walking a fine line with the Dems. Even in that Advocate article, he is not backing down. He even strongly suggested that the signing ceremony at the White House wasn’t “major” enough for him to cancel his Congressional baseball game.

    That’s a pretty strong statement from a Congressman directed at a popular President of his own party

    And if the Dems do decide to primary him, that’s where gay $$ should go, IMO.

  5. david in iowa says

    WTF!! I spent most of 2008 hating H Dean and sticking pins into a mini voo-doo doll of the same. And now he goes and does something this blatantly cool.

    I just might have to wear my H. Dean for president shirt again

    props to Howard!!!!

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