1. Clay says

    More proof positive that, for many of these hack politicians, opposition to marriage and other gay rights issues is totally insincere. It’s a pandering dance they do. Question is, what steps can to taken to convince these whores to walk the other side of the street?

    They care about 2 things, raising money and getting reelected. Threaten or guarantee their capacity to both, and they’re yours for a few hours. All politics really is local, and it’s increasingly at the district level that these fights need to go on.

    Calling Gill Action!

  2. ohplease says

    Exactly, Clay. Barack Obama no more cares who you marry than he cares which shampoo you used this morning. He was trying to be the first black president and, last summer, he couldn’t have the marriage equality wedge issue standing in his way.

    But what’s his excuse for not leading now? The Republican party is increasingly becoming the party of marriage equality, it seems, while our black president says and does nothing and is protested by Russians for his civil rights stance! This is not what I voted for.

  3. Glenn says

    “The Republican party is increasingly becoming the party of marriage equality…”

    I think I can safely state that this will be the stupidest and most ignorant statement I read on the internet all day. And it’s early yet! Congratulations, OP.

  4. ichabod says

    I agree with Clay as well. I guess it’s some sort of cold comfort that it would seem the hurdle is more political maneuvering and not out-right bigotry (though there is still plenty of that as well), but it’s still frustrating all the same (to put it mildly).

  5. Pender says

    Politics is a messy business. Let’s just be happy that the Republicans are coming around. Our ultimate victory will happen when the GOP gets on board with marriage equality. It really looks like it’s starting to happen.

  6. Pender says

    Also, yes, the gay community owes a debt of gratitude to Steve Gill of a magnitude that very few people realize. I hope I get a chance to shake that guy’s hand someday.

  7. Charlie says

    Bruno has nothing to lose now so it is easy for him to make a statement that would inflame the “base.”

    If he were still in office, it would be another story.

  8. el polacko says

    demonizing the GOP and all conservatives has been a huge error made by a gay rights movement that has allowed itself to be dominated by those more interested in far-left agendas than gay rights. had we been cultivating our relationship with fair-minded people of all political persuasions we may have reached our goal of equality sooner, but i’m pleased to see that the times they are a-changing.

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