Gay News Anchor Randy Price to Return to Boston Airwaves

Randy Price, credited as America's first openly gay news anchor and formerly with WHDH in Boston, will be returning as morning anchor and reporter at WCVB-TV/DT Channel 5 and

Price WCVB reports: "One of the most respected journalists in broadcast television, Price
will begin co-anchoring the EyeOpener newscast with Bianca de la Garza
Monday, June 8. He will also contribute to breaking news and major
event coverage for WCVB, the market’s news leader…Price’s distinguished career has included stints as an anchor and
reporter at WHDH-TV and WBZ-TV. In his twenty plus years on Boston
television, Price has won numerous awards, including a national Edward
R. Murrow Award for best newscast, the broadcast industry’s highest
honor. He is also well-known in New England’s civic and philanthropic
communities, regularly volunteering his time to raise funds and
awareness for a variety of causes."

Price parted ways for unclear reasons with WHDH last February. He married his longtime partner Mark Steffen on the steps of the Massachusetts State House in January 2007. They live in Maine.


  1. TonyG says

    Oh, just found this:

    “Current EyeOpener anchor David Brown will focus on reporting for NewsCenter 5 and and serve as a fill-in weather anchor. In addition to reporting and anchoring, Brown has a notable background in weather science and is one of the best known meteorologists in the region.”

    Feels like a demotion. Too bad – I like both Price and Brown.

  2. realitythink says

    No it won’t be all gay. It’ll be older gay man and his co-host the plastic blond girl. She doesn’t look real to me, I think they plug her in with the lights.

  3. andrew says

    i like randy price… and i like david brown. both proud out newsmen, both give back to the community…

    hopefully we will get to see lots of both.

  4. alex in boston says

    David Brown was first hired as a weatherman and has served in that capacity.. True with Randy Price joining the CH 5 team there will be now 2 openly gay news persons on their staff! Though in reality there are a number of “gay” but closeted persons in the area on TV…… David Brown has achieved success in a very public forum as a newscaster and i would not look at this as any form of demotion but rather an expansion of inclusiveness!!

  5. Keith Boston says

    David Brown is also tireless in his support for GLBT issues in the greater Boston area. From AIDS Walk Boston, to Fenway Health and any number of other organizations, David seems to never turn down the opportunity to help. He is an amazing asset to the WCVB team and our community.

    At his time at WHDH, Randy too was a great community asset – he and David both are terrific friends to GLBT Boston!

  6. facts are facts says

    these two have serious problems just like many of us that have affected their careers …. swim in the same circles …. and demotions are not because they were gay ….

  7. Andalusian Dog says

    I wonder if Factsarefacts is referring to Randy Price’s well-known alcoholism, which apparently got him canned from his job at WBZ. I don’t know if/that David Brown has problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

  8. alex in boston says

    It can never be determined how much has been raised in support of AIDS, Domestic Violence, Health Care for the GLBT community, because of the tireless efforts of Both Randy and David! They have used their positions and their “Out Lives” as the vehicle for untold countless GLBT events and issues! We in Boston are fortunate and proud of their contributions – I see the opportunity that we have as a community to be blessed twice in having them both at the same station/network!! Ch 5 is to commended on this milestone!

  9. Jason H. says

    Andalusian: why conjecture the worst?

    A quick Google search found that there were discrepancies between his vision of “good reporting” and what the network decided to air.

    On a personal note, Randy was a positive role model to myself and many other LGBT youth struggling to come of age in New England. He was very active in LGBT family pride events.

  10. joe says

    Gay or straight, I think ageism had more to do with Randy Price’s departure from Channel 7. That channel apparently wants a bunch of under-30 lightweight neophytes who cannot hold a candle to Mr. Price. Just listen to the many grammatical mistakes on Channel 7 made by these kids and one can see why Mr. Price did not fit in.

    Channel 5 is lucky to get Mr. Price, and also to have Mr. Brown, both are out and proud and have raised lots of $$ for charity.

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