1. says

    O’Reilly has constantly incited extremism and has stirred up hatred of Tiller. O’Reilly is as guilty as the dumbass who pulled the trigger. O’Reilly is such a smug self-satisfied asshole that he is incapable of self reflection, especially as even a moment of consideration would show his guilt. He is too busy pontificating his own opinions to even think that his own bigotry might have influenced others to the same level of malice and obsession. O’Reilly is competing for the number one bigot slot on Fox with the uneducated Hannity and Beck; what a sorry trio of dangerous clowns.

  2. Lue says

    Please don’t refer to him as “abortion doctor”. Dr. Tiller was a gynaecologist who also provided abortions.

  3. alex in boston says

    I would love to see O’reilly have a stroke on air!! and choke on his own tongue

  4. patrick nyc says

    If their thinking, the Fox douche’s and the right wing, that killing Tiller was preventing murder, then why not advocate killing anyone who protests outside places like Tiller’s and anyone on Fox who pushes their bullshit? We are preventing the murder of Doctors who are doing their jobs.

  5. anon says

    I think we should wait for the actual gunman or prosecutor to talk about the motive first.

  6. woodroad34 says

    When was it that the FCC got rid of rules of civility on TV–was it during Reagan’s tenure? Why hasn’t Obama’s FCC restored those rules? Isn’t it about time? These hate-mongering, violence inducing traitors should be silenced forever. They add nothing–NOTHING– to the discourse of ideas. They foment venal emotions, not productive ideas. They lie to themselves and to others–they complain of problems yet offer no solutions. They are whiners, spoiled children, drug-addled, mindless, insane, sociopathic individuals who do more to destroy society than Liberals. It’s such a 1950’s to 60’s mindset. Mud in their veins and shit for brains.

  7. Trasker says

    Yes Anon, I would like to see if the killer references Fox or BillO in his defense. That would be rich indeed.

  8. belizeguy says

    School yard bully O’Reilly is a luffa munching, sexually repressed idiot who perverts the whole concept of freedom of speech. My dog has a better moral compass. Apologies to my puppy and any other canines out there.

  9. BC says

    Guys come on!! The man was killed because the man who killed his was mentally ill. Diagnosed or undiagnosed, he had a problem that made him think that taking a life was his right. WHY do people try to blame someone OTHER than the one responsible? Hold the GUNMAN responsible? Part of the problem with society today is that people who do wrong look to blame someone else.

    So Olbermann SEVERAL times called (sorry, “hoped”) for the assassination of several prominent conservatives- would it be Olberman’s fault if someone did it?? NO!! In fact, I believe it was on this website that several commenters hoped and prayed for Gov. Palin to be assaulted in several, violent and aggressive ways. So if a Towleroad reader did that, would Andy be at fault??

    Are the owners of Criagslist liable for the murders? NO. If I hook up off of manhunt and get robbed/raped/killed is manhunt responsible? NO. The person who committed the crime is responsible. Thats it.

  10. damien says

    Andy, may I recommend that you and other blogs stop posting videos from Fox News? After all, News Corp (Fox News’ owner) gets a pretty nice amount of revenue from Google (YouTube’s owner) each time their video is shared and viewed.

    It just doesn’t feel right putting money into the pockets of such a hateful crew.

  11. Gry says

    There’s no denying that O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, et al. have done all they can to inflame the insane ire of every yahoo viewer who tunes in for their daily dose of venom in order to have their paranoia that white society is falling apart affirmed. Sure, they’ll take a big moral stand against saying “Fuck,” having a same-sex kiss, or showing a breast on TV, but it’s perfectly permissible to incite anti-government anarchy and violent sentiment toward social undesirables in the name of God and Country.

    Those are some backward values.

  12. Mark says

    Olbermann blaming O’Reilly for Tiller’s death or stating he’s complicit would be the same thing as someone blaming Olbermann if something happened to O’Reilly. Period.

  13. Mark says

    Damien, since you have so much ammo against O’Reilly, Beck, Limbaugh, etc…go ahead and provide one quote from any of their programs that “incite anti-government anarchy and violent sentiment toward social undesirables in the name of God and Country.” I guess what you are saying is since they don’t agree with Liberal policies that they are anti-government hate mongers. Very closed minded for someone as eloquent as you. You like putting nice sentences together, but unfortunately you lack facts to back up your claims. In other words your posts are like someone hanging a chandelier in a tool shed. It might look really nice and it is, just as long as you don’t take into consideration what’s all around it. In other words once you take a look around and take your eyes off the chandelier, all you are left with is crap.

  14. Herb Barquist says

    You all do realize Tiller by his own admission murdered 60,000 human beings,right?

  15. BC says

    The problem is, people here only go on what the liberal blogs say and what the little clips of commentaries say. I challenge any one of you to watch Beck or O’Reilly for a week and see what kind of “Hate Speech” they really use. Olbermann is JUST as loud, JUST as opinionated and JUST as obnoxious.

    I have never heard Beck or O’Reilly advocate murder. Olbermann, I have heard him advocate murder – often.

  16. BC says

    PS – Do left-wingers need to be held responsible for the death of the army recruiter? I mean far left-wingers hate the war and are anti-military….think about it.

  17. Adolph Hitler says

    I love Bill O’Reilly. I’d totally hire him for the rebirth of my business.

  18. nic says

    o’reilly is as guilty of the assassination of the doctor as religious bigots are of the many murders of gay men and women. once you hammer home the point to the suggestible that a person is evil and should be destroyed, it is the same as putting a gun in the hands of those selfsame zealots.

    @BC, what the fuck is wrong with you? are you a self-respecting gay or a log cabinette? i think it is the latter. or maybe, you are simply a right-winger trolling a gay site.

  19. Mark says

    Tom…where are you getting your information from? O’Reilly may have thought and suggested that Tiller was engaged in evil acts, but never did he call him evil and NEVER EVER did he even suggest he “should be destroyed”. It’s like that game you play as a kid where everyone gets in a circle and a phrase is spoken in the ear of one child and by the time it makes its way around, it’s something completely different. Stop getting your information from kids sitting in circles, idiot.