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News: Tel Aviv, John Berry, Betty White, Miami, Lobster, Mercy


Five gay couples wed in ceremony on Tel Aviv beach as Pride celebration climaxes.



Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson tape for No H8.


WATCH: Betty White plays beer pong.


City of Miami passes Domestic Partner ordinance: "The domestic partners benefits measure extends to unmarried gay and straight employees of the city who register their relationships with Miami-Dade County's domestic partner registry."


White House Office of Personnel Management head John Berry delivers impassioned speech at Justice Dept: "My family has never known divorce. Were we married? No, but I dare anyone to say that we were not in love.... Where do you stand? Honoring love as precious and true wherever you find it, or with those who would demean or deny it? I urge you: Stand where you can be proud. Stand with service and truth. Stand with love. Stand for liberty and justice for all."


San Diego County school district apologizes for refusing to let student deliver report on Harvey Milk during class time: "In a letter to Natalie and her parents, Supt. Robert Graeff and Mt. Woodson Principal Theresa Grace apologized and said they had acted out of an abundance of caution for the 'tender sensibilities' of Natalie's fellow students. 'It is our hope that -- together -- we can all view this incident as a learning experience and emerge wiser from the entire experience,' wrote Graeff and Grace, on behalf of themselves and the school board."


Bret Michaels releases lengthy statement on Tonys mishap that left him bloody.



Yellow lobster is 1 in 30 million.


On the bus to Kayseri, Turkey: "Kayseri is home to a group of gay men and lesbians who have fled Iran and are now waiting in Turkey to be resettled in a Western country. The government of Turkey does not allow non-European refugees to stay in Turkey, and it is the responsibility of UNHCR to find a host country to take them in. Currently there are over 18,000 refugees in Turkey, some of whom have been waiting for over 2 years to be resettled elsewhere. While in Turkey, the authorities insist that refugees can only stay in one of 30 designated small cities. These locations are assigned based on the asylum seeker’s nationality, gender, age, and reason for seeking asylum."


Madonna confirms Mercy adoption.



Anti-gay hate graffiti under investigation in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Hate crime charges against Staten Island man dropped: "A spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan would not comment because the case is sealed, but confirmed the hate crime case against James Champagne, 24, of Stapleton, has been dismissed. Champagne had been accused of beating up another man in West Brighton July 29, and during the attack he allegedly yelled, 'we don't like faggots on Barker Street.'"


GQ interviews Barney Frank.


Beyond Hatred: PBS to air documentary about French gay man murdered by skinheads.


The Daily Beast interviews openly gay Iraq vet and candidate for Congress Anthony Woods, who was discharged under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': “I knew getting into it that if I took a stand, it would be a costly decision and it certainly has become one. But people have to take a stand for what's right. There's a reason this policy is on the front burner now... We're a country fighting two wars, having trouble recruiting, yet we want to turn away some of our most talented, most well-trained soldiers?”

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  1. Bret Michaels is hilarious. "Somebody handed me a towel to wipe the blood from my face and in my dazed state I recall staring at what seemed to be Shrek, a talking goat head and several monkey like creatures." I also love how he implies that he missed the magic of Broadway because of the show's mean producers. Certainly, he's never had the time or means to attend a show on his own.

    Is there maybe a teensy chance that Bret had a couple drinks (or other substances) before his performance? I'd love to hear what Liza said when she visited him to check on his state.

    "Oh, darling, that was awful, just awful! You must let me give you some pills!"

    "Umm, who are you?"

    Posted by: Paul R | Jun 12, 2009 3:58:01 PM

  2. If Obama is so Anti-Gay do you really think this guy would have gotten up and gave this speech? Maybe Obama has a plan to ensure our LGBT rights don't get smashed like the way it happened with Clinton. Don't ever forget, this man came from nowhere and beat the most formidable political team in history. I know this to be a fact, I WAS on the other side. Chillax "Mos. It's coming.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Jun 12, 2009 4:02:07 PM

  3. The fans think the Golden Girls' Betty White (Rose Nylund) is the next Bea Arthur (Dorothy Zborank). Betty can't replace former late Bea Arthur and she isn't Bea. Bea would have been plays the Beer pong with Jimmy, instead of Betty. I love Betty! She is such a sweet lady.

    Posted by: anonymous | Jun 12, 2009 4:17:12 PM

  4. I guess you posted today's news before the Dustin Lance Black sex tape news came out? :oP

    Posted by: Aaron Akins | Jun 12, 2009 4:39:58 PM

  5. actually i understand that Army recruitment numbers are quite up now that the economy has tanked. Still they're recruitinghg ex-cons, high school dropouts & other burger flippers. At the same time they're kicking out the most intelligent, best trained members..

    Posted by: mike shackleford | Jun 12, 2009 10:24:16 PM

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