1. peterparker says

    What a fucking prick to insinuate that a lesbian couple ruined the family discount for everyone simply because they asked to be treated equally.

  2. says

    Oh geez, do they really want this controversy looming over their heads? How many gay couples are going to try and get the family pass. Not too many. And then how much are you really losing by giving a small discount on admission. Idaho may not be the most gay friendly state in the country but there are many straight friend’s of gay who are offended and the waterpark will lose way more business than to just offer the discount.

  3. Bill says

    Just another example of how disgusting American Heterosexuals can be toward the very own Gay & Lesbian people that Heteroseuxals themselves created.

    Morals indeed, Heteros. Morals, indeed.

  4. says

    Idaho remains the only place I’m scared to go after our car was vandalized. [car keyed and “i do to equal marriage” bumper sticker destroyed] I was not surprised by this news, and have no hope of Idaho doing anything about it.

    It’s places like this that create a need for federal intervention. QUIT dragging your feet Obama.

  5. brentbent says

    @Mike Where in Idaho were you? Not all of Idaho is crazy. The eastern side tends to be fairly loonie but parts of the west side of the state are not. In fact we elected a Democrat to the House of Reps during 08. Moscow, Idaho is one of the nicest places to live on the Earth.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    What drinking fountain did they want to drink from? Oh! What school did they want to send the kids too? Oh! You mean they can’t eat at that restaurant? ‘There are no protections for Gay and Lesbian Americans in Idaho’.

    YES Gay IS the new Black, only worse.

  7. says

    @brentbent between Cour d’Alene and Silverwood area (northwest). I have heard good things about Moscow – they have a kickin’ jazz festivle :)

    My dad grew up in Fruitland/Ontario area and says it’s still not a great area. Same with my “in-laws” in Boise – they are as homophobic as they come. I’m sure not all of Idaho is bad, just like not all of Oregon is good. But, I will still not ever go back to Idaho if I can help it.

  8. Julia says

    When a man and a woman with kid(s) come up to the ticket counter and asks for the family discount, will Lava Hot Springs (or any place, for that matter), ask to see proof of their marriage before granting them the discount? I doubt it. When people see a man and woman with kids, they assume they’re married, even if they happen to be (as has happened once to me) a father, daughter, and family friend who happens to be female. Family rates are generally based on perception, not actual marital status. I wonder whether Lava Hot Springs will start checking marriage certificates prior to awarding the discount!

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