1. Brent says

    Such a beautiful song, and a tender cover of it. Thanks for sharing.

    I disagree with Jay’s sentiment, though. The public didn’t destroy MJ. He was a troubled, tortured man and this began at the dawn of his life. I hope he knows true peace now.

  2. jimmyboyo says


    I agree and disagree

    At first, yeah much can be blamed on Joe jackson and later Berry Gordy, but ultimately we the general public did become enablers and did have a part at nibbeling at his soul.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but in his last press conference he said “…you know I love you…” to the screaming fans all the while his head shook side to side in the negative. Subconscious truth? We the people who enabled his childhood exploitation

  3. Jeffrey says

    Ummm, MJ’s troubles were brought on by himself. While it is very difficult for a child star to turn into a healthy adult, he failed big time. Others have done it, so it’s not impossible. Don’t forget it was his constant need for attention and validation and his huge ego that contributed to his failings, not to mention his twisted relationship with children. The public is not to blame for this one.

  4. Paul R says

    Way better than the original, in my opinion, but then I’m desperately in love with Jay Brannan. I rarely attend concerts, so I’m very sad that he’s playing San Francisco the same night as Of Montreal, for which I already have tickets. Sigh.

  5. mark says

    For a while now I have felt that Micheal was the wacko all have called him.

    But, I listened again to the interview he gave with Ed Brady…

    No…we are not his culprit. Stardom and fame beyond what any of us can imagine pushed him further and further back behind the gates of Neverland.

    Imagine not being able to go ANYWHERE without a mob screaming and trying just to touch you. Imagine being in this prison.

    He had been labeled a freak. A pedophile. Wacko Jacko. Do you think he didn’t hear these? Do you think he had no feeling about these?

    Of course, now we will never know. Yet – I do remember those nights dancing my heart out to Billie Jean and Beat It…and I am appreciative of just those few minutes when absolutely nothing else mattered but the music and the dance.

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