LGBT Protest Planned for DNC Fundraiser in Boston on Tuesday

In addition to protests planned for the Washington D.C. LGBT Fundraiser this Thursday, Join the Impact Massachusetts has plans to protest a Democratic Party fundraiser in Boston on Tuesday headlined by VP Joe Biden.

Fenway The group writes, on Facebook:

"As we've all seen, we've gotten more in the past 6 days for the LGBT
community than we have in the past 6 months. Once this firestorm of
criticism and public pressure began over the repugnant DOMA brief, we
began hearing that the Hate Crimes bill may pass very soon. Then once
the boycotting began of the DNC fundraiser in Washington, DC, we then
learned about the relocation benefits memorandum which seemed to be a
direction reaction to the boycott. Money talks folks and we
have a HUGE opportunity here. Putting on this protest will be
emblematic of a larger issue at hand for the Obama administration and
the Dems. No longer is the protest singled out just in Washington, DC,
but now they're spreading. If the Obama administration and the Dems
want to tamper down frustrations, the only way for them to do so will
be to take concrete strong action to pass substantive LGBT civil rights
measures. Let's make them do it!"


  1. says

    I know the guy who’s planning this whole thing, and am proud of him and the organization for which he’s co-chair. I’ve been volunteering with Join The Impact MA for the last month or so, and he and I have talked about this whole thing. He’s understandably angry, and wholly determined to make sure the White House knows how much they’ve pissed off a considerably large portion of the GLBTQ community.

    I hope the protests in Boston *and* D.C. – and not the fundraisers, of course – are a raging success.

  2. Gabriel says

    Let’s not forget that it’s not just Obama but the Congress. 17 Democrats in the House voted against the hate crimes bill. By funding the DNC we are helping these homophobes get elected.

  3. steve says

    we should donate only to LGBT friendly politicans that vote our interests. It is wise not to give to the DNC in general- i will not support dems or republicans that vote against our community. POWER = MONEY in the good ole USA>

    Its time to show our pride by demanding the repeal of DOMA, DADT, and passing the ENDA and Ryan sheppard bill.

  4. says

    I just received a donation request in the mail from the DNC and returned the business reply mail with a note that said “no more money for Democracts until there is some positive gay rights legislation passed.”
    I encourage others to do the same.
    If they can’t do it now they never will be able to.

  5. area51 says

    In case you’re looking for somewhere else to donate instead, check out the Victory Fund:

    They raise funds for out LGBT candidates only. Most of their candidates are in local or state races that don’t get much national attention.

  6. KFLO says

    Well, it is fine to support individual DEM congressmen. My congressman, Andre Carson, is VERY pro-gay and I’d love to keep him on congress. The DNC, on the other hand, needs to wake up.