Christopher Ciccone Calls Guy Ritchie a Miserable Homophobe, Again

Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone reportedly let his feelings about Guy Ritchie be known in a recent interview with Dutch TV, Liverpool Click reports. Said Ciccone:

Mrsritchie"I really disliked Guy Ritchie. He is miserable. Always is, always has been and I can see why she is not with him anymore. I don't know why he is… I just think he is naturally miserable. I also think he was very threatened by my relationship with my sister. None of the other men in her life have ever felt that way. I honestly have never experienced anybody so insecure. She had to wear a jacket with his name on it for God's sake, it just never made any sense to me.

"I had to be black-mailed into going to the wedding. I had done an interior design job for Madonna and she said she would only pay me if I went to the wedding. I had to go because I wanted to get paid but it really was a horrible experience. She asked me to give a toast at the reception and I said to her 'You really don't want me to this because I'm in a bad mood.' But she insisted. So I got up and said, I would like to toast this happy moment. It happens only twice in a person's life- which was a dig at her first marriage. And I said 'If anyone wants to f*** Guy, he will be in my room.' I knew he would be angry about that because he is a homophobe. I probably ruined his wedding day but I just didn't care what he thought."


  1. Greg says

    Christopher Ciccone is gross. From that guest spot on Top Chef (what an asshole) to the book about his sister (he would be a penniless nobody without her) he seems loathsome.

  2. giovanni says

    “I probably ruined his wedding day but I just didn’t care what he thought.”

    Well that pretty much sez it all.

  3. Marc says

    I don’t believe anything Christopher has to say.
    Go away now Chris, just go away.

  4. JimmyD says

    SHE had to BRIBE HIM to come to her wedding?
    That doesn’t speak well of either of them.
    SHE should have paid him regardless.
    HE should have gone to his sister’s wedding regardless. Great family support there.
    It seems like HE’s been riding HER coat tails since day one. What a cunt. Both of them.

  5. Cj says

    Why all the hating on Chris? Guy Ritchie is a known homophobe, and Madonna is a ruthless, heartless narcissist who treated Chris like dirt for years. Chris isn’t much better. In my opinion, they deserve each other.

  6. says

    Is Guy Ritchie a homophobe because he hates Christopher? I don’t get Ritchie is a homophobe. see Rock n rolla.

  7. ryan says

    CJ, how is Ritchie a “known homophobe”? Known by who? And if his sister hates him so much why did she supposedly “blackmail” him to come to the wedding? The whole anecdote sounds like some child’s revenge fantasy. He’s a punk.

  8. AladinSane says

    I agree with Keith and Ryan. Especially after Rock n rolla, I have a very hard time picturing Ritchie a homophobe. The only person I’ve heard claim such is Chris, and his general douchebaggery makes anything he says highly suspect.

  9. Cj says

    During the filming of Snatch Ritchie was quite fond of throwing “poofter” around on the set. I’m sorry to all the Madonna apologists, hate on Chris all you want, but Ritchie is not a friend of Dorothy.

  10. says

    After his behavior on Top Chef, Chris has some nerve calling anyone else miserable. And whether or not Richie is a homophobe, Chris should have enough consideration for his nephews and niece not to talk shit about the guy in public.

  11. henry says

    I’d rather do Guy R. than Chris C., but I care very little what either of them have to say.

  12. crispy says

    CJ, I had no idea you worked in the film industry! What’s it like being on the set of a major movie? I bet it’s exciting!

  13. ryan says

    CJ, can you point to one public statement Ritchie has ever made that could be considered homophobic? Has anyone other than Chris even leveled that charge? It’s pretty unfair of you to make such an accusation with literally zero evidence.

  14. Tralfaz says

    Miss Christina’s book must be coming back out on paperback. That’s word for word what he wrote.

    Not that I READ that piece of trash you understand.

  15. LARS says

    Wow, what a miserable prick. I’m sure Guy Ritchie is a jerk but he’s nothing compared to Mr. Ciccone. He’s going to get more and more desperate until he fades away entirely. Good riddance.

  16. paul c says

    Ciccone faults Ritchie for being “miserable” and “insecure”, apparently overlooking the fact that these are the basic foundations of his sister’s “personality” as well.

  17. Paul R says

    Paul C, he also seems to miss that those are the foundations of his “personality.”

    This story has a lot of elements that are hard to believe. If she didn’t pay him, it seems like he’d run straight to the press. Knowing he’s a bitch, it seems unlikely that she’d beg him to come to her wedding and then give a toast. And on and on…The only thing I will agree with is that it’s sad she wore a jacket with her husband’s name on it. “Seriously, he’s just as famous and fantastic as I am! I swear! He’s so NOT Mr. Madonna! [she says with fingers crossed behind her back]”

  18. razz says

    madonna’s brother did her interior designs? i saw his “work” in the janice dickinson modelling agency, and it was horrible and tasteless…and incredibly tacky…

  19. Joe says

    This guy is a misery, anyone who knows Chris thinks the same thing about him, the only reason he gets any press is because of his Sister. That being said he reminds of the Gays that think “if you aint got nothing nice to say about someone, come sit next to me” Grow up and move on Chris… the fat lady has sung

  20. mike says

    I think Chrissie was jealous of Sissie for marrying Ritchie. Chrissie is a prissy, opportunistic prick. I’ve never gotten that Guy Ritchie is a “homophobe” but I have gotten the impression that Chrissie is an embittered, jealous, no-talent, nobody who can’t accept that he will always be a nobody. Sorry, Chrissie, but you don’t even get the 15 minutes. Get lost, asshole.

  21. eric/nyc says

    I think they all deserve each other. Madonna used and depended on her brother [the only one she could trust] while
    Chris lived off his sister’s success. He was addicted to the money tree and she knew it, dangling the carrot to feed their codependent relationship. He should of kept his mouth shut at the wedding. I’m sure writing the tell all book didn’t help things, either. Hey, I grew up loving Madonna, but she’s as genuine as a wooden nickel. Let’s hope Lady GaGa learns from Madonna’s mistakes.