Mag: Ricky Martin Says Heart Could Belong to Man or Woman

Puerto Rican magazine TVAqui twittered that in its next issue Ricky Martin says that his heart could belong to a man or a woman.

Ricky Martin is the father of twins through a surrogate mother.

You may remember that in December 2007, gay skincare guru Ole Henricksen made headlines when he discussed his client, saying "I’d go for Stig Tøfting [former Danish soccer player], but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin…[Ricky Martin] is a little more open about it these days than he used to be…I don’t know if he has a boyfriend."

Martin has spoken out on the issue of closeted celebrities. In June 2007, when Mexican pop singer Christian Chavez came out, Martin said: "Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say.
[Christian] has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength."

Fatherhood has had a pull on celebrities to come out in the past. When Clay Aiken came out in September 2008, he attributed the decision to his son: "I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things."



  1. Paul R says

    WHAT???? It’s absolutely inconceivable that he might go both ways!!

    Just because he’s so clearly gay. Still, good on him for edging ever more out of the closet door. He hasn’t been lying or using beards for ages, and I wish him the best.

  2. ED2 says

    his career must really be low.

    It’s so nice to see people sort of come out and not when it can benefit their career or give them loads of press and/or automatic fans.

    It’ll also be nice to see this MAJOR talent become relevant again. Lord knows the world needs another crap song overplayed to death.

  3. nic says

    good on that papi chulo for easing out of the closet. however, it’s not as if anyone would be shocked if he did. c’mon ricky, live out loud. the gay movement needs people like you.

  4. says

    His heart could belong to a male or a female, but his penis . . .

    If he’s ready to come out, good for him. As time passes, and there are more Adams and less fill-in-the-closeted-blank, it’s becoming less and less cool to be a closet case.

  5. my2cents says

    given RM’s spiritual and philosophical leanings, i think he’s being true to his path with this statement. the idea of a “soul mate” is often confused with sexual orientation–there are actually 3 levels of sexual relationships… musically i’m hoping he’ll re-invent himself as a western/latin Krishna Das.

  6. Smokey says

    @ Crispy:

    “El travesti” is not a name, but rather the Spanish translation of “the transvestite.” Here, of course, they are referring to the pictured person, Felix Chevermont, who is in fact a drag performer. The proper translation for the caption, then, should be:

    “Felix Chevremont, the transvestite, had his first homosexual encounter at 13.”

    Do note, however, that ‘travesti’ is commonly used in Latin America to refer to drag queens, transvestites, AND transgender folks. No differentiation there. Only recently have the terms ‘transgenero’ and ‘transexual’ been introduced to refer to ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual,’ respectively.

    There has yet to be a word to differentiate the English terms, ‘transvestite’ and ‘drag queen,’ which have completely different meanings.

  7. prisle says

    as a gringo who lives here in PR i have learned much about the gay closet here. everyone seems to be gay here…but nobody is not out. since it is such a family culture everyone knows but it is not discussed.
    everyone here on the island knows RM is gay gay gay, its just not talked about. he will come out, he has to now with those 2 kids. he lives a private life here (for the most part) and lives his life. im sure there is some $$, record co. issues behind the closet too outside of the cultural thing. people love three things here; ricky, ednita and la playa and will not disown their world sensation becuase he is gay. ednita’s and yolandita’s biggest base are the gays.
    i agree though, sooner than later is best for him and the community as a whole!

  8. Fin says

    revolting the amount of bias the comments show, saying that his admitting to be bisexual is merely his being “partially out of the closet”.

  9. gabriel says

    He didn’t really admit to being bisexual FIN. In fact, he didn’t really admit to anything. Just didn’t rule out anything.

    WHITE LABEL has the best translation of the question above.

    To note, she asks who owns his thoughts (he said his kids), his heart (he answered as WHITE LABEL mentioned above), and who owns his body (he said himself)

  10. Fin says

    I agree Gabriel, however the implication of the COMMENTS made here (rather than the actual quotes) implies that he’s admitting that he’s interested in both women and women, and that he’s actually gay. It’s the comments I find offensive, of course, and not whatever he actually identifies as.

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