1. jimmyboyo says


    I read about this from your link yesterday and though it cool. Spielberg’s review was added coolness with his being such a big gammer.

    I so want it for x-mas

  2. Gayalltheway says

    Yeah it looks cool in the video..but in reality, this thing will probably drive you crazy. Gimmick, gimmick!

  3. says

    It’ll be interesting to see what the finished product looks like. These were all conceptual simulations, and we all know Microsoft always makes far-reaching, ambitious demos. Hopefully they’ll actually be able to make this reality.

  4. says

    Nothins is a “Wii-killer” if it costs at least twice as much as Wii. Plus, the cool thing about Wii is its adaptability. Look at the new Punch Out game for Wii — you can play it using your Wiimote and numchuk, guiding it with your hands, or you can go the classic NES approach… and a variety of other options.

    Nintendo’s been so successful because they’ve used simple technology (and Wii is simple technology) in innovative ways, keeping everything affordable for most families. There is no way I could justify purchasing an XBox 360, then the extra hundreds for this add-on, plus all the money for games. More people are like me and my family than not.

  5. DenguyFL says

    Wii killer? Hardly. More like gamer killer. Seriously, my wiimote can tire me out. How many heart attacks do you think will result when the stereotypical couch potato gamer tries to fight through a game?

  6. kurt says

    It looks very cool but this will not kill the wii. Microsoft took the “casual gamer” thing WAAAY too far. Casual gamers do NOT own Xbox 360s and most likely willy not purchase one, most of them already have a Wii anyway. This is so cool but very unlikely, your friends probably wont have an xbox 360 or NATAL and wont be able to video chat with you and pick out a dress, your son would probably rather skateboard in real life than scan his virtual board and play it. The wii is for casual gamers, XBOX360 is for hardcore gamers, there’s no way this will kill the wii.

  7. Paul R says

    I agree with Ryan and Kurt. Sure, it looks cool, but if people already have a Wii and are watching their money, they’re not going to spring for this. I played my Wii nonstop when I first got it, but I hardly ever play it now—and I still love it. I’m just not obsessed with gaming. And I never would have bought it if it hadn’t been affordable.

    Not to mention, my upstairs neighbor works in Xbox development. He was testing a version of this with some friends recently, and it was so loud that I couldn’t hear my dinner guests speak. It sounded like an army was marching and jumping on my ceiling. So this setup is not going to work for people in attached housing; it could also drive parents, siblings, and roommates crazy. (I’ve never had reason to complain about his noise otherwise, so it was quite extreme. And he’s never played it again, thank god.)

  8. Jeff says

    Is it just me – Or is the mother played by Bahia from TVLand’s epic reality series “She’s Got the Look?”

    I fucking loved her on that show!

  9. paul c says

    Remember when dads actually were adults and did things like actually changing tires? I preferred that to dad as eternal child playing make-believe pit crew. That is beyond creepy.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    ah boo hoo

    You all sound like a bunch of old folgies complaining about the new fangled car thingy. “My good old fashioned and cheap horse buggie is fine by me. By golly by gee willikers!”

    wii has its problems with arm and wrist problems being reported in many players. give it a few more years and you won’t be able to fight off the warning reports about long term wrist damage

    All Kids are hard core gamers (unlike adults) even if only for a year or 2 till they discover girls and or guys.

    This will so blow the next generation of gamers’ minds that they will one day say “wii who?”

    see yah old time tech, bring on the future


  11. Paul R says

    You’re extremely optimistic, Jimmyboyo. I suspect the reason there are so many doubts about this system is because it’s made by Microsoft, which is great at hype and PR but tends to suck when it releases systems and software—especially games. Xbox games take too much time to learn and are focused on hardcore gamers. If this fixes that, great. But I have three nephews and three nieces, and none of them has ever gone through a hardcore gaming phase. And the only games they do like are on Wii. Most Xbox games would never appeal to girls or women.

    At this point most people (meaning: everyone) who have had to adapt to new iterations of Windows and Office (especially the painfully bad, counterintuitive Office 2007) are just annoyed by Microsoft and nearly everything it does. Maybe having the Xbox unit separate, headed by the guy from EA, will help. But if someone were using this system to play an active game nearby while I was trying to work, study, etc., I would murder them.

    Also, the Time article was written by a guy who thought the Wii sucked when he first saw it, so I’m not sure I trust his opinion! As for Wii-related wrist injuries, people do a lot more damage using their mouses. Ask any graphic designer about long-term damage: it’s inevitable, and one reason I use a laptop. Microsoft should spend a fraction of what it cost to develop this on building a better mouse.

  12. Bob West says

    The possibilities are there, to create some amazing stuff. Although the Wii is already a success, but the graphics look like yesterday on it. I bought an Xbox for under $200 with a hard drive, but it was a sale. The fact that this will be an add on to existing Xboxes is great.

  13. Michael says

    I don’t understand how the voice recognition aspect would work. How does it differentiate you talking to the gaming system vs. talking to the real person sitting next to you?

  14. shane says

    Personally, I think all you losers creaming your pants over this shit need to get a life and go outside and do something productive.

  15. jimmyboyo says


    Ur posting on the internet as vs going out and doing something productive leaves your bitching a little hollow

  16. kansastock says

    I wonder if you could do interactive porn? That app would get us ‘old folgies’ into gaming fast(ish).

  17. Shae says

    OMG i cant wait for this to come out! I have a Wii and an Xbox 360. The xbox is for more hardcore gamers and the Wii is just for anyone. But this seems almost like a step closer to artificial intellegence. Sooooo cooooolll!!!