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Neil Patrick Harris Hosts 2009 Tonys - Winners List

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 2009 Tony Awards last night. Billy Elliot took home 10 Tonys in a largely predictable show. Here are the winners in the main categories:

Tonyd Best Play- God of Carnage
Best Musical- Billy Elliot, The Musical
Best Revival of a Play- The Norman Conquests
Best Revival of a Musical- Hair
Best Actor in a Play- Geoffrey Rush, Exit the King
Best Actress in a Play- Marcia Gay Harden, God of Carnage
Best Actor in a Musical- David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, Kiril Kulish (Three actors all playing the same character) Billy Elliot, The Musical
Best Actress in a Musical- Alice Ripley, Next to Normal
Best Featured Actor in a Play- Roger Robinson, Joe Turner's Come and Gone
Best Featured Actress in a Play- Angela Lansbury, Blithe Spirit
Best Featured Actor in a Musical- Gregory Jbara, Billy Elliot, The Musical
Best Featured Actress in a Musical- Karen Olivo, West Side Story
Best Director of a Play- Matthew Marchus, God of Carnage
Best Director of a Musical- Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot, The Musical
Best Choreography- Peter Darling, Billy Elliot The Musical
Best Book of a Musical- Billy Elliot, The Musical
Best Original Score- Next to Normal

Clips after the jump of Poison frontman Bret Michaels' near-beheading, as well as Neil Patrick Harris' excellent closing number, and the show's opening number, which Harris called the most expensive (and perhaps gayest) number the Tonys has ever produced and featured Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, and Elton John.


Bret Michaels' near-decapitation (happens about :08 seconds into the clip below) as the set piece comes down.

Neil Patrick Harris' closing number:

Tonys opening number:

Watch more numbers from the show here.

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  1. the Billy Elliott kids are adorable..

    watch their speech here:

    Posted by: jannho | Jun 8, 2009 8:24:50 AM

  2. "Working on your knees only works for the Golden Globes"...I couldn't believe that. That ending song was worth the 3 hours.

    Posted by: woodroad34 | Jun 8, 2009 9:12:03 AM

  3. Yes! Alice Ripley and Next to Normal.

    Yes! Angela Lansbury.

    Very predictable night but I was thrilled for those awards.

    Posted by: Alex | Jun 8, 2009 9:37:12 AM

  4. NPH was a surprisingly good, no, great, host.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Jun 8, 2009 10:02:31 AM

  5. I didn’t think there was nearly enough male frontal nudity on the Tonys last night. Those musical numbers from the bus and truck productions were embarrassing. NPH showed quite big bulge in his black “wet vinyl” suit. On the plus side there was no Patti LuPone murdering Gypsy.

    Posted by: ggreen | Jun 8, 2009 10:13:30 AM

  6. Thought the show was great, except for the sound... perhaps the engineer was as stunned as I was to realize that Liza and Susan Sarandon are the same age.

    NPH was excellent - his last number, and the cast number from Hair, were bang on.

    Was miffed that they took so many important awards off the show, but have to say that overall it moved along really nicely.

    Posted by: MammaBear | Jun 8, 2009 10:14:03 AM

  7. A live rockstar beheading - now that would have been something.

    Posted by: niles | Jun 8, 2009 10:29:04 AM

  8. Is it just me or does Elton now look AND sound like an unmilked cow? Dreadful.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Jun 8, 2009 10:40:26 AM

  9. Production of the show was awful.

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 8, 2009 11:11:56 AM

  10. Neil Patrick was fab

    Posted by: mark m | Jun 8, 2009 11:38:26 AM

  11. That final song was wonderful, I wish I'd seen him as the Emcee in "Cabaret". :-(

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Jun 8, 2009 12:07:23 PM

  12. NHP was great!

    Will I lose my gay card, or be upgraded, if I ask who was the guy singing with Stockard?

    Posted by: KJ | Jun 8, 2009 12:07:42 PM

  13. Harris did a great job and more importantly, of course, he looked great. Hopefully he'll make enough fuck you money from his awful sitcom so that he can do Broadway for the rest of his career with no worries.

    Posted by: paul c | Jun 8, 2009 12:24:42 PM

  14. The sound was horrible. I take it that NPH and company knew the results prior to the show to write such a statisfying closing number?

    Posted by: Trasker | Jun 8, 2009 1:39:53 PM

  15. hey KJ

    it was aaron tveit (straight) from next to normal

    Posted by: drew | Jun 8, 2009 1:42:29 PM

  16. S U C K E D.

    The ENTIRE show should be on PBS. Fuck CBS.

    This year more than ever before The Tony's proved themselves spectacularly irrelevant. No one truly even knew or respected Angela Lansbury or Jerry Herman!!!!

    Somebody needs to slap Liza Minelli hard and tell her to stop upstaging others during their acceptance speeches.

    Why doesn't E! do a Joan & Melissa red carpet pre-show?? There is a total blackout in the media on this whole event. It's like no one knows or cares it is even happening.


    Posted by: Mark | Jun 8, 2009 1:51:41 PM

  17. The show was so fun and NPH was so great
    I wish I could be in NYC now to see all the shows

    Posted by: Derek | Jun 8, 2009 2:02:16 PM

  18. That was the gayest show on TV since Will & Grace. NPH as host, David Hyde Pierce, Harvey Fierstein, Jerry Herman, etc, etc. And something fun to watch: Matt Cavenaugh is hot. (Tony in West Side Story) Aaron Tveit (Gabe in Next to Normal) is really hot. And NPH is cute as a button.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Jun 8, 2009 2:39:33 PM

  19. Once again the appeal of musicals is entirely lost on me.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jun 8, 2009 4:49:39 PM

  20. That opening, oy. What, did Corky St. Clair stage that madness? Tossed musical theater salad, no thank you, please.

    Posted by: MichaelMichael | Jun 8, 2009 5:11:47 PM

  21. KJ, The guy singing with Stockard Channing was Aaron Tveit, the son in "Next to Normal". He was nominated for a Tony for "Best Performance in a Tight Blue T-Shirt". He's a superb singer and the eye candy of "Next to Normal", a show whose score sounds like it was assembled from the crossed out passages in Jonathan Larson's RENT. (I loved his chemistry with Stockard Channing. You know she was thinking, "Why are we singing together? Our shows and songs have absolutely nothing to do with eachother?" And he was thinking, "I'm singing a duet with RIZZO!!!!!")

    GGreen. Believe me, I am no LuPone-aphile, but please don't dis her Mama Rose. It was the only part I ever heard her sing in tune. (I confess, I loved her in it.)

    Neil Patrick Harris rocks. Someone needs to cast him with Anne Hathaway (she can sing! seriously) in a new musical.

    Posted by: huh? | Jun 8, 2009 11:08:22 PM

  22. The sound production sucked - what a mess. NPH is amazing... and marriage material. Damn, I'm too late...

    Posted by: k | Jun 9, 2009 12:58:49 AM

  23. I’ve seen Billy Elliot before and loved every single second of it! It's one of the best musicals shows I have ever seen!!! This weekend I’m going to see it again with my sister I just got tickets from . Can’t wait!!!

    Posted by: Louise | Oct 1, 2009 8:12:55 AM

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