NY Senator Gillibrand Stands with Dan Choi, Calls for DADT Repeal


In a Huffington Post piece, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand discusses her meeting with Dan Choi and says she'll be a co-sponsor of a bill to repeal the military gay ban:

"I am firmly committed to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. To that end, I
am working closely with Congressman Murphy and Senator Kennedy's
offices to develop support for repeal legislation and will be among the
original co-sponsors of the bill when it's introduced. In the weeks and
months ahead, I plan to work with Lt. Choi to repair the damage that
has been done to his career and spare thousands of innocent, brave men
and women, from the same injustice."

Asian Pacific Americans  for Progress will have an exclusive web interview of Lieutenant Daniel Choi this Sunday evening at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) via Ustream.


  1. Nick says

    well, alright..that’s my Senator. I’ve been writing to Chuck to get behind these measures, but turns out the new kid on the block wants to go for it. That’s one way to make sure we fight for her election (she was appointed to replace Clinton) which I hear other Dems want to snag.

  2. jjasonham says

    That’s my senator, too. This is how it gets done, folks. In Congress. On any issue that creates such a visceral reaction in the public, it has got to be done through the congress.

  3. mikey67 says

    Posing with Dan Choi is not enough. Co-sponsoring “when it’s introduced” is not enough. We need to demand a schedule and nail them down about what they are actually doing to make it happen. It’s time for some heat.

  4. Gianpiero says

    Good for her. She steps up to the plate when more than 90 senators with more tenure have yet to do so.

  5. Bruno says

    This is a good and important showing from Sen. Gillibrand, but it also looks more like a photo op at this point than anything else. I’m not trying to get on her case, just saying the follow-through would be the real progress.

  6. RJ says

    As a NYer, I was skeptical of her becoming my Senator when it was announced that she was replacing Hil. Gotta say, I’m actually starting to respect her.

  7. Leto says

    We ALL need to call her office and thank her. She needs to get positive feedback from our community. She’s my senator so I am happy she has stepped out there. Where the fuck is Chuck?!

  8. Maxwell says

    As a resident of Albany, NY, I can say that Kirsten is one of the smartest pols I’ve ever encountered. At heart, she is far to the left of Obama on several issues, including this one, no matter what the downstaters say.

  9. says

    Can’t believe how much scepticism there was about Gilibrand from the gays when he was announced as Clinton’s replacement. She’s obviously a true ally, not a phony one like a certain 44th president.

  10. Nick says

    I’m taking back my kudos. I hastily took this to mean she was sponsoring meaning WRITING legislation. That said, I don’t think an appointed junior senator who has to run in 2010 should be the lead on this important legislation.


  11. Dereck says

    hold on a sec… I smell a rat. I did a little digging and found out that in 2007 she went against 150 of her colleagues and failed to support a bill that would have repealed DADT. This is a campaign stunt, and don’t expect it to go anywhere. This is so phony it disgusts me. We need some honest politicians who actually believe in equal rights… so let’s elect some and get this fake out of the Senate.

  12. Wolfie says

    Its amazying that Legislature like this takes foreeeeeever to be written and go through the house when other issues just get done and go right through

  13. says

    BRAVA for her. Now I hope she’ll join Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, SLDN, HRC, NGLTF, Servicemembers United, the NYT ad infinitum who say the Prez legally can and should deep freeze disharges until repeal kicks in.


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