News: Billy Mays, Orgullo, Kevin Jennings, Avenue Q, Prop 8


NCLR, ACLU, and Lambda Legal back federal challenge to Prop 8: "In legal documents filed late Thursday, the National Center for Lesbian
Rights, Lambda Legal and the ACLU signaled a significant break with
past legal tactics that avoided taking the fight to federal court."



NYT revelation: Gay men and straight men can be friends.


Zachary Quinto has a couple of male beach dates in Malibu, on the same day.


Scenes from the coup in Honduras.


Won't resign: Governor Mark Sanford compares himself to King David.


Despite ban, Russian gay activists plan to protest Obama next week on his trip to Moscow: "In a statement, Nikolai Alexeyev said the Moscow authorities had banned
a proposed demonstration outside the U.S. embassy next Tuesday, the
second day of Obama's July 6-8 trip…'We don't intend to abandon our plans and in the near future we will
determine the format of action on July 7 during the visit of Barack
Obama in Russia.' A Moscow municipal spokeswoman confirmed city authorities had turned
down a request from gay activists to protest in front of the U.S.
embassy on July 7. She said the area had already been booked for
another event and that Muscovites were against the gay protest."



The last days of Heath Ledger.


Madrid's Orgullo gay pride festival a two-week event. Obama called out on gay rights in Paris.


Avenue Q to close on Broadway in September as 20th longest-running show of all time.


City of Toronto data sheds light on gay neighborhoods, marriages from out-of-state, etc.


Famous TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead in home.


The 5 strangest products pitched by Billy Mays.


Ashton Kutcher's spread – nsfw.



Wingnuts attack former GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings over Department of Education appointment.


Going to Rome this summer? You may want to check out these spots.


Gayby Boom: CNN on the children of same-sex couples.


Best banner ad ever?


Male model fix: Edilson Nascimiento.


Michael Jackson: UK's Daily Mail publishes tell-all; LAPD questions cardiologist.


NYDN: It's time to end LGBT discrimination. "That Stonewall has hit its fourth decade is
only part of the reason that the media are giving this anniversary
attention. The other reason is that there is a sense of excitement
that, with the spread of gay marriage to more states, the struggle for
gay rights may be about to reach a new high-water mark. But all this excitement glosses over a critical fact: Gay people
have the same federal protections against discrimination in terms of
the most basic civil rights that we had at the time of Stonewall. And that is exactly: zero."


  1. jimmyboyo says

    “Won’t resign: Governor Mark Sanford compares himself to King David.”


    Ok, its all a myth to begin with. Not one shred of credible archeological evidence pointing to a kingdom of david ever existing, BUT the myth claims David as the most beloved individual ever of the abrahamic deity.

    Even the later myth of jesus points back to the david myth as being the most beloved individual who ever was and ever will be to the abrahamic myth.

    So is stanford claiming , with the utmost of hubris, that he is equal to the most beloved being ever of the god of abraham?

    Now, that is arrogance

  2. Blurgle says

    “Not one shred of credible archeological evidence pointing to a kingdom of david ever existing”

    So what? The same could be said of almost every pre-Greek culture and society.

    Archaeological evidence is nice to have, but it isn’t essential.

  3. anon says

    Gay and str8 men can be friends?? Without the paper of record telling me this, I would never have guessed! Next thing we’ll hear is that some gay men want children! Oh, if only that were possible…

    You just know a competing British tabloid is warming up their article on how MJ had a bevy of nubile young women at his beck-and-call 24/7 and died of an overdose of viagra.

  4. jimmyboyo says



    First; I was mocking sanford for comparing himself to the myth david, the supposed most beloved being that ever was, is, or will be of the god of abraham


    If you wish to go off on a tangent, then lets

    Archeological evidence is KEY. No evidence = hot air and bs myth. Science, logic, facts, and evidence are essential.

    What pre-greek culture are you talking about?

    Be specific?

    There is tons and tons of archeological evidence for many pre-greek cultures. In fact the Jewish people predate the greeks with evidence of their existence. I never said the Jews never existed. In fact they did and do exist. I said the particular hebrew myth of the kingdom of david never existed.

    Egypt predates the greeks by millennia
    with the most recent archeological discovery of the oldest human writing 3,400 BCE coming from egypt and predating Sumerian writing by at least 400 yrs.

    Sumeria pre the greeks by handfuls upon handfuls of time. We have the freaking foundations of their buildings with inscriptions and millions of clay tablets with writing on them. Hell, many museums don’t even value Sumerian clay tablets very highly because there are so many of them preserved and sitting box loads worth in museum basements collecting dust.

    Hell, pre Egypt and Summeria with neolithic humanity….The oldest neolithic structure located in Ethiopia. A circle of standing stones mapping out the solar equinoxes

    A female skeleton dating to 7,500 BCE (roughly 10,000 yrs ago) uncovered with a hand made necklace = string of shells around her neck

    75,000 yr old primitive clam bakes. Clam shell pits and the remains of fire pits showing our pre neolithic ancestors loved them some beach fun and clam bakes

    Sure, there is no evidence of atlantis = MYTH


    what pre-greek civilization are you talking about?

    As far as the kingdoms of david and solomon. Not one shred of evidence has been found in Israel for them. There is tons of evidence for Jewish occupation of the land but no fabled golden era kigdoms of saul, david, and solomon.

    In fact the supposed time period that they existed shows many egyptian hieroglyphs and finds in Israel showing it as a vassal state to Egypt. Monotheists? YES Hebrews? YES…….but at least marginally submissive to Egypt.

    Hell, the evidence points more to Thutmose being moses and his brother Akhenaten being Aaron more than the biblical story being fact.

    Frued, a Jew himself, wrote a book about Moses being one of the high priests of Aten and servant to Akhenaten. The evidence since Frued is even more radical and that Moses was most likely Ahkenaten’s brother Thutmose and Aaron was Ahkenaten himself

    Remember the story of moses and aaron was written down for the first time during the babylonian captivity, centuries upon centuries after the supposed historical events. Many centuries of word of mouth story telling changes history into myth.

    Monotheists would have seen themselves “enslaved” in egypt and surrounded on all sides by crazy statue worshipers. After centuries of word of mouth it is easy to see the logical progression of how “enslaved” in egypt evolved in their descendants myths

    Akhenaten the brother, leaves Egypt with his priests, servents, and court followers.

    A Royal house of egypt ,who even in his lifetime had an evolving deity.

    Early Akhenaten’s montheism is closer to egyptian mythos and later in life he moved away from such to a more radical form of monotheism.

    The Jews are the descendants of a former royal house of egypt who fell out of power. They moved to the Levant area = always a vassal area of egypt and were tolerated by larger Egypt as long as they defended the border from invaders.

    More radical, and I would say brilliant.

    Akhenaten (lots of evidence of his existence) / aaron and his followers were brilliant.

    A complete evolution away from statues and paganism to no statues and monotheism

    The Jewish myth was brilliant.

    A great foreword evolutionary jump in human thought and philosophy.

    Though it stalled. The natural progression would have been for Jews to then eventually even reject their one god all together and be a nation of atheists.

    Though Jews do posses the largest % of atheists per their group as compared to other human ethnicities/ groups. The Jews as a whole stalled out on the philosophical evolution started by their ancestors

    many deities and statues ———no statues and 1 deity———natural evolution in thought and philosophy would have been no deity myth even necessary any more

  5. jimmyboyo says


    There is no evidence in Egypt of the Jews ever being slaves there.

    BUT the evidence is there that the Jews existed in egypt like Jewish myth says if one accepts the Jews being of a royal lineage in egypt that had a radical (for that time) philisophical change ….monotheism….Thutmose and Akhenaten/ Moses and Aaron

  6. castaway says

    In case anyone want’s a more comprehensive view of the “coup” in Honduras, see the WSJ’s article as it is well-researched and tells a more complete story as opposed to today’s web headlines of the world condemning the act.

  7. mike says

    Interesting comments, JimmyBoyo. Hard to find people who have actually taken the time to investigate the biblical myths regarding jewish “history”. Most of it is fabrications and virtually NO historical proof to back it up. Yet, there are millions upon millions in this world who choose to believe that biblical myth is veritable history.

    As for the coup in Honduras, this is nasty business. Zelaya was considered “liberal” and a danger to the narco-oligarchy and the military elites because he wanted to further constitutional separations of church and state and keep the military under the civilian thumb by writing these into a new constitution. True, he wanted also to be able to run again for another term of office, but Zelaya himself stated that if the Hondurenos voted against a revised constitution, then so be it. It looked as if a new constitutional referendum would be approved, based on national polling. So, the coup took place. Zelaya was also very much against the trade pact with U.S. because it would not benefit anyone but the narco-oligarchy and the corrupt military elites. It is very interesting that the anti-referendum supporters were the Catholic Church and the evangelicals, who united under one banner to oppose the referendum. Zelaya is lucky to still be alive.

  8. Fes says

    Please, boys. Can’t we focus on what’s important here? Aston’s ass?

    That butt has needed a good, hard OTK spanking since the early 70s Show days. I’m glad Ashton’s finally in a position, as it were, to accept one.

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