1. cd says

    Mr President, when are you gonna lay off the gay sex jokes and fix the economy? Or endorse anything except the bare minimum for gay people? where’s that inner badass?

  2. freddy says

    Ha ha !! A black president joking about being gay! Ha ha !!! You slay us, Mr. Obama! Ha ha! Being gay is so silly. Ha ha. They’re so mad at you, but, you know what, you don’t need their support as your hope train rattles on! Ha ha!

    P.S. Brian Williams could do much better.

  3. KFLO says

    It’s a joke about “being in bed with the media” … lighten up.

    Plus Brian Williams spent several days in the white house for his behind-the-scenes look at the Obama Administration

  4. says

    The joke is not about “being gay.” The joke is about the so-called “liberal media” being in bed with Obama. He used Brian Williams’ name because Williams hosted a special at the White House a few weeks ago.

    If Obama had used a woman reporter’s name, there would have been more than a few raised eyebrows and Michelle would have been none too happy.

    And, CD, Obama’s working on the economy. Recent polling seems to indicate most Amercans think he’s doing too much.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    In truth, it’s an intentional double entendre. Everyone on the board is right about this.

    Were the President not such an asshole when it comes to gay civil rights, this just might be funny. Could Gavin Newsom get away with this? Maybe, maybe not.

    The president really needs to chill on this sort of thing, though. Considering his inaction for the gay community, it just comes off as another gratuitious insult.

  6. Rad says

    Wow… unclench your collective butts already.

    I found his humor pretty funny, and you know, rather refreshing after 8 years of listening to that moron rube at the microphone.

    Keep in mind that for eight years, there WAS no access to the Whitehouse, except by scripted invitation. There was no chance of a voice, no chance for a dialog.

    And you can’t change Washington overnight.

    So… back to my first point; unclench your collective butts, already and get over it.

  7. Stew says

    Hank Drake, I agree with most of your post. It is a joke about the media, not about gays. People need to calm down on this one.

  8. elcamino says

    I’m not offended by this at all – it’s a reference to his recent interview – and to criticisms of favoritism from Drudge, etc.

    He could have a been a lot more careful considering the recent fraying between his administration and the GLBTQI community, but yanno, he wasn’t…

  9. Bill says




    We ALL need to STOP giving politicians our money who only stab us in the back with it.

  10. Nick says

    In order to be in bed with the “liberal” media-there has to exist a liberal media-
    which in America -it does not-

  11. Xian says

    The joke is a deliberate double entendre, about being “in bed” with the media, but also making a gay joke. It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been shafting gays since getting into office and then horrendously insulting us with that DOMA brief. Context is everything, and the context for him at the moment is that he’ll take our money and he’ll “joke” with us, but don’t count on any semblance of support, so that renders his “joke” as little more than an insult.

  12. xman says

    its a joke; a STUPID joke…but a joke non the less…yes he has work to do with the GLBT people but we should all remember. Dont bite the hand that feeds you.
    Were giving them hell and they know it and at the same time there extending the “Olive Branch”…
    Blow him off…dont blow BO off just the joke…LOL

  13. says

    In order to be in bed with the “liberal” media-there has to exist a liberal media-
    which in America -it does not-

    Posted by: Nick

    Uh, that’s why I wrote “so-called ‘liberal media'”. In truth, there is no liberal media. Only the corporate media, and the independent media of the blogopshere.

  14. mike says

    Some people here need to lighten up. The joke was about the conservatives’ complaints that the so-called “liberal” media is in bed with Obama and his administration. I got the joke. Too bad some of the whiners here didn’t. Hey, guys! Listen up! The President has a full plate. What the hell do you think he can do to satisfy your whiny-ass demands? Most of what you want has to be done legislatively. So get on your congressman’s ass or your senator’s ass. Obama will gladly sign anything that crosses his desk. Listen, you can’t rely on the courts anymore. We’ve taken that just about as far as it will go. Now is the time to educate, build stronger coalitions, reach to those who still have trouble understanding us or fear us. As for the Justice Dept.’s brief, that carried over from the Busheviks. Not to blame Bush, but it was a case already in the works. I think some of you ought to get off the party circuit and get out there and do some of the hard work it’s going to take to get what we want and need. It’s not going to happen with a bunch of whiners. If you can’t get in there and get your hands dirty, then STFU.

  15. Kugel says

    Not saying it was a good joke, but it’s clearly about the accusations of coziness between OBama and the media, and not really about “the gays”. Even if it was, who gives a sh*t?

    I swear, some around here are so prickly and uptight.

  16. Q says

    Oh dear god people, it was a joke about Brian Williams being hosted in the White House and being everywhere that Obama is! Get over yourselves. Some of the most overreacting bunch of idiots I have ever seen!

  17. Michael @ says

    A fag joke is a fag joke is a fag joke!

    “Tavis, Tavis, everybody needs to understand I got an HIV test WITH MY WIFE MICHELLE”….Howard University Primary Debate….

    “Marrying David Axelrod in Iowa” … the WH Correspondents Dinner”….

    “Sleeping with Brian Williams….this one….

    Next up:

    “You know how to get First ‘Mo John Berry, HRC’s Joe Solmonese, and Andy Towle on one stool?


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Laugh all the way to the bank, Mr. President, where you’ll find all the gay money GONE!”


    July 6, 1943 – Jun e 22, 1988
    “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

  18. FunMe says

    Enought with the gay jokes!

    I don’t care if we are being sensitive or not, but who cares. Obama jokes are SO INAPPROPRIATE given what he has done to the GLBT community.

    I don’t care who he aims his “jokes” at … his timing is AWFUL.

    Maybe Obama is not as smart as we thought he was. And maybe he cares more about being one of the “straight boys” like Rahm and thinks saying any gay related joke will make him look good.


  19. Leto says

    Bill: You are dead right! No more money for the DNC. They are listening now, because the money spigot has been turned off. If we show the slightest wavering, they tell us to wait another year or two. They will denigrate us and file more brief that are detrimental to the fight for our rights! NO JUSTICE=NO PEACE! NO JUSTICE=NO MONEY! NO JUSTICE=NO VOTES! This they can understand.

  20. Robert says

    Oh my fucking god people. Its a joke. And Obama isn’t the only one to blame. He can’t pass laws by himself you know. Do any of you know how laws are passed? Be mad that the senate and the house are being jerks about our rights, and how the supreme court is filled with a bunch of assholes, not how Obama is trying his best to be on both sides of the issue. It’s going to take time for our rights, the civil rights movement of the 60’s didn’t happen in a year.

  21. JoeTynan says

    I’m not happy with what his administration has done so far on the same-sex issues either, but I thought this was a pretty good joke about the media. Actually, I thought all his jokes were pretty good. But I understand the annoyance some of you have, since even a joke going anywhere peripherally near any gay subjects might seem in bad taste to those who feel he’s betrayed them.

  22. jimmyboyo says


    He wasn’t cracking a “gay” joke, he was making fun of the whole “in bed with the media” right wing media

    He has his faults. especially on gay issues, but come on now people

  23. sparks says

    lol i’m not happy with Obama and his slackass administration right now …. but that WAS funny!

  24. MR. R. says

    “He’s an asshole.” “What a fraud!” “NOT A SINGLE PENNY!”

    Seriously? Have you not previously heard the expression “in bed with?” Did you miss the media coverage of Williams’ White House access?

    Is this an issue?

  25. MR. R. says

    and by the way… Even if we all decide not to donate, THEY WON’T MISS OUR MONEY. It’s just not that much, in the scheme of things.

  26. TERESA says

    It is a shame that people are so bad off these days that everytime someone makes a joke about anything or anyone – some idot puts too much into it. It was a joke — get a life– It was funny as ” Hell”. Stop looking for something to bitch about all the time……………….

  27. Eric26 says

    Woah, calm down everyone. I’m sure there’s something much more ridiculous you can get offended about.
    As for there not being a liberal media, that’s ridiculous. I’m definitely not saying it’s the only one (as people often joke) but pretend it doesn’t exist is silly.