1. Jim says

    Kudos to Orbitz for this small, yet mighty, gesture! Baby steps in national corporate advertising are beginning to take hold, and will more firmly establish the LGBT community as an integral part of the community as a whole. I will DEFINITELY consider Orbitz for my future traveling needs!!!

  2. John M says

    I saw the commercial last night on Bravo. Given that it was Bravo and Orbitz I wasn’t shocked but I did do a double take since I didn’t notice any other gay subtext to the ad.

    I hope they decided to run it on more “mainstream” channels. I’m not surprised to see gay themed ads on Bravo given their audience but it would be nice to see something subtle like that on ABC/NBC/CBS/ESPN/ETC

  3. David says

    I just bought a ticket through them yesterday. Then I realized that I had booked the wrong day because I had rushed it. So I canceled and re-booked the ticket and according to the website I would receive an airline refund. I was confused. So I called Orbitz to clarify. What is an airline refund? Does that mean I get my money back or does that mean I get airline bucks? So I spoke to a customer service representative. And HE said that a refund meant I get my money refunded. I thanked him. Thanks for reading my story.

  4. dc8stretch says

    Why is Towleroad running with product placement, and ignoring the Dustin Lance Black bareback sextape scandal? Is this More than gay news for more gay men- or is it communist China? Why the embargo, Andy?

  5. Ed says

    Wow so now the HRC can have big banquets honoring our straight allies AND self-promote themselves in an Orbitz ad.

    Meanwhile, we keep getting thwon under the bus and where’s the outrage?

  6. Chris says

    dc8stretch – I was wondering that too, it does seem like a weird oversight. I know DLB was written a special article (or two?) on Towleroad in the past, but that shouldn’t stop the site covering news regarding him.

  7. gabriel says

    J.LOWROT – I disagree. I think the fact that it is a “gay” ad, yet still has a note to HRC makes it more progressive. It’s like they don’t have to be so explicit in saying someone is gay.

    That’s not to say they shouldn’t still have a gay couple in ads here or there. But I think that this is definitely a positive step.

  8. Ruddigore says

    I’m still trying to figure out why Andrew Donnelly (the guy that didn’t book with Orbitz) bleached his hair. He looked so much better as a brunet.

  9. CM says

    We’re supposed to get excited about this?

    It’s just a company manipulating a brand to get our flights. Most bigots have no idea what the HRC symbol is, so it’s not really educating them in anyway. If they donate to our cause, that’s fantastic, but this ad isn’t very brave.

  10. David says

    Rainbow towel and shirt logo aside … notice that he’s giving out 3 checks and making fun of the 4th. So, none of these 4 guys is coupled with the others???

    LOL …

  11. Chris says

    When will the gay community be happy, I know that we have struggled to obtain equality and we are still fighting but when something good does happen let us celebrate the accomplishment and not look for the negative. I saw the commercial last night and it was not on Bravo and I was very surprised and happy to see this ad, who cares if HRC got paid for the rights to use the symbol, it is the only symbol used on the guys shirts and people will wonder what it is and will look into it. We are making progress, let’s keep it positive.

  12. Derek, GA says

    I saw this on MSNBC, so I know it’s playing on mainstream least one. It’s good stuff, but I don’t really watch anything else besides Adult Swim, so who knows about the other channels.

  13. Davie199 says

    I saw this advert last night (for the 732nd time) and noticed that the HRC logo was missing… Had to rewind just to make sure my eyes were not fooling me… Hmmmm

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