1. Paul R says

    Dan Savage is absolutely right. That would mean there are millions upon millions of child molesters out there just for gay kids, to say nothing of the far higher number of straight kids (especially girls) who suffer such abuse.

    And, of course, this conveniently ignores lesbianism. Maybe even Pat knows that women rarely molest children.

    This is so stupid in so many ways that it’s almost funny, except for the poor ignorant parents who actually believe what this man says.

  2. GIO says

    How this man is still in television, I have no idea. He is living in the dark ages and his way of thinking died decades ago. Please go away quietly, it is incredible that people still watch this idiot!

  3. Alex says

    Isn’t there a chicken/egg question here. If people are only non-heterosexual because of abuse by other non-heterosexuals, where did the first non-heterosexual come from?

  4. Jeffrey says

    Leviticus 11:9-12 (King James Version)

    9These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.

    10And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

    11They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.

    12Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

    Remember kids, God Hates Shrimp!

  5. crispy says

    For me, it was the postman.

    Every month, he delivered another International Male catalog to my parent’s house. So now I love cock… and embroidered Moroccan tunics.

  6. Uflyguy says

    Raised by two parents in “opposite marriage”. No molestation. GAY!! Sister GAY! Wow, we must really be statistical anomolies in his mind. What’s left of it. 😉

  7. alex in boston says

    In the words of the immortal Bard, “The Lady doth protest too much”! I have a feeling PR is speaking from experience and is in denial of his own Homosexuality – speaking as eloquently as he does as to the root cause, perhaps our lil preacher boy is A BIG ‘MO!

  8. alex in boston says

    First of all, he punishes the “Child of the Sexual Abuse” TWICE, by condemning them as an abomination and putting the sin on their soul! Secondly, why does he not after the real sinner in this case that is the offending coach, priest, clergy person, police officer! that’s the question parents ought to be asking!!!

  9. KJ says

    Well, at least parents don’t have to carry the guilt that Dobson places on them (i.e., homosexuality is caused by the smothering mother and/or the “distant” father). Of course, since none of the above is true of me, other than the fact I’m a big ‘mo, god must really hate me.

  10. says

    This might seem radical to some, but not to me. This is what I believed about myself for a very long time, and it is what I was taught by the fundamentalist churches and ex-gay groups I attended for much of my adult life. In fact, one theologian / psychologist said it was caused by lack of love and attention by the same-sex parent, and this really made sense to me for a long while, since I never had a good relationship with my dad. (But neither did my brothers, and they’re not gay!)

    I no longer believe that’s the cause of my homosexuality, but I’m also not 100% convinced it’s biological. Maybe it’s a combination of nature *and* nurture? I don’t know, honestly. Both sides have their own theories and reasons for promoting what they believe, though I’ve always leaned toward the nurture side. But does it really matter? The fact is, this is who I am. I can’t change it, and it’s not going away. I know cuz I tried. (But I also no longer have the need to change. I’m finally learning to accept that I’m gay, and it’s ok.)

  11. bryanD says

    Those fundamentalists are practically encouraged to be wack jobs; Robertson’s been getting away with it forever – Jeez, Pat, just die already!!

  12. Leona says

    I love the “oh dear” comment above. It sums it up perfectly in those two words. I shake my head not in anger at Mr Robertson and his hate, but just because I now feel so sorry for him and his misguided and ignorant and hateful views, and I feel bad for the millions of gay people he hurts.

  13. ian says

    1. enough with the shrimp being an abomination. please. it’s such a tired argument. using a work of fiction as support for your argument, too, also doesn’t help your case.
    2. way to punish victims of sexual violence.
    3. what about lesbians?

  14. Jon says

    If I wanted to hear about heterosexuality, I wouldn’t ask Adam Lambert. If I wanted to know the details of being African-American, I wouldn’t listen to Ryan Seacrest. And if I wanted to know all the specifics of a woman’s menstrual cycle, I certainly wouldn’t trust Vin Diesel’s word for it.

    So why in the name of all that is good and pure do people like Pat Robertson come to think that they are experts on homosexuality???!! And why does ANYONE listen to them?!?!?

  15. rex says

    does it count if you really really WANTED to be ‘molested’ ??

    Posted by: el polacko | Jun 9, 2009 8:13:38 PM

    Interesting you said that…I remember when I was 13 I went camping with my friend,and his dad…..his dad was so handsome & built…I was hopin he would molest me…sounds crazy I know…but I knew I was atracted to him at 13..nothing happened,but in my imagination it did.

  16. alex in boston says

    I love Jon’s statement, and KJ, as they both make great arguments about PR and JD, so between them we have a smothering mother, distant father, sexual abuse by an older man of power or distinction,, WHEW!! Is anyone safe out there based on these models??????

  17. PS says

    Gee, the last time I looked, there was an entire cable TV series devoted to entrapping heterosexual men on the internet who thought they were getting set up to have sex with 14 year old girls.

    But hey, as someone said earlier, why are we bothering to listen to the ravings of a lunatic?

  18. Nicole says

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  19. JJ Bowers says

    Pat Robertson is THE EXPERT self-spokesman for any self-hating republican closeted HOMOSEXUAL who marry sadly deluded women,have kids & obsess till their demise about their non-cured HOMOSEXUALITY. Pat Robertson,LARRY CRAIG’s WIDE STANCE STALL MATE!!! Their both probably on here right now masturbating their wrinkled old winkies!

  20. worried says

    But here’s the rub: the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell is a lap dog of this evil man, Pat Robertson. Voters will have to work very,very hard to make sure this political jerk is not elected in November.

  21. Double N says

    WOW….Just WOW.
    So, according to this right wing nut job, I had to have been molested at some point as a child. Either that or I am a statistical anomaly….hhhmmmm……I wonder who molested me. OH! Thats right! NO ONE DID! Great. That makes me some sort of statistical freak of nature….I feel so good about my self now.

  22. Sargon Bighorn says

    So one becomes Gay if abused by someone of the same sex while who’s young, me or him? How young do we have to be? If I hit on a 20 year old am I too late? Come on Pat, give me the details.

  23. Devils Advocate says

    Well, what about all the straight guys who have been molested and turned up homophobes? I’m suspecting my dad might be one of those.

  24. Tom says

    I grew up in the VERY Christian, somewhat (but certainly not-Bible-thumping) context.

    Lots of church, sunday school, and tons of wonderful Youth Group ski trips and canoe trips.

    And not once was I ever abused (nor in any other area). And never was there any sexual activity that I was aware of.

    Yet, I’m gay. Hmmmm.

    Those Christian experiences were absolultly wonderful. The only downside is homosexuality was rarely brought up, and if it was brought up, it was not really discussed, supported or totally condemned. It should have been more clear – bad or good? But it wasn’t. And to be fair, heterosexuality, and hetero SEX behavior was not really supported either.

    So let’s not lump all the evangel-Christians into one Psycho lump. Many were just cautious and unsure. As my friends were.

  25. Tom says

    But I still need to make one thing clear:

    Pat Robertson, and those supporting him in this context, are absolutely EVIL and against CHRIST and true Christian Ethics.

    I pray for you, Pat, that you will recover and not continue your Blasphemy.


  26. Marc C says

    Poor, poor Pat.

    Time is running out and yet he still has not been saved as a Christian. Won’t anyone offer their prayers that he may come into the spirit of Christ?

  27. tooboot says

    Hey ELG:
    “Pat Robertson is a honky, white, cracker!”

    There, feel better? Wouldn’t want to step on your racial sensitivities.

    Chip on your shoulder much?

  28. DJB says

    Ditto to what Timotito said. I remember growing up and enjoying Tiger Beat because Donny Osmond was in it. My parents took me to the Osmond the Osmond Concert when I was nine. One of the best days of my life. So is it possible to blame Teen Beat??? :-)~~~

    One more thing, I wasn’t molested per say. I just liked making my older cousin’s too cute friend happy!! Oh yeah, I was seven.

  29. says

    This man is still on television, and many other places, because we refuse to tax religion.

    The economic woes that beset this economy — not to mention domestic terrorism against abortion providers and the LBGT community — could be fixed in a trice if we did one simple thing

    TAX THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. says

    My chemistry teacher in high school was a total stud… I’d have sold my car and paid big money for some of that. Never happened. I’m still mourning.

    And I love Dan Savage with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

  31. Bill says

    So Pat, how come I didn’t turn “straight” when I got hit on repeatedly by that older girl in 7th grade? Hey Pat – no “coach or a guidance counselor or some other male figure” ever put the moves on me when I was a youth – darn it. Am I just a freak of nature? How about telling your gay son this, “Well son, I played football this weekend and touched the flesh of a dead pig – I committed an ABOMINATION. When I divorced your mom – I committed an ABOMINATION. Oh yeah, I’m wearing a linen shirt and cotton pants – I’ve committed an ABOMINATION. And I planted two different kinds of seeds in the garden this spring – right you are – ABOMINATION TIME. Oh son – let’s just forget all this nonsense and why don’t you invite your boyfriend over to watch “America’s Next Top Model” tonight?

  32. KJ says

    Ian, the “shrimp argument” actually still has legs when dealing with religious literalists, pointing out the “convenience” of the passages they choose to follow.

    Context, and lighting, are so important.

  33. mike says

    Note that that recalcitrant asshole says “biological problems” when he claims he doubts that being gay might actually be a natural occurrence. That would upset his biblical applecart, that’s for sure.. I would imagine that if stem-cell research somehow could be manipulated to change sexual orientation, he would sign on along with all the other wing-nuts. Um, for the record Patrick Marion Robertson, I was never sexually-abused by any man. I am gay because that is how I was born, or–in a lingua franca you might understand–because that’s how God WANTS me to be.

  34. Toto says

    I grew up in a not soo big community where there were a couple of public cases of boy diddlers of kids I grew up with. No matter how I tried and tried I could never get the cute dads/coaches/ whatever to tickle my pickle. Why, Mr. Robertson? Cause I was the fae, fabulous, flamboyantly obviously gay kid. Bitch has it all wrong.

  35. Derrick from Philly says

    “Hey ELG:
    “Pat Robertson is a honky, white, cracker!”

    There, feel better? Wouldn’t want to step on your racial sensitivities.

    Chip on your shoulder much”

    No, but if Robetson was black you’d be carrying a whole damn tree on yours.

  36. Wheezy says

    I was never molested as a child and I turned out gay. Although, I was molested by a priest last weekend at Homme.

    p.s. I would have *paid* cold hard cash to be molested by our high school girls basketball coach. Smokin’ hot!!! I mean, better than Queerty Morning Goods hot. And he was gay, too, but *still* I remained untouched by adults all the way through high school. :(

  37. Travis Colten Yocom says

    Robertson is and was a running joke, he must be a christian comic….when he said some time ago that legalizing gay marriage would lead to “sex with ducks”, two women made a fine parody video that I keep re-playing because it is funny and it reminds how whacko these christians are. My late brother once coined a new phrase for these nutcases: Crazytianity and he was right. To dear Pat’s point, I was never molested and I turned out as a homo with a raging boner, I did not have gay sex until I was 22. So, we can ignore people like Robertson, they are losing their power & influence due to the fact of Obama’s election last November. The Obama voters and especially young people either don’t mind gay people having rights or are supportive of us. They don’t have this quaint obsession that the over 65s do about gay sex or two men or two women kissing. The one good thing that George W. Bush did was to not be able to carry out the rest of the Right’s anti-gay agenda, leaving it undone on many levels. Now that the Democrats are in, we can take all these devices of prejudice & hatred apart one at a time. DOMA, DADT, Prop 8, etc. must all be reversed and made certain that they are not coming back in at least our lifetimes, mainly because these devices are samplers of what people like the Robertsons and Fartwells will do if given an opening.

  38. jakeinlove says

    So what Robertson is saying that there is aproximately 10% of fucked up straight men that cause their victims to become gay, but the problem isn’t those straight men, it’s the gay ones. Ok, thanks Pat.

  39. owlafaye says

    This man is a classic example of the level of Ignorance present in FunDumbMental Xians.

    The Christian aspect of child sexual abuse, to a reasonable mind, casts suspicion on all parts of Christian thought and belief.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that Christians are any better or “more good” than non-Christians and a preponderance of evidence indicating that these “Christians” are a societal evil that demands close regulation and scrutiny.

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