1. David B. 2 says

    well this would not surprise me a bit — this is exactly why I no longer donate to these stooges — Prop 8 solved me of that behavior~

  2. Wayne says

    Even if it is true it doesn’t let Obama off the hook. Obama promised voters (not HRC) REPEATEDLY that he would end DADT. And is there any proof to back this claim up, or is it just accusations?

  3. Travis says

    I think this is a good compromise. Obama is one of the best politicians i have ever witnessed. He cannot appear weak on national security what so ever and in this age of two wars, iran and north korea. He and the dems does not want to go into the midterms with this being an issue, and perhaps compromising ENDA and the Hate Crimes Bill.

    Everyone needs to chill out BO hasnt been in office for 6 months and we are already expecting him to deliver on ENDA, Hate Crimes, DADT and DOMA. Lets be real there are real issues facing all Americans, not just Gay Americans.

    He will deliver DADT- but itll most likely be after a substantial improvement in the economy and a healthcare bill and in the second term for DOMA repeal.

  4. DaveO says

    A largely symbolic hate crimes bill and an ENDA that could have passed years ago if gays and lesbians weren’t held hostage in the name of “inclusion”.

  5. says

    HRC is a worthless, even counterproductive organization that needs to be DESTROYED!

    They’ve had fucking years to do shit, and the only shit that gets done is *in spite* of them.

    They need to GO AWAY. The only reason that machine exists is to solicit cash and pay salaries, as well as get on camera a few times so they can feel important. They do not exist to actually help gay people.


  6. says

    It certainly doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s been clear for a while now that the self-appointed gay leaders have an agenda that’s quite different from that of people outside the beltway. Their half-assed campaign against Prop. 8 last year just confirmed that suspicion.

  7. Craig says

    Travis, HRC is setting up a false dicotomy that we can have DADT or we can have ENDA and HCPA. There is no reason we can’t have all three especially given that 70%+ of the American people already agree with the GLBT community on all three issues. I we get all three, HRC is afraid that they won’t be able to raise as much money to make the payments on their gazillion dollar fancy new headquarters or throw as many glitzy $10,000 a couple dinners. They don’t have the community’s interest at heart. This is about HRC’s bottom line and HRC’s clot. If HRC has the choice of helping the gay community and becoming financially insolvent or screwing the gay community and being rich, the gay community will get screwed.

  8. RJP3 says

    Lets see those “suffering” under DODT joined knowing what they were getting into (not too bright to volunteer to join any military on this green earth – esp one you know hates you)…. while those of being beaten on the street and losing jobs have to go out and work.

    I think HRC – if they did this would admit it and should be proud to focus on achievable goals first – that is called smart politics.

    None of those complaining deserve the protection the Hate Crimes and ENDA Bills will bring to their lives.

  9. Michael @ says

    @ Travis

    “Obama is one of the best politicians i have ever witnessed”????

    WHAT…in your 20 years on the planet? Only 5 of which you’ve been old enough to understood the difference between politician and Polident?

    You’re HALF right…POLITICIAN yes, LEADER NO!!! Though that’s EXACTLY what he PROMISED to be in regards to DADT…which HE said the country was READY to get rid of TWO YEARS ago…as well as other gay equality issues.

    “National security”…Child, that’s exactly what is HURT by DADT. Check out the hot off the airwaves edition of Hardball at the link below wherein Lorrie Jean points out that discharging Arab linguists like Dan Choi just because he’s gay is one less person who UNDERSTANDS what the terrorists are saying!!!

    We’ve had a shortage of such linguists for years. After Bush 1 kicked the gay ones out in the first Gulf War, the government was literally hiring them back as civilians.

    Condoleeza Rice admitted there was still a shortage two years ago and got nailed in a Congressional hearing by a NY Congressman for being unable to justify continuing to discharge gay linguists given that fact.

    National Security is EXACTLY the narrative, based on FACT, around which our Commander-in-Chief could wrap a “Stop Loss” order and freeze discharges given his Congressionally mandated power to do so in times of national emergency…IF he wanted to. What homohater in or out of Congress, from pulpit to pavement, would seriously try to stick their redneck out against THAT argument???

    Whatever when on behind closed doors or did not, Matthews just got Solmonese to publicly agree that OBAMA SHOULD FREEZE DISCHARGES NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  10. Email Address: says

    I think everyone going to P-town this summer should boycott the HRC store. Let them loose their jobs and profits just like the gay men and lesbian women are doing through DADT.

  11. patrick nyc says

    HRC may have been useful or relevant back in the ’80’s but thy have been a joke since they endorsed Republican Al D’Mato over the eventual winner, Sen Schumer. That was when I stopped giving them support or money.

    This is no surprise to me, I just hope others wake up and see that groups like this and Lambda are useless.

  12. Will says

    Lots of hate against HRC for a Senator who has misspoken time and time again. Prop 8 was not HRC’s fight but they helped raise millions of dollars and send staff there as well. How about asking the “family” friendly politicians who HRC helped with money and staff to win so we now have a more “understanding” majority. HRC is a bipartisan organization and we should support those politicians who support or agenda. Why try to “hurt” an organization that fights for LGBT rights. Isn’t there enough Right-Wing opposition to fight against? Bitter party of one?? How many of you have called your Senator and Representative about Hate Crimes Legislation, ENDA and DADT?? I have called both local offices and national offices. I also lobby at my statehouse as well. Stop bashing HRC and start being part of the solution. Find another group to support with your time and/or money.

  13. Craig says

    Lambda and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are generally the two best orgs out there for us. They actually fight discrimination head on in court. They don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on star studded galas or large office buildings. Lambda does at least twice as much as HRC does and has less than half the money HRC pulls in a year. Look at every major court win for the GLBT community in the last 10 years and you’ll see either Lambda or NCLR or both involved with the suit.

  14. jrp001 says

    I hate to be a cynic about all this… but I think many are missing the point… FUNDRAISING.

    If HRC can get another year of heavy donations to fight DADT, it HELPS HRC staff through another celebrity event…

    if all of the Marriage Eequality groups have to argue state by state, then that will result in fundraising money for at least 5-10 more years.

    the 21st century gay rights rroup motto:
    = after you right us a check…

  15. Martha says

    HRC and Lamda Legal both opposed to the ace lawyers and their advisory board bringing the gay equality trial to Federal Supreme Court.

    you said it, JRP001
    — the non profit (but well salaried) org leader’s pockets would suddenly be empty without those struggling check-writing gays.

  16. daftpunkydavid says

    i hate to be defending HRC on this one, but if it is indeed true, i also think it is smart politics. i don’t know that it is politically possible to get everything that we’ve been asking for (and that we deserve, and that we should not be asking for in the first place). and until someone convinces me about that, i will believe that the slowly but surely approach is probably best. it doesnt mean that we will wait forever, it just means that we are smart enough to realize we don’t want to give fodder to the haters so they can use it to put another bush/cheney/ashcroft/gingrich/musgrave/santorum and the like back in power for a decade. that would set us back ages. and trust me, no amount of protests would force those guys to lift DADT, DOMA, pass ENDA or repeal HIV+ ban on travelers/immigrants

  17. daftpunkydavid says

    oh and i heart lambda legal and national center for lesbian rights. i heart the aclu. i give money to all of them. the little that i can.

    but i think we also need an hrc. at least for now. do the need to change? probably. but that’s no reason enough to get rid of them altogether. consider what espa is doing in new york; or nhftm in new hampshire, or glad in ma, etc. this is no easy work at the (liberal) state level. imagine what it is at the (not liberal) federal level… we need to be patient people. assertive, watchful, but patient nonetheless.

  18. daftpunkydavid says

    i’s politics people… POLITICS. like it or not, that’s what we have. politicians promise to change the way things are run. sometimes they do, most times they don’t. either way, so long as we can’t pass an omnibus bill through this congress, addressing ENDA, DADT, DOMA, the ban on HIV+ travelers/immingrants, etc., we are gonna have to prioritize. and if this report is true, i do believe this prioritization is as good as any i’ve seen. think about it this way: would you rather have to wait 4-6 years and get where you wanna be or have to suffer through another decade of anti-enlightenment fanatics like huckabee, bush, gingrich, etc?

    people, we have to be patient. assertive, yes; watchful, yes. but patient nonetheless. and smart about not repeating errors past.

  19. paul c says

    How the fuck does an overpaid, unelected and out of touch bunch of douchebags get to set the agenda for the other 99.999999999999999% of gays in America?

    They don’t. But it’s convenient for politicians to point to them as our representatives in order to offset some of the blame for their own failure to act.

    They need to go.

  20. Michael @ says


    Don’t get distracted by a secondary issue. Over 200 gays have been discharged since Obama was sworn in. Whatever has been said or not said in the past between “gay leaders in Washington [and] leaders in the House,” TODAY Solmonese said that Obama should FREEZE gay discharges NOW in the interest of not just justice but national security and, effectively, Congress can come tagging along after and whenever.

    Raise your hand if you don’t want that to happen.

  21. Dan says

    1) Who made the HRC the official voice of all gays? I didn’t elect them, and I bet you didn’t either.

    2) Gay rights are not radioactive. Dems need to get out in front of this issue, and stop worrying that any progress on it will hand the GOP a mid-term election win.

  22. JimSur212 says

    I agree. All are important, but I share the view that the Matthew Sheppard Act and ENDA should come first. You can’t do everything at once. I donate to HRC so they can be shrewd strategists, not ideological purists.

  23. Paul R says

    Hate crimes and employment discrimination (and the Matthew Shepard Act) affect far more people than DADT. I dislike HRC because I think it’s generally useless (which is what makes me question its “power” to reach this supposed agreement). But if you asked me to choose priorities, I’d agree with these.

    Sorry, but you can’t be surprised that the White House is avoiding DADT given that we’re in several major conflicts and it affects a small minority of a minority, yet stirs up heated opposition.

  24. says

    I could give a rats a$$ about ENDA (not relevant to the majority of gays) or Hate Crimes laws (nothing but thought police tactics that protect no one). Repealing DADT, stopping immigration by HIV positive individuals and repealing DOMA have profound and direct effects on the everyday lives of millions of people. Hate Crimes laws? If someone beats me up for being gay they get an extra year n prison? How does that help me? How does that deter anything?

    The Big O needs to keep his promises on DADT, DOMA, etc. These are family and national security issues – not some pointless ‘feel-good’ nonsense that doesn’t change anything. The longer he waits the more politically risky it becomes to act. Do it now so it isn’t a campaign issue again in four years but just history.

  25. Chitown Kev says

    @Rev. Mike

    I don’t know what puts you in such a position to determine the “relevancy” of ENDA and hate crimes legislation to “the majority of gays.” I’ve had to deal with both. Some states have the appropriate laws on the books (such as mine) and many don’t.

    The significance of those laws is less to do with “hate crimes” or not being hired or fired and more to do with the classification of “GLBTs” as a suspect class. Then the floodgates will open for all the other stuff.

  26. BG says

    I for one agree with getting the hate crimes bill and ENDA enacted first. Both are important progress for gay rights in the U.S. ENDA in particular is a huge win for marriage equality and is a stepping stone toward repealing DOMA.

  27. Leland Frances says

    ENDA would forbid job discrimination, etc., against gays in THIRTY STATES = TENS OF MILLIONS OF GAYS.

    How many MILLIONS of HIV+ gays are banned from entering the country every year?

    When “gay marriage” was legal in CA only 18,000 couples [36,000 people] chose to get married out of the X number of gay couples in Californian. The number of couples in Massachusetts who have chosen to be married over FIVE YEARS is still only in the tens of thousands.

    There are other arguments but your numbers game falls flat on its face, Rev.

  28. John says

    Allow me to channel Rahm Emanuel for a moment and explain how American politics works (minus Rahm’s usual “colorful metaphors”).

    Look, you —- heads, gays make up 3% of the voting population. And 1/3rd of them are Republican. Between you and me and every statistician in the world, that means your net affect on 99% of elections in this country are about nada, zip, zero…

    Beggars don’t get to be choosers. Hate crimes and ENDA. That’s what you’re getting in this Congress. And depending on what the governors and state committees come up with, you might get a little more than that locally. Now, you’ll take these gifts from the Democratic Party and you’ll ——- like it. Either that or you get nothing under the GOP.

    Your choice.

  29. says

    HRC is a front for the Democratic Party and puts their interests ahead of those of gay people. That this has been the reality for a long time has been obvious. HRC is not working for gays but for a particular political party.

  30. Pete says

    “This story is not only an outright lie, it is recklessly irresponsible. HRC never made such a deal and continues to work with congress and the administration on a full range of equality issues including a swift end to the military’s shameful ban on gay servicemembers.” Michael Cole-Human Rights Campaign

    The Human Rights Campaign represents a grassroots force of over 750,000 members and supporters nationwide. As the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

    I am a proud activist and HRC supporter since 1993. I have been blessed to serve on various boards and committees within the organization. HRC is a shining example of commitment and action. I have witnessed the organization at work firsthand leading the charge for full equality. I proudly stand behind the mission and vision of the organization

  31. This is kinda a good thing. says

    HRC is useless. They’re just bloated fund-raising party queens. You’d be sick to your stomach if you know how much money people work at HRC makes. On the other hand, they seems to have a corner on the market for pretty party boys. You know what I’m talking about if you have visited the building or see their DC Pride Booth. Besides Results the GYM, HRC have all the pretty ones. I’m sure all of them work out at Results anyway, so really it’s the same boys.

  32. observer says

    I’m not even remotely surprised by this. The gay rights leadership is corrupt. It is determined to cover Obama’s political ass on gay rights, a record filled with anemic, half-assed promises that were never fulfilled. When the economy improves and Obama still refuses to act on marriage or DADT, who will the gay left blame then – Mars is out of alignment with Neptune?

    HRC is just another rent-seeking interest group, more interested in securing its political capital with the Obama cabal than anything else. And you wonder why Prop. 8 passed?

  33. says

    Why is Bellini going after HRC when in his own interview with Tammy Baldwin she basically says her strategy is exactly the same – which is to go after stuff that’s easier to pass first?

    Sure that’s not exactly right or just, but I don’t get where the HRC is ending up as the sole villian here.

  34. 2nd Class Citizen says

    TO hell with the HRC. They raise funds, give my money away and are are happy with getting nothing in return. I plan to write DC and demand for action – not promises.

  35. RexT says

    Dang, here we go again, fighting away .. in context, there is much to be said about everyone’s point of view. HRC is not driving the White House – and as noted above – it still a matter of politics – and the way things do get done does not change overnight…. Sure hate to see our blogs filled with out of context data .. so MSM. So “gay rights’ – vs Equal Rights.. what is a gay right anyway?

  36. says

    Four significant challenges face the gay community here in the U.S. 1.) Ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; 2.) Passage of ENDA; 3.) Passage of Federal Hate Crimes legislation and 4.) Ending DOMA. Arguably a fifth challenge or priority being attainment of equal rights including equality in marriage rights. How these priorities are ordered may be important to some and unimportant to others. I’m not so sure that an alleged “secret deal” between HRC and lawmakers to delay repeal of DADT over a larger focus on Hate Crimes & ENDA is necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully everything gets addressed and we come out of this a better country with greater respect for the rights of all of our citizens.

    That said, I feel that the HRC has lost some of its footing, as evidence by the embarrassing loss during Prop8; in fact all of the GLBT advocacy organizations shoulder the blame for not take that threat more seriously. As with everything, lessons learned hold tremendous value and hopefully these organizations are learning some very valuable lessons.

    Finally, we should not forget the importance of remaining focused and vigilant on finding a cure for HIV and in maintaining funding for services here in the U.S. for PLWHA. Supporting global HIV initiatives are important and proper, but not at the expense of our own.

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