Reps. Tammy Baldwin, Jared Polis Comment on DOJ – DOMA Brief

The stink off the Department of Justice brief defending DOMA released late last week continues to rise.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) released a statement today with regard to the brief. Said Baldwin, as part of longer remarks at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in observation and celebration of LGBT Pride Month:

Baldwin "Last week the Department of Justice filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of DOMA.  I was profoundly disappointed by this action, particularly coming from this administration.  I still take President Obama at his word that he is committed to the repeal of DOMA.  I also recognize that he cannot do it alone.  Congress has the responsibility on its shoulders to pass legislation that would give the opportunity to the President to keep his word and ensure that all married people, including those in same-sex marriages, enjoy the same rights under federal law."

Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) released a statement on his website today. Said Polis:

Polis “I was shocked and
disappointed to learn that President Obama chose to defend DOMA in
federal court, especially given his campaign promise to call for a full
repeal of DOMA. My sadness turned to outrage when I read the Justice
Department’s brief that not only defended this hurtful law but seemed
to embrace it. Comparing my loving relationship with my partner,
Marlon, to incest was unconscionable coming from a president who has
called for change. Since this filing, I have called on the President to issue a statement
or give any sign that would clarify his position and am disappointed in
his lack of reply. I am a proud Democrat, as are many in the GLBT community, and I believe
we must hold our leaders accountable. The Obama Administration made a
HUGE mistake in the DOMA brief. If they keep making mistakes like this,
they risk losing the support of the GLBT community forever, although I
do not believe we are at that point yet. President Obama needs to honor his promise to repeal this law and end
its needlessly divisive and harmful impact on our nation.  I again call
on him to work with us in Congress to help pass legislation, ending
this hateful and divisive law. As the New York Times editorialized yesterday, “busy calendars and
political expediency are no excuse for making one group of Americans
wait any longer for equal rights.”


  1. Johnny says

    Baldwin sounds like she’s slapping him with a wet noodle and still plans to headline the fundraiser. Polis’ comment is much better but he still hasn’t officially pulled out of the fundraiser.

  2. Trooper says

    When I called Tammy Baldwin’s office today encouraging her to excuse herself from the LGBT DNC fundraiser on 6/25, her staffer told me she was working on a press release on that very issue. Why is it then, that nowhere in this statement do I see anything regarding the fundraiser? NO MORE GAY DOLLARS UNTIL WE SEE PROGRESS!!!

  3. The Realist says

    Does Rep. Baldwin realize that even HRC is not buying it? She continues to give this administration a break. This type of statement is SO LAST WEEK.

    Catch up Tammy! The bus is leaving the station and we don’t intend to be under this one.

  4. Movement Guy says

    As a fund raiser, I will say that it is very difficult to have to rely on someone else (e.g. Obama) retract something (e.g. DOJ Brief), so you can raise funds.

    I do think Baldwin and Polis deserve recognition for at least splitting with their (need we forget) incredibly popular president to take him on in this way. Yes, it required pressure, but let’s recall all the times the Republicans split with Bush.

    Oh, that’s right. They didn’t. And certainly not over something that was such red meat for the opposition.

    While I find the DOJ brief to be heinous, without a larger strategy to shift the White House (and, more importantly, Congress), throwing Baldwin and Polis under the bus isn’t helping us any.

  5. Trace says

    Geeze Tammy! Go a little easy on the president! That was so harsh.. ugh!! Barney and these two need to make some serious noise. And we need to hear from the president! Every hour the white house stays silent just gives more confirmation that Obama may not be able to be trusted..

  6. The Realist says

    Watch out, guys. Here comes the bone; Domestic Partner Benefits for Federal employees. Of course this was past by both houses, LAST SESSION!

    Now go to your corner, LGBTS, a chew on that for awhile.

  7. The Realist says

    Movement Guy! who is throwing who under the bus? Frank, Baldwin and Polis will be no better the the closeted fucks on the right if the don’t come out, strongly and forcefully, against this type of action. Allowing this to go unchecked is as bad as actively working to pass such hate legislation in my book.

    I hope we here from Frank, soon and I hope Baldwin and Polis rethink their limp responses. Money talks and bullshit walks and the DNC need to find that out the hard way.

  8. Clay says

    Baldwin and Polis have both struck exactly the right note in these statements. Expecting them to rant is unrealistic.

  9. says

    Sure the DOMA brief is an outrage.
    On the other hand, the community is run by the victim complex crowd who constantly pick fights we can’t win. Demanding marraige in a hick State like California. Ignoring the fact that Americans actually support domestic partnership. And now scheduling a party in DC without serious proposals to offer and calling it activism. Please
    No one objects to any of this foolishness. It’s more comfortable to blame our failures on the president.

  10. brian says

    I only hear one thing from here — pennies rattling around in those DNC coffers. Hey – gay people are just “tapped out” in this recession too. Go milk some other group for your $$$ — perhaps the wall streeters so they monies can recirculate?

    amen to “the realist” – my walking shoes are on because all I’m hearing is the same ole BS. let’s give the money to the initiatives that will do the work our “gay leaders” are too “seasoned” to pull off…

  11. John says

    Realty check. The Congress Critters can’t criticize the Emperor too much. Otherwise, Pelosi will take away their committee assignments and cut off the pork to their districts. And they’re not about to let that happen.

  12. Alucious says

    Does your president not understand that after making the campaign promises that he did; he is now reminiscent of the racist officials that dogged the political scene from the time he was a little boy. We Canadians watched, supported, and helped campaigned for President Obama. Because of this the highest number of ex-patriot Americans voted. Actually, about a month before, we had one of the lowest voter turn outs in the history of a federal election here.
    We hoped you would get the leader that was reaching out to all disenfranchised Americans, with his inherent of your situation.
    But alas, it looks like the phrase that my mother always said when we were growing up, looks like it is coming home to roost. “Live in hope, die in despair”.
    For all of you productive, and obviously intelligent members of the U.S. that are rightfully feeling like you have been used, I hope my momma’s words are wrong in this instance.