1. bryan says

    wow, i totally thought he was gay. in fact i’d be all about him. he’s hot! he totally gets me going. its the only reason i watch the show, to see him shirtless. the show kinda sucks though. thanks for posting the video!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, maybe he isn’t gay, maybe he’s a Lesbian. He feminine and he likes women sexually. Maybe he doesn’t want some brutish man ravaging his slender, delicate stuff.

    Oh, Lord…memories like the corners of my mind…

  3. crispy says

    “Are those signs of male pattern baldness on his forehead? ”

    Those are ponyhawk scars.

  4. sean says

    Welcome to Towleroad. All the Sanjaya news you could ever want. . .but COMPLETE SILENCE with regard to the Dustin Lance Black bareback celeb sex tape scandal.

    Not even a passing word, but COMPLETE SILENCE. Not even DLB’s apology/statement, and no discussion about how future “straight” Hollywood stars will be outed by their own gay sex tapes (and make no mistake, it will happen). No discussion about how highly publicized gay celeb tapes will hurt or help gay rights.

    Just SILENCE.

    Actually, the story isn’t about DLB anymore. It’s about how Towleroad – eager to post any picture of any given bare-chested celeb or half-celeb – has all too sadly jumped the shark.

  5. peterray says

    Welcome to Towleroad!
    All the Sanjaya news you could ever want!

    But COMPLETE SILENCE with regards to the Dustin Lance Black bareback sex scandal.
    Nothing. Not even a reference to DLB’S public apology. Not even a discussion about how future gay celeb sex tapes – and get ready, they’re coming – will impact gay rights, or perhaps help normalize gay sex in the public’s eyes (since the actual sex part is really the last stumbling block).

    But nothing from Towleroad. Just silence. The story isn’t even about DLB anymore. It’s about how Towleroad has caved…but to who? And why? Thoughts?

  6. sean says

    Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I have a double post with different names…get this.

    The other day, I posted a DLB comment with my regular email and name. It showed up on the site.

    But this morning, when I tried to post another comment, a little window popped up that said “your content is not acceptable,” and refused to post it.

    In other words, kids, Towelroad now blocks emails for posts about Dustin Lance Black that it does not like.

    Wow. Why the fear about this topic?

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    But COMPLETE SILENCE with regards to the Dustin Lance Black bareback sex scandal.

    Who the hell is he? Is he a Republican?

  8. sean says

    Hardly, Crispy. Check out the previous story and comments about DLB.

    Everyone’s wondering why.

  9. noah says

    What’s wrong with what’s he’s saying?

    Had Sanjaya been a tall, hunky guy wouldn’t many gays be excited that a straight guy is self-confident in his sexuality that he can dismiss gender norms and be a sensitive guy?

    What’s with the need to embrace stereotypes and apply gender rules to question Sanjaya’s sexuality?

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “Dustin Lance Black”

    Ooooh, he’s the screenwriter who won the Oscar. Unlike Sanjaya, I think we can be pretty sure about him.

    Are you in LA, Sean? Is this a personal thing?

  11. sean says

    And no, Derrick, I’m not a Republican – far from it – but, c’mon, when a story breaks that is, in effect, the first ever gay-celeb sex tape scandal in history – unless someone can point to another – don’t you think it’s worth talking about?

    Everyone talked about Pam Anderson’s tape, Rob Lowe’s, and Paris Hilton’s sex tape turned her into a world-wide phenom. Wouldn’t it be great if it did that for a gay celeb? If gay sex was as “normalized” in the public eye as “straight sex.”

    In fact, the best thing about it – and another person posting picked up on this – are the comments on Perez Hilton’s story about it. At least 70% of the comments from straight women commented on how “hot” DLB looked, and how hot the sex he was having looked in general! That’s amazing, don’t you think?

    I’m not interested in damning DLB at all. But I am interested on how it reflects where we are with respect to how straight people see gay sex right now in 2009. And so far…it’s looking better than I ever thought possible!

  12. sean says

    It’s not personal, Derrick, it’s sexual politics…which this site is usually really great about exploring. (I live in Albany, btw).

  13. johnny says

    Suddenly I have more respect for Sanjaya. Anyone who is self-actualized enough to admit he knows who he is without any qualms is a man in my book.

  14. crispy says

    I demand to know why Andy hasn’t covered the Dustin Diamond sex tape. I heard he has a monster.

  15. sean says

    You don’t get it, Crispy.

    If gay sex is “normalized” – and this will only happen with a celebrity, albiet a bigger one than DLB – then marriage, and indeed all our rights, become easier to achieve.

    It’s always the “unnatural sex part,” when you get down to it, that motivates the right wing, that fuels their ads that we’ll all molest their children, or “convert” them.

    But if it’s normalized, starting with DLB, and on through bigger gay celeb revelations – and yes, pictures – then everything will change. You’ll see.

  16. says

    “your content is not acceptable,” If that is true, I’m disappointed.

    I personally think Perez Hilton really jumped the shark with this one. I do see why the story was reported, however, posting the actual pics while hiding behind a “NSFW” link was chickenshit. What he did was just mean.

    In addition, loads of teenagers read him and I can’t imagine that he hasn’t been brought up on charges of some sort for doing what he did.

    Having said that, if Dustin and Andy are friends (I’m assuming they are) then, at the end of the day, it is Andy’s blog.

  17. JC says

    I like Sanjaya. I still think he is probably gay but if he isn’t at least he is gay-affirming.

  18. sean says

    You’re right, it is Andy’s blog.

    But I wonder about your “concern” for teenagers, who, after all, see much more explicit straight sex pictures and videos all the time. If gay sex is added to the mix, what’s the harm? In fact, it’s only to the good – that gay sex has the SAME STANDING as straight sex, and isn’t regarding as a “perversion.”

  19. says

    We’re sorry, we cannot accept this data

    I got this everytime I put DLB and Andy in the same post about the “scandal”. NOW it goes thorugh on a story not about DLB.


  20. ZnSD says

    I’m not quite sure how a sex tape of Black depicting barebacking ‘normalizes’ gays or gay sex. Sensationalizes? Desensitizes? Maybe.

  21. Tralfaz says

    Sean – Why don’t you start your own blog and shut the fuck up.

    Or maybe you have one already and are just spaming a rival website?


  22. crispy says

    What I can’t figure out, ZnSD, is how posting something on a gay blog read by gay people is going to make any sort of impact whatsoever on straight people. Who don’t read this blog.

    The logic is twisted.

  23. Miguel says

    The Dustin Lance Black scandal is missing in action because Focus Features (releasing studio of MILK) is a supporter of this site. Poor Andy probably doesn’t want to piss off his advertisers.

  24. Marie says

    I was never a Sanjaya “hater,” but I was a little confused about his “celebrity.” Now after watching the show I’m in love with his gentle sweetness. He has an innocent heart and mind, and I hope people give him a break. The guy’s the epitome of decency. And that story about his father dying and how he had to grow up fast? Well, that was quite a tender thing to share. Love that kid.

  25. Paul R says

    OK, Sean, we GET IT—you want to sleep with DLB yourself.

    Your talk of censorship is stupid and paranoid. That message comes up if you’ve been reading a page (say, a long series of comments) and someone else has posted a comment in the meanwhile. It happens all the time. Next time it happens, copy your comment and refresh the page, and post again. Voila! So much for your claims of censorship.

    Yes, Andy has avoided this and other previous DLB stories and rumors. Again, he can post whatever the hell he wants.


    Whether he’s an out homo or a closet homo, he should use his homo fame to campaign for mandatory life health care for ALL men who worked on the 9/11 rescue and for all people in New York on 9/11 who breathed in the toxic air that Christine Todd said was healthy to breath before former Mayor Dick-for-brains Giuliani carted off the toxic dust to hide the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job by treasonous Americans in positions of leadership in business and government.

    What else is faggot talk good for if not to get something real and more important done for mankind?

  27. the truth says

    IMO its really sad he is so obviously gay but because of america he has to be ‘fine about gays’ but cant admit to being himself.

    Its sad cos he will prob spend years in the closet being miserable to please others. & he will just hate himself for who he is, and how he likes guys, but has to pretend to be with girls. esp cos its so obvious to others he is gay, but he tries to hide it & may spend his life denying it.

    Its a shame. I feel for the guy.

    I know, ive been there. :(

  28. ryan says

    So, Sean, can we expect a sex tape of you being released soon? You know, the one of you blowing smoke up your own ass. Goddamn. In all your self-righteous fury over nothing, you neglected to explain how Towleroad covering the Black story would A) “normalize” gay sex in anyone’s mind who wasn’t already accepting enough of gay people to be visiting a gay website, and B) Why this is Andy’s responsibility. If he’s friend’s with Black, it makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t want to cover it. I would imagine there’s not one single person who reads Towleroad who doesn’t already know the story anyway. But, by all means, continue with the aggrieved martyr act. It makes you seem so reasonable.

  29. Dave says

    Sean, here’s the answer to the DLB sex tape/towleroad censorship mystery….

    drum roll..

    duh, they probably know each, have some of the same friends, or he might just respect the guy enough not to want to add to his misery. pick one.

    If they’re friends and Andy doesn’t want to report it, so what? do you know how many sensationalized, sex scandals get buried because of mutual relationships? all the time. Do I have a problem with it? not really. We’re not talking criminal behavior or government corruption. Personally, I would do the same for a friend of mine.

    It’s a sex tape, not Watergate.

    I don’t think the Justice Department will be called in anytime soon.

  30. R says

    He is lying big time. Come on, you are gay. Look at Adam Lambert. He came out and he is fine. America does not care anymore.