1. 24play says

    GBLAD, UAFA’s not going anywhere in Congress this year. But this is a start.

    Meanwhile, the hate crimes bill, which was passed by the House over a month ago and is also the responsibility of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is languishing in the Senate as our allies there try to decide whether to attempt to pass a standalone bill or sneak it in as an attachment to a huge defense appropriations bill.

    Anyone’s who’s calling senators asking them to move UAFA, please also ask them to support the hate crimes bill. It can be passed and signed this year if the Senate just does its job. UAFA’s not gonna get a floor vote this year, but it is good that hearings are underway.

  2. Trouble Town says

    Ummmm….according to DOMA, the federal government can’t even recognize that we have “permanent partners” — so how exactly is this going to work?

    As per the previous comment – I think this is just for show until federal civil unions come into play within 5 to 10 years. I hope I’m wrong, because I could really use the green card for my partner.

  3. Michael R says

    This bill would seriously change my life! I used to be in the USAF but left to be with my partner in the UK. I would just like the option that we could move to the US as a family… hopefully one day.

  4. John says

    You know, the House passed both the Matthew Shepard Act and ENDA ages ago. And it has been sitting in the Senate – going nowhere fast – since the beginning of the last session (2007).

    Perhaps the Senate should stop holding meaningless hearings and look inside their inbox once in a while. Or perhaps, more likely, Harry Reid the Mormon is trying to delay this legislation using parliamentary trickery.

  5. Steven says

    I hope it passes as I have many friends who are affected by this horrible and unfair law!!