1. Daniel says

    I am always wary off girls since I noticed this happening. Sure, my best friend…Though both those terms could be revised, is a girl, but she’s a macho, and not a lesbian. The words bff are off-limits with us. And sure, we tour the mall but I don’t feel patronised by her- at least not for being gay, maybe for not being as cool as she is, cause she’s one cold bitch

  2. Smokey says

    Yeah, I hate how every stupid straight girl thinks you want to talk sex with them, go clubbing every weekend, and sleep around with random guys just because you’re gay.
    Stereotypes begone!

  3. woodroad34 says

    I had to dump a “girl friend” because it was tiring trying to live up to her impression of an over-the-top, bitchy, funny, queeny impression of what gays are supposed to be. She couldn’t figure out why her other gay friend dumped her as well. Oh, did I mention how self-absorbed she really was?

  4. Alfonso says

    I told a girl that was getting a little to friendly after just meeting me that i wasn’t Will and she was definitely was not Grace and she needed to back off. We’re friends now but only after getting to know each other and not because i help dress her. PS i cant even dress myself!

  5. paul c says

    Will & Grace was on when I was college, and just about every girl I spent more than 10 minutes with would declare that we were “just like Will & Grace!”. That made me really embarrassed for the girls and it made me never watch the show until it was only in reruns because I kind of resented it in some way.

    I guess it would be cooler to just be grateful that we’re not being hated and bashed on tv than to whine about being sidekicks though.

  6. RIO says

    Wow I lost it when he asked the girl in what hole she liked getting f’d. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. So true, straight girls need to realize i don’t know how to dress them. I’m a guy, through on a t-shirt and jeans and you’re good to go.

    Get a boner for a bitch! so good

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