1. Michael @ says

    WOW! Once again, people in another country with far more to lose…like their lives…have proven how lily-livered most American gays are.

    They’re already Twittering…now if we figured out a way to also add disco balls, Tina [and I don’t mean Turner], and naked men to civil disobedience for OUR freedom do you think we might….

  2. Andalusian Dog says

    Michael – maybe we as a community could make more progress in securing our rights if we were rid of the venomous, insidious, and disgusting internalized homophobia — of the kind that your comments betray — and were able to unite as a unified and proud force. The only thing “lily-livered” about some gay people is their blatant self-hatred.

    Please, to quote Tori Amos, don’t throw your shade on me.

  3. Andalusian Dog says

    And once again kudos to the Iranian resistance for their courage and the hope they are spreading to all oppressed people.

  4. says

    I admire the bravery of these fine young people. My thoughts keep going back to 1986 and the People Power Revolution in the Philipines. I saw a man approaching a soldier, holding his arms out, the soldier dropping his weapon and rushing into an embrace.

    Sadly, if there’s a revolution in Iran, it’s likely to be a good deal bloodier than in the Philippines. If they succeed, I hope they have true freedom and not a washed over theocracy.

  5. sonofabutch says

    “to quote Tori Amos, don’t throw your shade on me…”

    and to quote Madonna, “…don’t hang your SHIT on me…” Human Nature ’94

  6. jimmyboyo says

    Andrew sullivan links to an article about the State Department talking to twitter and convincing them on the postponement of their shut down and maintenance since it would have occurred during the day in Iran when the protesters needed it most.

    COOL! on Obama and Hillary

    Hopefully they are are also ordering a US base in Iraq to set up transmitters to strengthen radio farad (spell check). It’s transmitter is in Dubai and the iranian gov is trying to block it.

    The small things do help a lot.