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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #497

DR. TILLER: Bill O'Reilly goes ballistic with Salon's Joan Walsh over the Dr. Tiller murder.

BETTY WHITE: Chats with Chelsea Handler about the zoo, Cloris Leachman, sluts, and William Shatner.


FLUSH PUPPY: British pup survives trip into sewer.

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  1. Yes, video on Martina. Good. A role model.

    But STILL nothing yet from Towleroad on the Dustin Lance Black gay celeb sex-tape scandal.

    Just silence.

    Really strange.

    Posted by: alan | Jun 16, 2009 4:49:44 PM

  2. Bill O's little web monkeys have been at work today.

    Posted by: Jonathan | Jun 16, 2009 5:02:49 PM

  3. I won't be able to sleep at night until I've seen Dustin Lance Black's cock. End the madness, Andy!

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 16, 2009 5:06:33 PM

  4. I love Betty, she reminds me of my own grandma. She just says whatever she wants.

    Martina's video- excellent.

    Calls for DLB story... eh, leave it to the tabloid sites like queerty.

    Posted by: Nathan | Jun 16, 2009 5:53:32 PM

  5. I've seen the leaked stuff. DLB - not huge 'down there' but he's very cute, very fit. Sexy even. Come to think of it he would've made a great porn bottom. Well you know, if he hadn't gone all mainstream and made an honest living being a bona fide Acadamy-award-winning Hollywood screenwriter.

    Seriously, the whole thing just screams "jaded ex trying to make a buck." I don't expect it will ruin Dustin's career, although he might take some flack about not playing safe ...


    Posted by: sparks | Jun 16, 2009 6:11:29 PM

  6. If you're REALLY that interested in DLB's dick then go to Horsey's or Perez's site instead of wasting time harping on it. Jeez.
    What's newsworthy about it again? Oh yeah..nothing.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Jun 16, 2009 6:15:26 PM

  7. THIS IS A "NEWS" BLOG NOT A GOSSIP BLOG.Shut the fuck up about that damn dickhead already.Those of us with lives dont care about asinine crap like that.

    Posted by: Nelson | Jun 16, 2009 6:37:47 PM

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