1. jmdrwac says

    I grew up in the deep south and the old people used to tell me that if you wanted to keep the “colored people” happy all you needed to do was give them watermelons and beer.

    Apparently, all you need to do to keep gay leaders happy is throw them a “fab” cocktail party.

    Obama told his guests he was not going to do the heavy lifting for them. Nor should he. Let’s see if these clown will put down their drinks and get to work.

  2. NickC says

    On page A4 of this morning’s Washington Post, the continuation of the front page article on Obama’s Stonewall reception is positioned right above the continuation of an article on the political difficulties of holding together the diverse Democratic coalition. That article includes this statement:

    “Early on, administration officials and Democratic leaders agreed they would steer clear of controversial social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. And to the discontent of many liberal Democrats, Congress intends to remain generally silent on those fronts.

    “They know the consequences of ’94. It looms,” White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said of the legislative debacles in President Bill Clinton’s early tenure that produced the 1994 Republican landslide. “That division led to failure. . . ”

    There’s the real problem. Rahm Emmanuel and other Democratic leaders don’t want to move any of our issues forward on the Congressional agenda, because they are still burned by what happened to Clinton 15 years ago. That’s why we can’t just take Obama’s speeches at their face value. We have to keep fighting and protesting and withholding money and whatever else it takes to hold the Democrats to their many promises.

  3. Jeffrey says

    The very fact of the Obama Administration holding these dog-and-pony shows is evidence of their concern that they are losing our support and, particularly, our money. We actually have some leverage here. Our organizational leaders should not let up but keep applying pressure! The response should be “those are lovely words, Mr. President but we need action NOW! When are you going to actually DO something for equal rights? We will not give you one dime until we see results.”

  4. sharon says

    all these gay A-listers kissing ass and getting nothing in return. They should have boycotted the event and not give obama the appearance that he is doing something for us.

    if african americans were being discharged from the army for being african american, I am sure the president would have found time to deal with it.


  5. says


    If any of you didn’t see it already and have a severe bullshit allergy or stomach too weak to endure the repeated sounds of screaming and hollering and speaking in tongues Barry Christ Hallowed Be Thy Name…we urge you to at least turn the sound off.

    Dems learned the wrong lesson from 1993…it wasn’t that Clinton tried to do too much too soon…it was that he surrendered too soon to the fag bashing bullies. Obama Ditto.

    Translation of what he said yesterday about DADT: he reaffirmed his pledge to continue to cave to a microscopic by comparison to 1993 group of surviving dinosaurs, responding to Lt. Col. Fehrenbach’s face-to-face, direct plea for help immediately afterwards with one of Obama Inc’s patented auto switch the subject answers. “We’re going to get this done [repeal DADT].”

    Uh, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, he was, entirely reasonably, asking you to stop HIS discharge NOW! [And, yes, it’s true the Air Force dinosaurs ordered Fehrenbach not to wear his uniform yesterday even though he’d worn it to previous administration events before he was outed.]

    And too many gays learned nothing at all from how little came out of Clinton’s having met with them in the White House in 1993 and speaking at HRC’s banquet in 1997.

    How can I put this politely?

    What the fuck part of words alone don’t mean a goddamn thing do those wetting themselves in and outside of the East Room yesterday not understand?

    And Lord Obama reran the weakest part of his primary promises yesterday in that transparently pasted together speech …. part recyled campaign promises/part please leave Britney er me alone … read from a teleprompter.

    He conveniently ignored [just as he did that his DOJ has ALREADY made things worse with their homophobic briefs defending DADT and DOMA] that, in 2007, he said that what was missing in the goal of overturning DADT was LEADERship. And Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin said the same thing just last week. It ain’t gonna happen without the President MAKING it happen.

    “Work[ing] with Congress” is NOT leadership; it’s passing the ball when Barry the Basketball Lover is the only one at the free throw line. There’s so much responsibility passing going on that one needs slo mo to follow it.

    Barry passes to Carl and Ike Skelton [House Armed Services Comm Chair] who pass back to him who passes it to the Pentagon who passes it back to Barry who passes it to Harry Reid who passes it to Nancy Pelosi who passes it to….

    Forget the reviews by WAPO and NYT and whomever after the fact. The best review was heard real time during the Smile Fuckapalooza:


  6. brooklynite says

    John and all the other petulant bloggers are just total idiots. All you people sit on your asses and complain and make racist comments while some of the people at that party are actually doing grass-roots organizing and making life better for LGBT people. Stop complaining about Obama — who is our ally and has already done more for gay rights than any president before him — and get involved. Stop scratching your narcissistic asses and get outside and do something.

  7. Dan says

    It’s all just words. I’m beyond words anymore.

    What needs to be paid attention to action, not meaningless photo ops where the HRC gets to crow about preserving its beloved “access”.

    None of these words make up for that legal brief supporting DOMA. The President could have stop lossed the soldiers getting discharged or a supplemental brief could be filed correcting the first.

    The only reason we are even getting the crumbs we are getting is because some people started pulling out of the DNC fundraiser.

    That he found a room full of LGBTs that could be pacified with a few words and a meaningless photo op tells me that the whole equality movement needs to be rescued from organizations like the HRC.

    Can we please stop acting like battered wives returning for more just because he promises (again) that he’ll change and how much he really loves us? Imagine if we had shown the solidarity to completely boycott the DNC fundraiser. We may have gotten even more than crumbs.

    There are obviously still so many gays starved for validation that when a politician tells you how much they care they throw all sense of reason out the window.

  8. says

    “There’s the real problem. Rahm Emmanuel and other Democratic leaders don’t want to move any of our issues forward on the Congressional agenda…”


    They don’t want to touch marriage, and although I disagree with them, I understand why: it’s political poison.

    But Hate Crimes has already passed the House, and ENDA is on the table. Before the year is out, those two are likely to be the law of the land. The DOD issued a statement to NPR about DADT, and the tone of the statement was that they know it’s going to be repealed. These three issues are saleable.

    On marriage, we’re going to have to fight this out state-by-state until the Supreme Court gets involved – which I hope won’t be until after President Obama has appointed another justice. While DOMA may be repealed at some point, that alone won’t legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. It merely opens up the doors to legislation giving gay partners some benefits down the line.

    Let’s also not forget, health care reform – the major item on Obama’s agenda – will, as a matter of practicality impact more GLBTs than ENDA. How many of you have actually been fired from your job for being gay? In this day and age, not many. How many of you don’t have health insurance? I’d wager a good deal more.

    Let’s keep the pressure on. But let’s not burn our bridges.

  9. Koklo says

    I am wondering why the log cabin republicans are using this as a chance to attack. They are literally sleeping with the enemy <.< I understand that they stand for conservative governing ways (i.e. small government), but hell the republicans would openly execute them. Also, as the poster above me said marriage is strictly legislative poison. It needs to be handled by the courts because we can not allow the notion that our marriage rights are something that need to be granted. Clinton era conservatives basically fucked themselves over with DOMA. It is one of the most unconstitutional, congressional oversights and it will( hopefully, if any of the justices actually do their jobs and not try to impress morality on us (read: Thomas, Scaliaphobe, Roberts, the other less know conservative)) be overturned.

  10. Merle says

    Talk is CHEAP!!! The democratic leadership is spineless and weak!!! They are NOT going to do ANYTHING to HELP US!!! Hey, REPUBLICANS, it’s sure awfully chilly out there in the wilderness isn’t it??? You want your POWER back???? Make the GLBT community an OFFER!!! My VOTE is for SALE!!! I’m tired of the crumbs…

  11. says

    @ brooklynite

    “Obama… has already done more for gay rights than any president before him”???

    Didn’t your mommy ever tell you that just because you say something doesn’t make it true?

    The usual version of this Big Lie just reads, “for gays” rather than “for gay RIGHTS,” but let’s play it your way.

    Could you be thinking of Obama’s meeting with gays in the White House yesterday/

    SORRY. Pres. Satan did that 16 years ago.

    Could you be thinking of Obama’s hiring out gays in his administration?

    SORRY. Pres. Satan did that 16 years ago, too. He also the first out gay US Ambassador and Consul and federal judge.

    Could you be thinking of that Obama memo giving a couple of benefits to the partners of gay federal employees?

    SORRY. Pres. Satan trumped that big time when, ten years ago, he overturned a half-century old ban that would have prevented those gay federal employees from being hired in the first place. He also banned gay discrimination in security clearances and added hate crimes protection to the Universal Code of Military Justice.

    True, he signed DADT and DOMA but Obama has defended both in court using the same homophobic language that Congress used to create them in the first place so what’s the diff.

    Maybe you were thinking of MRS. President Obama and her attending the swearing in of First ‘Mo John Berry.

    SORRY. Mrs. Pres. Satan trumped that marching in New York’s gay pride parade in 2000. I was kinda busy this weekend, did Michelle…..

    WAIT. I just remembered…and hope you’ll forgive me for forgetting something Obama did for gays that no president has ever done before….

    He invited them to the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

  12. JT says

    I suspect a lot of this is laziness, too, on the part of the A-list gays. They thought that once Bush-is-gone and Obama-is-in, it’s this new day where everything is good now. They can’t admit, or accept, that….all we have is another four years of trouble. So they pretend all is fine.

  13. Mitch says

    So who should be in office Michael?
    Who should have been the true savior of all gay people?

  14. Christian Young says

    And now “Roll over!”, “Play Dead”, “Wag your tail when I say Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender!”…Good gays, you are such good gays, oh yes you are…

  15. says

    @ Mitch.

    You’re missing the point because you’re stuck in the spin cycle of Obama’s brainwashing machine. It’s not about who would be better…or worse…but the checks THIS President wrote.

    How insufferable is it when his apologists act as if his critics just woke up a couple of months back, smacked their foreheads, and shrieked, “Girlfriend! There was absolutely no talk about gay rights during the campaign. Let’s make up a list and start demanding Obama do something about them.”

    While, of course, the truth is that he agressively campaigned for gay votes with a to do list of promises about what HE was going to do FOR us. All the time painting other candidates as at least inferior to him on gay issues if not outright homophobic.

    E.g., from February of last year: “Equality is a moral imperative. … And AS PRESIDENT, I WILL PLACE THE WEIGHT OF MY ADMINISTRATION BEHIND the enactment of the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes and a fully inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. …AS YOUR PRESIDENT, I WILL USE THE BULLY PULPIT to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws. … I WILL NEVER COMPROMISE ON MY COMMITMENT TO EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL LGBT AMERICANS. … Americans are yearning for leadership that can empower us to reach for what we know is possible. I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country. To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. JOIN WITH ME, and I WILL PROVIDE THAT LEADERSHIP.” – Barack Obama, February 28, 2008.

    And just like when he was criticized for McClukingate [“there has not been a stronger and more consistent advocate on LGBT issues than I have been”], just like when he was criticized for Warrengate [“I think that it is no secret that I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on, and I intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency.”], yesterday he again defended himself by simply denying the facts, ignoring the betrayals, and recycling old promises.

    He is caught in a trap of his own making and you’re blaming US?

  16. Ed says

    Michael, you are the one who seems trapped and in a spin cycle of your own words. All you do is talk, talk, talk and be angry. Sorry but that does nothing.

  17. downtownlaguy47 says

    heres the deal – every time towleroad or JMG or any other gay blog posts a story about gay bashing, harassment, any example of our rights being stepped on, each reader should fwd the article to the White house until they take notice . every day, millions of us, flooding the whitehouse with forwwarded article that show how we are treated. you can imagine the outcome if they receive a million emails everyday from us.

    any thoughts?

  18. Jessica Naomi says

    Heterosupremacist in Chief Obama has blood on his hands – the blood of August Provost murdered at Camp Pendleton hours after Obama told those so-called LGBT leaders that he would continue to stop the courts from overturning DADT, and blamed the good old bad old boys in the pentagon who tell him what to do.