1. graffitiboy says

    Ahhhh, so will those who couldn’t believe Swine Hilton would use the word “faggot” change their tune? I just don’t get how this guy thought it was cool to lead the fiery mob against Isaiah Washington for using the word faggot (which WAS wrong), but then turn around and use it himself in the very same derogatory manner. He wasn’t using it as a re-tooled “term of endearment” amongst fellow gays, or as a way of “reclaiming” the word. He was using it as a slur. And this is our great gay rights champion?

  2. LARS says

    This self-serving bottomfeeder is the worst thing that could happen to gay people right now. He’s a horrible and hate-filled role model to younger gays and only serves to give us all a bad name. The world would be a much better place without him.

  3. soulbrotha says

    Well said, graffitiboy. Although, I wouldn’t exactly call PH “our great gay rights champion.” Now let’s see if, like Isaiah Washington, there will be rants for him to be hanged on the nearest tree?

  4. sam says

    Though I think Perez say “F*ggot” just just to provoke, you know how some black straight guy react to that word.. they seen it as the biggest insult… so.. to upset them, that’s the exact right word to use on them…

  5. paul c says

    Any chance Andy will finally remove his link to Perez Hilton’s site now that the p.o.s. has once again blatently proven that he spreads homphobia and anti-gay slurs right up there with the Phelps clan? He’s also a misogynist who trashes women and calls them bitches and hos — all in the course of maintaining a website that I assume caters to 12 year old girls.

    The best thing you can do with a worthless piece of shit like him is to cut him off and ignore him til he dries up and fades into obscurity. is a great talent, a gentleman and a REAL humanitarian — not an assclown who fakes it to give himself some semblance of credibilty.

  6. says

    Jesus Andy. Two posts?

    There’s a reason I read your blog and not his. You really shouldn’t be subjugate yourself to his silly, press whoring.

    It’s bad enough the rest of the America had to listen to him speaking for gays during the Prejean saga. Please, don’t feed the beast…must…resist….obvious….fat…joke…

  7. LARS says

    GLADD is completely pointless at this point. They whine at the drop of a hat whenever a straight person says something off-putting but ignores Hilton who is far more damaging. He’s been using “faggot” on his site for years and yet GLADD has turned a blind eye to his rampant homophobic slurs.

  8. Sandboy says

    To all the haters in this website: go get a life, be productive, try to contribute more with to the advancement of the gay community. The envy is killing you. Perez has an amazing life, he is enjoying it, and also using his website to improve our lives as gay people. Perez is the best.

  9. says

    I’m just not sure that this kind of crap deserves attention. That’s why I criticized Andy for using his significant web presence to enhance the attention adding attention to this.

    Let me be clear, I’m not a fan of Perez. And, I definitely don’t support violence, without proper cause, which does not seem to be present in this situation. Speaking of which…

    I just see some credibility issues here. Right now, it strikes me as more of a publicity stunt than something that actually happened.

    I’m more than willing to own it, if I am wrong, but I refuse to just blindly accept as fact something that doesn’t comport with logic.

    Let’s see a police report…

    Who twitters after getting punched in the face?

    Sorry, but his eye injury looks a bit…manufactured. Where’s the bruise?

  10. Rafael says

    “perez got what he deserved”

    People practice what you preach, violence is inexcusable. No matter what you think of Perez, he does NOT deserve this, shame on those of us who undermine our community with their nonsense.

  11. says

    @Aaron Akin:

    I’d put him just below Larry Craig on the list of people I’d like to give back. It’s bad enough he goes on television pretending to represent gay folks while sounding like the less intelligent version of Regina George, but this is all beyond the pale. He used homophobic slurs and then demeans us all by trying to turn what appears to be a provoked attack on an individual into a hate-crime. It is an insult to people who really have been victims of hate crimes.

  12. Jay says

    Aaron – if it makes you a bad person, there are a lot of us “bad people” out there.

    Perez deserves a lot worse for all the hate and misery he sends out into the world (supposedly) on our behalf.

  13. Rick says

    It’s amazing and disappointing to see all of these forward thinkers on this blog. Let’s take “he got what he deserved to ” to the next level. Where does it stop ? Getting stabbed- shot, for saying something someone else doesn’t agree with ?

  14. john says

    Sandboy, Perez called someone a fucking faggot, it was meant to be hurtful. If you call that type of person “the best” then your opinions are clearly shit. Miss Lavandera does not speak for any of us in the gay community and is not a representative. He’s made a living, good or bad, out of being a cunt. And you Sandgirl, are just another one of his ass-sucking followers who dream of being invited out on the town with with him so you two can be best girl friends. Sweety, get another role model, one that does some good in the world.

  15. Tralfaz says

    Rick – No one is saying what you are suggesting. If you think for one minute that Perez Hilton is some innocent little lamb in this … there’s a bridge in New York for sale REAL CHEAP.

    La Hilton isn’t a fool. He knew if he pushed and pushed (or maybe this whole thing was PLANNED?) something or someone was going to blow up.

    La Hilton wasn’t in some brutal attack. He got popped in the face for being a fucking prick.

    But what does he do? Does he go to the police when it happend? No. He calls 911 from his hotel and sits his ass down and TWITTERS about it.

    Then he records some lame ass video blaming the WRONG person.

    Spare me the sympathy for this asshole.

  16. Willie says

    Perez is using the same excuse rich people use when they abuse the working class — we can do anything we want but NOOO violence against us.

    I suspect he is one day going to piss off the wrong person and be shot.

  17. Willie says

    I also find it interesting that PEREZ LIES on his commentary crying video – saying he said … You are gay, stop being such a faggot. He obviously did not say that.

    He then ends using a derogatory slur against Furgie. Shameful.

    Very sad twisted man that Perez.

    Between this and contributing to the destruction of a major gay talent by publishing extremely pornographic images of the writer on his website … is not calling someone a faggot after crucifying a black man for doing so…. I would say he should be tossed from any gay event.

  18. Tralfaz says

    Willie – I don’t think Lard Lad would dare show up any major gay event. If by chance his fat ass is in next years pride in LA … I’ll stock up on eggs and tomatoes to throw at the mother fucker.

  19. David H says

    Perez Hilton is the SCOURGE of the gay community. He is LOATHSOME and needs to shut his hole and disappear into a career of quiet oblivion. He speaks for NO ONE. He is SELF-SERVING, SELF ABSORBED and THE WORST of all possible role models for younger gays and lesbians who crave hope and self-esteem. And to blurt out “faggot,” with dozens of onlookers?!

  20. LARS says

    Aaron: Not at all. Many of us feel the same way. He’s a boil on the butt of the LGBT movement, a bottomfeeder with no discernible talent or class.

  21. Philip Wester says

    I’m surprised how many people here think it’s OK to use violence against someone for using words (and not in a “Let’s spread hatred agains an entire group of people”-way. He was just insulting this one guy he had gotten into an argument with).

    I could care less about Perez, but really? “He deserved it”? Yes, let’s glorify the use of violence (hitting someone in the FACE can be fatal if you hit the wrong spots!)!

  22. Daveynyc says

    damn mario is hard core

    one thing about mario is he is very passionate about freedom of speech and u dont want to tell a blogger what and what not to post

    i personally hate the f word but i see mario trying to take it back, reclaim it i have a few gay friends like that i still hate to hear it

    he shouldnt have gotten hit tho

  23. Donovan says

    Perez Hilton is every bad trait and negative stereotype of the most ridiculous portrayals of gays rolled up into one big round demon creature trying to become the most visible gay in America. I’d punch him too.

    I second Aaron – I REALLY wish Perez was straight so he could well, not be associated with anything glbt.

  24. Tralfaz says

    Daveynyc – Mario is out for Mario. Period. Has nothing to do with freedom of speech or gay rights or anything. It’s about him and money.

  25. Paul R says

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he did this entirely on purpose, fully aware of the outcome. Attention is his heroin and his paycheck. He’ll milk this for as much as it’s worth, and then a whole lot more.

  26. Scott says

    In his video response, Perez says, “What happened to me should not happen to anyone.”

    I imagine there are lots and lots of people that think their pictures shouldn’t be put on a website and marked up in the most demeaning ways. Karma, she can be a bitch.

  27. Rafael says


    You know what? I think your comments are an embarrassment to gay people everywhere! I wish my being gay didn’t had to associate me with people like you or Perez who obviously share the same level of apathy towards others, but that is unrealistic so I’ll try to be civil here and hope you get to see how wrong you are in this argument. Hate is not okay.

  28. Q says

    Andy, I would like to ask you a question.

    Hilton has proven himself to be a self-serving liar and hypocrite, among other things. Will you continue to link the stories posted on his site and treat him as a relevant source of information for the gay “community?”

    I ask this because you continue to present Dan Savage as a gay spokesperson, even though he has yet to apologize for his racist comments during the Prop 8 debacle. Though Savage is higher on the food chain than Hilton, I think both men’s actions are equally reprehensible and I’m curious to know where you stand on this matter.

  29. Tralfaz says

    Oh Rafael – My heart is SO broken! Please bitch, I don’t give a fuck about being associated with YOU or Piglet Hilton.

    Honey I’ve got more apathy in my little finger than that pig has in this whole body. But yet YOU defend him.

    I’ve had my fucking face smashed in for just walking down the street with my boyfriend. I’ve watched my brother die of AIDS and saw my mom stand up and defend BOTH of her sons being gay in her grief.

    I’ve seen my father reach out to me and love me and love me for who I am after the death of his eldest son.

    I’ve had a cousin show up at my 1st (non legal) wedding but damn me to hell for getting married legally in California.

    Yet YOU have stick up your ass because I think Perez Hilton is a fucking pig? You need to look beyond your narrow minded definition of “hate” and stop being such a knee jerk PC fool. Grow up.

    If Perez Hilton were being attacked just for being gay and not for being the asshole he is … I’d step in and defend him. Same with you.

    YOU don’t speak for gay people everywhere you say I’M an embarrassment.

    Grow up little boy. I hate to think that you might be more that that. A boy.

  30. Steven says

    It is about goddamn time the gasbag got what he deserved.

    For anyone saying that Prez speaks for the gay community needs a reality check. Prez doesn’t speak for the gay community, he speaks for himself.

  31. Rick says

    Tralfaz – no one deserves to be physically attacked for words. Period. Perez is an asshole- so what ? You sure the hell come off as an asshole on here- maybe you deserved all the horrible things that have happened to you.

  32. Mikey says

    I only imagine that Perez manufactured this whole thing – probably set this up in his small little mind cause he did get mucho publicity for taking a blow to his mug. Yes – violence is not cool whether it be verbal or physical.

    I wonder if anyone died cause they could not get through the jammed phone lines as his “fans” were all calling the police. He twittered this to his fans – what a jerk!!!

    Perez is NOT my spokesperson, he is an advocate for himself only. I am embarassed that he is a member of the gay community.

    I stand with Tralfaz – although a bit blunt with the words – he speaks more truth than Perez Hilton has in his itty-bitty, teensie-weensie, tiny little left nard.

  33. MarcosD says

    Perez eats scum… literally those little fish that eat the scum off a fish tank. Only in today’s world could a person with no qualification, no talent, and definitely no looks be followed by people. This ia guy that lives off defecating on others. It is sad and vile. If he gets hit by a bus tomorrow the world becomes a little better a place.

  34. gwyneth cornrow says

    If you’re going to be an activist than you should act like one. Also, Hilton’s comment makes absolutely no sense. You can most certainly be a faggot and an artist at the same time, as history has clearly demonstrated.
    Personally, I think Bruno is a better spokesmodel for the gays.

  35. Tralfaz says

    Paul R- so by you calling me an asshole it’s ok for you to be assaulted. Explain that logic to me ? Take the players out of the equation.

    Posted by: Rick | Jun 22, 2009 10:26:40 PM


    Oh wait Rick, you want logic on one hand and what to take the player out of the equation? Yet YOU are suggest the things that happened in MY life are OK?

    You can’t have it both ways, dear. Make up your mind. Are you just an asshole, a cunt or a combo of both?

  36. jason says

    Regardless of what you think about Perez, the fact is he was assaulted. There is no excuse for assault under any circumstances. Gay men have been assaulted and murdered using the excuse that “he provoked me”.

    The Black Eyed Peas themselves seem to have a homophobic quality to them.

  37. jason says

    Perez Hilton is my hero. He has an unorthodox way of exposing homophobia within the entertainment industry. He might have used the word “faggot” but, coming from a gay man, it’s not so much homophobic as it is part of a “rope the dope” strategy.

    The music industry is full of sleazy straight guys and their bisexual female enablers. It’s time we came down hard on them. Perez has started he ball rolling.

  38. I Am Chris says

    Oh Ms Jason eat shit and die Ms Perez Hilton is an idiot and tried to once again bring the Gay/Black divide and THANK GOODNESS it didn’t work.

    She got featured and the details were @ 11 and it was FABULOUS. As far as you saying
    “The Black Eyed Peas themselves seem to have a homophobic quality to them.”

    UMMM Ms Babydoolittle check this out:
    The Black Eyed Peas debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart with their latest release, The E.N.D. Their fifth studio cd marks the group’s highest debut of their career with 304,109 in first-week sales. This is the biggest sales week for the group!

    Could Ms Mario do this??….UMMM NO, Us older folks have no time for this kiddie, Hostess twinkie shit you young girls like dealing with!

    She got BEAT!!!!! LOVES IT!

    MOVING ON………….

  39. Sharon says

    Too bad this bottom feeder wasn’t knocked totally out! This degenerate little pig is an embarrassment to the gay community. Shut his filth down!

  40. Johnny says

    Black Eyed Peas themselves seem to have a homophobic”

    Thank you, after all they thought violence was an appropriate response to being called gay.

    I also found this incident reported on TMZ:

    “ from the Black Eyes Peas needs to take a cue from his songs and learn when to “Shut Up” — especially when he’s throwing the G-bomb around.

    When asked about Ricky Martin’s in vitro twins and the Claby, the Pea’s eloquent response was “that’s gay” — but literally seconds after he dropped the statement, the furious backtracking began! His assistant wanted us to “edit that part out.” We didn’t.

  41. east 55th street manhattan says

    For those of you who believe Perez Hilton is scum and a “cunt”.

    I would have to say you are the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.Granted Perez is a douche bag.But reading many of the comments on this blog (not just on this posting,but on many others) Ive seen a good number of you act like total jackasses and trolls behind the keyboard.Especially with the snarky childish way you treat young gay people

    You people are a visual aid and proof that just because you are older does NOT make you maturer,more intelligent,nor more capable of dealing with people.

    How about you all grow up and stop being such bitter old trolls.Because in the end YOU are the embarrassment to the overall “gay community” and YOU are the embarrassment to yourselves.

    Pour Pathetic Souls

    *shakes head in disgust*

  42. ronald b says

    I think perez is biggest douchebag he deserve it im gay he disgust me all he do whine and criticize celebrities he ugly in the inside and outside im sorry but i think someone need straight him up

  43. Hayley says

    i think its a safe assumption that the majority of the population thinks perez hilton is a social monster and is driven by twisting the truth and hurting celebrities – that doesn’t mean someone should hit him. no one deserves to be physically harmed, no matter how hurtful and nasty their words are. he said something true in his posted video – “violence is never the answer.”

  44. Rafael says


    You are not a man, you are a joke! I wish you had learn something out of your personal experiences, instead you used them to justify your hateful speech. I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be but at least I’m open to doing some growing up of my own, I suggest the same to you. Peace,

  45. naznazson says

    See Perez’s assult video here too

    You just have to do a little survey then it should take you right to the video! CRAZY

  46. BRYANH_CHGO says

    I think that fat frumpy bitch got just what she deserved. Perez is an evil cow who is about one person, himself. I guess his laptop wasnt big enough to hide behind Sunday night eh? LOL. They should’ve really kicked his ass, so America could really have something to laugh about, hehehehe LOL

  47. BohYou says

    That’s pretty funny actually.. 1 fag calling another dude a fag. priceless.

    Perez deserves to be shot, not punched. Ugly fat fuck, get a life

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