News: Cat Cora, Prop 8, Adrian Grenier, Divorce, Cheyenne Jackson

RoadSan Francisco wants in on Prop 8 lawsuit: "The city would add "a unique local government perspective" to the case,
along with its extensive legal experience in defending gay and lesbian
rights, if allowed to intervene, City Attorney Dennis Herrera's office
said in court papers."

GiantbubbleRoadSoap bubble in space?

RoadAdrian Grenier shows off his furry coin slot in Miami.

RoadD.C. enacts Domestic Partnership Judicial Determination Parentage Act of 2009: "Lesbians in the District no longer will need the written consent of
their partners to adopt children born to their partners through
artificial insemination…The name of a consenting spouse or unmarried partner will appear on
the child's birth certificate as the legal parent, a status that
previously had to be obtained by same-sex parents through a complicated
adoption process."

RoadKatie Holmes tries to do Judy Garland on So You Think You Can Dance.

RoadThe once-thought-doomed Boatslip Resort in Provincetown isn't going anywhere.

RoadIron Chef Cat Cora gave birth to a boy this week. She was carrying a baby conceived with her partner Jennifer's egg. Jennifer, meanwhile, gave birth to a boy in April, conceived with Cat's egg.

RoadI wonder if Tom Cruise got a matching one too?

Lakehouse RoadGay divorce: After the break-up, what about the lake house?

RoadMissouri's Claire McCaskill makes gay marriage gaffe: "GOProud, a
conservative gay group, is attacking Democratic senator
Claire McCaskill of Missouri for using “antigay
scare tactics” to justify her vote Wednesday on
a controversial gun amendment."

RoadGays force removal of stalls in men's room at Washington Square Park, says Parks and Rec dude.

RoadIs heteroflexible the new gay?

Gayrightscivilrights RoadGatesville, Texas pastor rents town sign: Gay is not the new Black.

RoadCheyenne Jackson to star in Broadway revival of Finian's Rainbow.

RoadSimon Karlinsky, Berkeley professor and authority on homosexuality in pre-Soviet Russia, has died.

RoadAnti-gay Wisconsin group Wisconsin Family Action has filed a lawsuit challenging the legitimacy of domestic partnerships because the state has a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions.

RoadIt's nice to see Jake Gyllenhaal looking happy for a change.

Colton RoadColton Ford talks about his new album Under the Covers: "One of the things that I didn’t figure in doing porn was that people
were going to have such vehemently negative feelings about it. I’ve
gotten emails from people saying that it’s abhorrent and that it goes
against what’s right and normal…You know, I still think we’re dealing with a lot of shame in
our community. There are people who really get into porn and then lash
out against guys who do the films. I guess they don’t feel entitled to
enjoy that sexual part of themselves. I will say, however, that there
are plenty of people who are more than able to look beyond that part of
my career to see what else I have to offer."

RoadTDK shot Andy Warhol.

RoadIs Gwyneth Paltrow the new Julia Child?


  1. says

    RIP Simon Karlinsky: the grandmother of Russian Gay Studies. Brilliant scholar and pioneer and a generous and kind colleague.

  2. DKNATL says

    YAY! Boatslip live on! I don’t stay there, but sure hope some of the renovations make it into the rooms!

  3. DKNATL says

    That boy forcing the “marriage” should have known better if there was resistance. It doesn’t matter your sexuality, you can’t force stuff on people and expect that they are going to plod along in life and live with it.

  4. Dave says

    That NYT article was ridiculous. Their self-absorption is toxic. The ex-boyfriend brought a date to what was supposed to have been his wedding? Way to keep it classy!

  5. JT says

    Russian gay studies (especially about Czarist Russia) ARE especially interesting and…entertainingly atmospheric. R.I.P. Karlinsky.

  6. RB says

    Gatesville, Texas pastor rents town sign…..Why exactly are gay rights not civil rights? I am growing tired of hearing this crap. I have no more control over the fact that I am gay than anyone else has over being black. If I have no control over what I am this is a civil right. And besides, doesn’t this “pastor” have hungry people to feed? How much money did he spend to spew his “opinion”? How many hungry kids would that have benefitted? I will be so happy when the religious right learns that the money they spend could be better served feeding, clothing and housing the poor. You know, real Christian values!

  7. paul c says

    Katie Holmes is some kind of genius — first turn down a role in the Batman sequel, marry Ms. David Beckham’s cultist BFF, and now warble your own crappified version of the legendary singer Judy Garland’s music….while “dancing” in what you delusionally believe will be a showstopper…on a program that is wall-to-wall with dancers of incredible talent. I felt sorry for her before, but now she’s just an asshole.

  8. DaveO says

    Wow. Rarely do you see a double-standard this blatant. You totally let McCaskill off easy for some ugly bigoted anti-gay rhetoric. Could it be because she has a (D) after her name?

  9. Anthony in Nashville says

    re: Colton Ford – Are people who do porn really surprised by “vehemently negative feelings” and judgment from other people? Can they be that naive? I don’t think people consider porn a normal career, that is why there is stigma attached to it. I doubt internalized shame has anything to do with it.

  10. Gianpiero says

    Although I agree fully that issues of sexual “fluidity” can be fertile ground (so to speak) for fiction and film, I reject the notion that the hetero-normative term “heteroflexible” could ever be considered the new gay. Gay suits a lot of us just fine, thanks.

  11. says

    Daveo: did you read the McCaskill piece? There’s no “ugly bigoted anti-gay rhetoric” there at all. It’s about the double standard of conservatives who are for states’ rights when it suits them (guns) and against them when it doesn’t (marriage). She may not have put it as clearly as she could have, but I don’t even read it as a gaffe.

  12. neo says

    Colton Ford’s videos and music are laughable at best. They look like SNL skits and I doubt I’m the only person with this opinion. He’s muscular and scantily clad which, for some, may be erotic. But why, then, watch a music video when you can download him fully naked and “in action.”

  13. patrick nyc says

    If you listen closely to the Holmes clip you can hear a buzzing sound, that’s Judy Garland spinning in her grave.

    Any talent this twit had, (The Gift, Pieces of April), are now over shadowed by the fact she whored herself to that closet case.

  14. Paul R says

    Yup, Patrick NYC, she got married to the closet case thinking it would advance her career. Then he paid for a ton of stylists. Yet she has done nothing of note since their marriage.

    I feel sorry for her only because she has to spend occasional time with the jackass.

  15. Alex says

    Nicole Kidman’s career took off when she divorced Tom Cruise…so will Katie’s if she ever wises up and does it.

    Also, that space bubble thing must be the part of space from where Lady GaG (typo but I’m keeping it) came. No one from this planet (or in their right mind) would act as ignorant as she does.

  16. Scott says

    I have cognitive dissonance about Colton Ford. Loved him in porn, though the (pretty bad) documentary Naked Fame made me wonder about his thinking. He said he had tried every other way to be a recording artist and thought he’d try the porn way. So maybe he is/was that naive. I’m all for following your dreams, but this club music that he does, and these videos dancing around in little outfits just seem sort of age-inappropriate and embarrassing.

  17. Anonymous Bosch says

    Oh Noes! Not another Colton Ford video where the direction is basically “And a close up of me! And another close up of me! And another…”

    Plus, if you’re trying to sell yourself as a singer, pick a song with a better range. ‘Losing My Religion’ consists of three notes. (No exaggeration – try it on a keyboard and you’ll see. At least Ringo Starr got four with ‘A Little Help My Friends’).

  18. says

    Colton Ford has a great catalog of dance music. Youtube “Change”. I always include it in party mixes and people go ape for it.

    I don’t get where his surprise about him being a porn star affecting his potential audience comes from, but, why are you guys harshing on him? He’s everything you all say you want, an openly Non-Fem Gay man. What more must he do? Or, are you just waiting to tear down any Gay guy who isn’t a Gayface (lance, NPH, Tr Knight, etc.)?

  19. says

    I’m late to this party, but a friend just sent me a link to the Colton Ford video on YouTube. I have nothing against people doing porn. I’ve met a few folks who’ve done it and more power to them.

    I do have something against terribly generic dance music like this. Ugh. These beats were fresh in 1991. Someone give this guy the Hercules and Love Affair and Glass Candy albums please. And the video is about as classy as an International Male catalog.