1. says

    A hole in the story is that there are no July book tour dates on his site, and he did West Coast readings in February so chances are he wouldn’t do it again now.
    Call me in denial, but it’s still just a rumor.

  2. JTlvr says

    Sad, sad, sad. He meant a lot to his readers… gay Black men, Black women, and so many more. One of the writers who helped me face myself and come out so many moons ago.

    I met him three times in NYC — one book signing, once walking around Midtown and once out in Chelsea. He always had a big smile, was always a bit flirty, and just had love for all the brothas. He was just a good spirit.

    R.I.P. E. Lynn

  3. scar2 says

    That’s so sad. His memoir moved me to tears, as well as a couple of his books. His other books were guilty pleasure for me. I got to interview him a few years ago for a queer newsmag & he was so kind. MJ’s death did not affect me very much but this will.

  4. Giovanni says

    I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that there are a lot of Towleroaders who have no idea who Harris is but he had a quiet impact on the lives of a many young gay men of color through his NYT’s best sellers.

  5. JeffNYC says

    @Larry Bob–the “book tour” mis-info was in the first newsreport and no one has corrected it. He was not on a book tour. He was in LA having meetings about film/tv projects.

  6. db says


    I think you’re right. I might be jaded but I think we are so divided as a community that his death will not get a lot of coverage in the mainstream Gay community which is sad. I admit that I don’t read a lot of Gay fictions but I always heard when E Lynn Harris had a novel coming out. He was called the Tyler Perry of novels. (Not sure if bad or good) I know that this website is geared towards White Gay people but this is a loss to the whole Gay community.

  7. kG says

    rest in peace e. lynn harris. your books opened up a world not many knew of. in some ways it created more paranoia for blk women but at least opened up a dialog. thank you. thank you thank you. you got black people reading again.

  8. Dante says

    Are you suggesting that a lot of Towleroaders don’t know who Harris is/was because he’s a black author?

    I think you don’t give your fellow Towleroaders enough credit.

    I saw him speak at the LGBT Center in NYC years ago. While I never read any of his books, I certainly was aware of him, who he was and what he meant to so many people.

  9. john says

    i bought my first e. lynn novel at a gay bookstore in boston before i had come out and before you could probably find his books in the mainstream bookstores. i purchased my last one very recently in Borders, where it had it’s own display. BTW, i am white and i love his books.

  10. Jeff says

    He was a great writer. I have seven of his books and look forward to reading the rest of them. His stories are easy to identify with whether you are gay, straight, black, white, male, female etc. Truly an outstanding voice for our community.

  11. Shing Shing says

    Well Dante,

    By reading very little comments on his death here proves Giovanni right.

    And your point is???

    Some of them have no concern about E Lynn he’s doesn’t cater to what they like.
    I guess you can call it assimilation.

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