1. andrewrew says

    interesting and creepy. too bad for media sensationalism; these aren’t actual giant squid, which would be far more fantastic and much more rare.

  2. KJ says

    Since there’s not exactly a shortage of squid (understatement), tossing them back into the water, though motivated by concern, seems unnecessary.

    (Full disclosure: I am not a seagull.)

  3. joanna munoz luna says

    look i have been in sd for a year and ive been telling u sd that the time is now there will be a 10 . mag na ya and i dont care if i look crazy iam talking to what ever keeping that from happing i know the earth is talking but no one knows what mother naturrrrrr is saying well i do and am telling you dont fear it not give it engy u know 4 rocks you get magnets how look for jojo in sd crazy joanna knows and dont fuck with me cuz u know

  4. joanna munoz luna says

    if jojo dont die i like a birthday cake 4/15/82 , ya like that earthquakes not goiing to take us out ok dont ferr it lwat ever you call you higher power like that ok joanna luke ch 8 vers 3 you feel better now ok so the less you fear it the better like disney land ok i love you sd god bless born in los angles

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