First Look: Official Cover for Madonna’s Greatest Hits – Celebration


Here's the official cover for Madonna's new Greatest Hits collection, called Celebration. The album's cover was designed by an artist called Mr. Brainwash.

Madonna emphasizes a return to the "pop" past with this cover  — no doubt derivative of Warhol, Banksy…there's even a suggestion of Roy Lichtenstein Ben-day Dots in that image.

Via press release: "The songs on Celebration have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans. They cover the expanse of the Material Girl’s extraordinary career of hits including “Everybody,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue” and “4 Minutes.” “Celebration” will be available in a two-CD set as well as a single CD. There will also be a “Celebration” DVD released simultaneously which includes the video visionary’s best videos including several that have never before been available on DVD."

There are two new songs on the album. The first is a Paul Oakenfold collaboration that goes to radio on August 3rd called "Celebration". The Hits collection is out September 28 in the U.S.

Matthew Rettenumund at Boy Culture has posted a very low quality rip of the new track.


  1. Max F. Grump says

    Looks like Madonna and Streisand will be dropping CD’s in the same week. Not to mention Mariah and Whitney around the same month. Streisand is being produced by Diana Krall and arranged by Johnny Mandel. Rumor has it that this smokey after hours Jazz flavored album of classics is Barbra’s best since “The Broadway Album”. Glad that these talented ladies are producing product.

  2. erinisgay says

    I was hoping that Madonna would be murdered by now, the same way John Lennon was. She needs to hang up her s&m gear and realize that it’s all about Mariah Carey these days…the true Queen of Pop.

  3. farrellcsun says

    Love it, can’t wait for the album.

    Not surprised at all the snarky/harsh comments though unfortunately. :(

    Feels like the early 90’s when everyone hated her after the “Sex” book/”Body of Evidence” movie! I guess when you’re around this long, it’s to be expected. It’ll come around. :)

  4. jakeinlove says

    Yay Madge. (Yawn)

    Not to say that I won’t buy it since my Immaculate Collection is about worn out, but it’s nothing to piss all over myself about.

  5. says

    “I was hoping that Madonna would be murdered by now”

    Wow. Really? I know people either love or hate Madonna, but wishing murder on someone? Just, wow. You’re an asshole.

  6. Paul R says

    @NSFW, she’s also always championed appropriating other people’s ideas and images as her own.

    @FarrellCSun, people hated that book and movie because they were absolutely horrible. The “writing” in Sex read like something by a horny 15 year old.

  7. erinisgay says

    Madonna needs to take lessons from the elegant Ms. Whitney Houston on how to age well. Whitney is loved by everyone now. Madonna, not so much!

  8. john says

    There are a lot of Madonna bashers out there.Why do you bother excerting so much negative energy?Go and donate $20 to a charity or something and feel good about yourself.
    My only beef is the cover art is probably one of the worst i have seen.Is it for the album or single?
    The content of the album will speak for itself.Personally i find it hard to listen to her pre Ray Of Light music these days,but give a big thumbs up to songs like Give It To Me,Hung Up,Jump etc.Granted she could be a little more classy when it comes to album/single covers.The dvd should have all her videos not just a selection.Kylie released her entire video collection a few years ago,so should Madonna.

  9. Paulie says

    “Madonna needs to take lessons from the elegant Ms. Whitney Houston”

    Yes, Whitney should teach Madonna how to remove a “doodie bubble” with your pinky, which is so much more lady-like and elegant than jamming all your fingers up there.

  10. TylerAnthony says

    most of you girls who responded are so classless,
    Who wishes someone was dead or murdered? When you get your swishy a$$ bashed don’t come crying to us or anyone, because you reap what you sow

    and anyone should see that the photo is from her 80’s not something recent

    You broke tired drag queens who are finding out your really not a woman.

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