1. torrentprime says

    Y, those guys are locals; I see them a few blocks away from where AI was held all the time. They stand outside Starbucks and a Bally’s (known locally as the gay gym since so many gays go there), post their sign, and the leader preaches. He has a hell of a voice, but he is so much background now that no one really pays attention. I keep trying to get my boyfriend to do a kiss in front of them so we can take a picture.

  2. says

    Interesting: Those pillars across the street represent San Jose native ice champions (suprisingly, there are four) the one on the left is Rudy Galindo. Not only is there a gay singer inside, but a giant phallic symbol right near them. Maybe they secretly like that…

  3. wtdp says

    I was there in San Jose – stood in line by these protesters for at least 45 minutes and they were NOT protesting Adam, Alison, Kris or anybody else. They were reading from the Bible about putting worldly things before God and worshipping “false idols”, etc etc. It was Michael Sarver, attention whore who started the Twitter thing that it was about Adam. A sign that says Jesus Loves You is not anti-gay – you see that EVERYWHERE in Ca. The big sign said God Will Judge You and included “money lovers, hypocrits, sports nuts, sex addicts, witches”, I can’t remember what all, but their objection was to the word “idol”, which I guess I can understand a little. I’m sure they have never seen an episode and have very little understanding of current cultural atmosphere. If they would have been saying anything about Adam I guarantee you that they would not have lived to protest anywhere else haha we would have smote them down lol. Peace.

  4. Mike says

    I just think that so called christians now days are so quick to judge other peoples sin that they forget to look at there own sin. I personally believe that there is a greater need out there to witness to people to bring them to Christ, then to be so quck to judge them. If we all were without sin then we would be back in the garden. People often say that being gay is a sin and that Jesus hates homosexuals. Well i say to them give me just 1 verse in the bible that Jesus himself says ANYTHING about being gay. I can guarantee you that you will not find any.

  5. MM says

    In his letter to the Romans, Paul states: “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly. …” (Rom. 1:26–27.)

    We shouldn’t interfere with a man’s free agency when we teach him the truths contained in the Bible.

    A homosexual/lesbian’s relationship is unnatural, it is one that is not bound by fidelity, trust, nor loyalty, and one totally lacking in the meaningful family relationships that marriage offers.

    Homosexuality often espouses emotional problems because of the constant insecurity experienced in a relationship neither sanctioned by nor protected by the law.

    Because there is no legal bond, homosexuality too often encourages, or at least permits, promiscuity.

    To say that “no one gets hurt” is presumptive. Homosexuals are hurt by the unacceptability of the relationship, not only by society, but also by themselves. This is evidenced by their almost universal desire that their children (if they have any) not follow the same pattern.

    Someone does get hurt. There is harm in homosexuality. Many homosexuals seek to introduce others into their practice, often those in their tender, impressionable years. Many studies have indicated that such early homosexual experience may interfere with normal sexual adjustment in subsequent marriage.

    To persecute homosexuals would be wrong, just as it would be wrong to persecute anyone. We must try to understand why they have chosen this way of life. Many of them want help and can be helped. But we should also understand that homosexual relationships are morally wrong according to the laws of God.

    The moral law taught by Christ does not require any medical proof of its value to our spiritual and physical health. It is sufficient that the Lord has told us to marry, to have children, and to do this according to the righteous ways of the law of God. In this lies physical health, emotional stability, and true happiness.

  6. CD says

    MM is right, and really the ideal christian, and far from an extremist. what’s wrong is wrong, but it’s not our place to pass judgement, we must be tolerant, but remain set in our faith and beliefs. discrimination is wrong, and there is no bible verse that says thou shalt belittle the homosexual, hence why we do not do this, we simply deal, pray, and continue our lives just as you do your’s. christianity is not a hate club, and nowhere in the bible does it say “hate thy local gay”, but says it is wrong, and leaves it at that, as should everyone. the christian who believes it is his his right to impose his faith on another is no better than the middle eastern extremists who pass every aggressive political action off as a “holy war”. my opinion in short? stick to your beliefs, live and let live, and dont needlessly discriminate. God bless.

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