News: Harry Potter, Jamaica, Frank Bruni, Jiu Jitsu, John Barrowman


Walter Cronkite dies at 92.

Road Episcopal Church seeking growth through "inclusivity".


RoadGay overtones in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Road WATCH: Cyndi Lauper and Lil' Kim deliver Nelson Mandela a birthday performance of "Time After Time".

Road Former Lt. Dan Choi speaks at premiere of Silent Partners, a mini-doc on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", in L.A.

Road NYT restaurant critic Frank Bruni on his unhealthy relationship with food: "I’d read some of the articles [on Karen Carpenter. I’d actually taken a weird sort of
comfort from them, because they included details like her possible use
of ipecac to make herself vomit. I’d never even heard of ipecac before.
The articles included pictures of her looking cadaverous. I’d need
several three-day fasts or two weeks of protein shakes to close in on

Road Paula Abdul plays hardball: demands $20 million for Idol return.

ReadRoad Graffiti artist imploring New Orleans to READ.

Road Registered nurse in Australia calls for elimination of gays: “I certainly wouldn’t want him giving me my dose of morphine."

Road Coalition of groups opposing 2010 marriage ballot measure to over turn Proposition 8 in California grows: "The Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club — the nation's oldest LGBT
Demo club — thinks 2012 would be better, too. After hearing a
presentation from San Francisco pollster Amy Simon this week, the
club's board decided — after much debate — that there might not be
enough time to right the wrongs of the last campaign."

JamaicaRoad Gay-bashing thrives in Jamaica: "It is impossible to say just how common gay bashing attacks like the
one against Sherman are in Jamaica — their tormentors are sometimes the
police themselves. But many homosexuals in Jamaica say homophobia is
pervasive across the sun-soaked island, from the pulpit to the floor of
the Parliament."

Road Male model fix: Evandro Soldati.

Road The homoerotic undertones of mixed martial arts: "Brazilian jujitsu doesn't just look like gay sex, it feels an awful lot like it too."

Road CBS censoring Big Brother 11 slurs. Houseguest: 'If someone's a racist, they should be portrayed as one. You shouldn't edit it to make them look good.'

Road South Florida lesbian couple celebrates 70 years together: "In 1939 Leto and Magazzu met at a party in New York. Caroline thought Venera was stylish. Venera thought Caroline was funny. After a courtship of about a year, Magazzu, a teacher, and Leto, a telegraph operator, moved into a tiny house in New York. They spent most of their lives there, with only close family members and closer friends knowing about their relationship. Magazzu, a former Army medic, said she often fought the urge to tell others, but feared what  'outsiders' would think. She believes society back then was more receptive to two women living together than two men — or at least less inquisitive."

Road Angela's Ashes novelist Frank McCourt dies.

Road WATCH: New trailer for Where the Wild Things Are.

BarrowmanRoad Actor John Barrowman walks away from on-set 80 mph car crash.

Road NYT on Torchwood: Children of Earth: "Russell T Davies, the Welsh writer and producer who revived “Doctor Who” and created 'Torchwood,' has thrived by taking the low-rent, knockabout style of the original “Doctor Who” and giving it a nighttime-soap-opera gloss. This has meant, for one thing, employing much better-looking actors…It has also meant amping up the sexual tension and pushing against some of the same boundaries Mr. Davies did in his breakout show, 'Queer as Folk.' On 'Torchwood' Capt. Jack Harkness (Mr. Barrowman) and his aide-de-camp, Ianto Jones (Mr. David-Lloyd), are now a full-fledged, kiss-on-the-lips couple."