1. says

    I liked the movie, but I understand their concern. Not everyone is going to think about gay folks in a positive light because of this film. So what? It’s meant to make you laugh.

    An it’s HILARIOUS to hear Babawawa talking about the anal lovin’

  2. tricky dick says

    blah-blah-blah. prude middle aged women, who’ve never seen dick on screen.
    i thought the movie was right on target and had many inspired and profound scenes.
    you go, Joy!

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    “Brüno is a uh, supposedly an Austrian homosexual. This is a movie that purports to make people who are homophobic, no more. I think this will make people, if you’re not homophobic, it could make you. I don’t need to know how you are doing anal intercourse.”

    And so goes the homophobia of Barbara Walters. Kudos to Joy for pointing out that “there’s something wrong” with her.

  4. Louis says

    ENOUGH OF BRUNO. This film is full of all the crap stereotypes that people like Harvey Milk fought against. The scene with the little African American baby is child abuse. It feeds the worst public images of gays, that we are child molesters and that we would not make good adoptive parents. No, I did not see Bruno. The media inundation has saturated the blogs, Letterman, the View, all with horrible images of gays. You can not escape it. Millions who have no intention of seeing the film are getting these negative images. Of course people will be adversely influenced. If they were not, there would be no such thing as product advertising or political ads. The media influences many people ! Surprise. Sacha “gay-basha” Cohen is no friend of gays. He even originally ended the movie with a gay bashing scene that was cut after protests. Ask Matthew Shepherd’s mother if gay bashing is funny. Hah Hah Cohen. You are so humorous with making gay ridicule mainstream and acceptable . Oh Sacha, you are so funny. It is hilarious to set up young teens for their bullying and taunting young gays in school. Sacha, this is so funny. Why there were at least two young teens who committed suicide last year for the excessive taunting that they were perceived to be gay. Sacha, maybe you can get the numbers up. Of yes, this is really really funny Sacha. Sacha Doucha Cohen, you are too too funny for us here in America. Go back to merry old England with your garbage.

  5. crispy says

    Louis, if you didn’t see the movie, you’re really not invited to the discussion. Buh-bye.

    And while you’re away, learn how to use paragraph breaks.

  6. Paul says

    Louis – you say you didn’t see the fil but you have summed it up perfectly!

    I did see it last Friday (and as a fan of Baron-Cohen I was looking forward to it). It totally throws gay people under the train in order to get laughs. I’m sick of all this crap from Universal claiming the movie is noble in its effort to reveal homophobia – it’s just making it easier for people to feel its okay to indulge in homophobia.

    I’m no longer a fan of Baron-Cohen.

    I’m still a fan of Joy Behar but in this case she is wrong and GLAAD is right.

  7. Al says

    I’m thinking the majority of you are afraid of sex … all aspects. Gay, straight, bi, trans. BRUNO showed some aspects of people basically afraid of sexuality.

    After I saw the movie, I wanted to lambast it, however, the movie made me think. You need a character so extreme as BRUNO to show how nutty these people can be. Even though BRUNO was not as good as Borat, I did enjoy it and I will buy the unrated DVD when it comes out.

  8. crispy says

    Ok, just watched the video… Barbara Walters feels bad for the ministers in the movie who convert gays to straights. Because Bruno mocked them.

    Next up on the Barbara Walters show: What about all the good things Hitler did?

  9. Bill says

    I hope Joy’s show fails. How many times a week do these heteroshrews (except Whoopi) talk about gay people and gay issues? They have no authority on gay issues or gay people. Heterosexuals are outsiders with prejudices to homosexuality.

    The worst aspect of the movie is Bruno’s provacative nature. Instead of reviling the anti-gay bigots Bruno encounters heterosexuals will sympathy with them because heterosexuals have a wrong belief that gay people are provocative and that any negative reaction gay people recieve is justified. A recent study came out that set up a scenario where gay and heterosexual couples would end up kissing in front of the Eifel Tower. All the the heterosexual couples were judged to be kissing out of love while all the gay couples were judged to be kissing out of provocation. Just the other day a heterosexual killer was acquitted of killing a gay man because he said he did it because the gay man came on to him even though there was ZERO evidence of that, it didn’t matter because the heterosexual jury with their prejudices believed everything the heterosexual killer said.

  10. crispy says

    FYI: Joe.My.God. just busted “Louis” posting anti-Bruno comments under multiple usernames. Apparently, even he knows his position is so weak that he needs to build false support of it.

  11. paul c says

    I’m glad you posted this, Andy. Barbara Walters is a real piece of shit. The fact that she didn’t like Bruno is a ringing endorsement for the film.

  12. Shelby says

    Yes, yes. BRUNO is exactly what Harvey Milk fought against. Not discrimination, not homophobia.. Milk fought against the film industry and its portrayal of gays.

    My feeling is that Louis/Bill wouldn’t be exemplifying Milk had a movie not come out recently about his life.

  13. Joseph says

    I’ll never understand how our society is so totally repelled by sexual images but has no problem seeing people get sliced and diced in movies. Totally mystifies me.

  14. ZnSD says

    What bothered me was her “this isn’t a family film” bs. Really, Barbara? No shit. It’s rated R. How many R rated films do you consider to be ‘family fare’? Her homophobia is so ingrained and deep that she is oblivious: she reminds me of white people in the 60’s, “I have a black friend, so therefore I’m not racist!”

    How strange that she thinks that everyone would find big wagging penises offensive. I don’t hear her bitching about all the tits and pussy in R rated movies. Hmm. Maybe Barb’s a secret sapphist.

    And Joseph I completely agree with you: why is it still so acceptable to chop off someone’s head but not give them some? What an odd world we live in.

  15. chasmader says

    I saw he movie and thought is stupid. Yes, there were funny parts, but it went on to long and the jokes were all basically the same. In fact they were the same as they were in Borat.
    I agree with Barbara. I really do not need to see a talking penis waving around on a movie screen.

  16. BS says

    “Little people” (with air quotations, no less?) just shows what an out of touch elitist bitch Barbara Walters is. Anyone who doesn’t live on Park Avenue and comes to her catered dinner parties are considered “Little People” i.e. the average person. Even Joy didn’t realize she wasn’t talking about midgets or dwarfism, she was actually referring to people beneath her celebrity status.

  17. Kugel says

    Dennis Lim states it pretty well:

    “Brüno is, in more than one sense, beyond gay. Is any viewer really going to think that this hyperbolically crass and ridiculous narcissist—who wears mesh tops and eye-searing lederhosen, refers to his adopted African baby as a “dick magnet,” and drops faux-Teutonic vulgarities about his waxed arschenhaller—represents “the mainstream of the gay community,” as one troubled Hollywood “gay insider” put it? And are the gays who anxiously anticipate the mocking, hostile reactions of the unenlightened really that blind to Brüno’s obvious counteroffensive strategy, which is to make that mocking, hostile idiocy the subject of his film? The beauty—and perhaps even the moral logic—of Baron Cohen’s method is that those who’re not in on his joke are invariably the butts of the joke.”

    Good catch on the two faces of Eve (Bill/Louis), by the way.

  18. says

    I’m sick of Bruno and I haven’t even seen it. The relentless posting on Towleroad made me hate the movie over the last few weeks and a lot of my friends agree.

    Andy, if they paid you to do all that posting, methinks it backfired on all involved. PLEASE, I implore you, don’t sign with the Devil again!

    And what a bunch of hypocrites in regards to Walters! The woman was simply being honest and you ageist and misogynistic ‘Mos are all over her.

    Wouldn’t you rather hear both sides of an opinion about a movie ? No, you all are like some rabid bitchy homo cabal just waiting to pounce on anyone who exhibits the slightest bit of difference of opnion from the prevailing groupthink.

  19. JohnInManhattan says

    You have friends? Like anyone cares what some self-loathing homosexual in Lost Vegas has to say. Go back to jacking off to your Dennis Miller 8×10, loser.

  20. says

    Wow John. I had no idea I was a self loathing Homesexual. I am so glad to get that cleared up. I guess all that LGBT political work I do is just me hiding my inner straight guy.

    “Lost Vegas”. Ooh, scathing. Did you learn that at Meth Camp?

    Dennis Miller 8×10? Yeah, I’m all about splooging in his face, you got that part right at least.

    Damn Dude, your issues are on display for the world, you do realize that, right?

    I’m sensing some form of inner self loathing Doucheyness here.

    Hit your pipe and come back later Bro. Maybe after a few hits you’ll have turned on your Titan and found something else to do other than attack people with dumbass comments.

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