1. says

    I don’t think anyone in Ireland has ever really compared David Norris to Harvey Milk but I guess it makes sense. He’s really a fantastic guy! Oh, and yeah, President Mary -Robinson- helped overturn the anti-gay laws in the early 1990s.

  2. arthur says

    Many years ago, more than I care to remember, I met Davis Norris on several occasions. He was, and is, an utterly charming, highly intelligent, and VERY funny guy. He is, I think, a professor of Anglo-Irish literature at Trinity College, Dublin, and is certainly a highly respected authority on James Joyce (rather him than me!). He is also a brave and good man that I am very proud to have met.
    Some years ago he said something like “I’m tired of being the only gay man in Ireland” in a reference to the fact that he was the only gay man here that the media ever interviewed when a gay issue was raised. Well he is not the only one now.

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