1. The Realist says

    I have the honor and pleasure of talking with Congresswoman Jackson Lee,occasionally. Believe her when she promises to demand for an inquiry and get it. She would make a great first black woman President.

    TXSTEVO! stop hatin on Ms. Lee. She has her own style.

  2. jimmyboyo says


    I wonder how many repubs will not go along with the inquiry

    I will always remember her from when she and the entire black caucus tried to file protests against accepting bush as president in 2000. I cried the entire time as she and others waved files upon files of evidence showing repub disenfranchisment / fraud pertaining to black voters and a sad Al Gore had to gavel them to silence after asking “Do you have 1 senator signing on to your complaint/petition/motion?” and not 1 FREAKING dem senator had the balls to do so

    (sorry for that LONG run on sentence)

  3. jimmyboyo says

    My post brings up something

    Why the hell do dems who are more right than wrong have no balls while repubs who are more wrong than right have more balls than is warrented


  4. Lee says

    Politicians always embarass themselves when they try to do an American salute. Although her heart may have been in the right place, I think every active service member and veteran wanted to throw up when they saw her do that. Someone needs to show her how to do it correctly ASAP.

  5. Lee Constituent says

    Don’t get too excited about Congresswoman Lee. The cowardly abstained from voting on DOMA when it passed and attempts to curry favor with her gay constituents by taking the easy issues, like demanding an investigation in this case. Real civil rights advocates bother to vote on crucial civil rights issues.

  6. Bryan says

    Congresswoman Lee’s remarks and gestures were the low points in an otherwise solemn, spiritual and heartfelt homegoing service. I could not believe her hyperbole and stridency throughout, for example the use of a Congressional proclamation as a prop that had not yet even been introduced (Congress is in recess). She does not chair the subcommittee that would lead the investigation into the Provost murder, so at best, she would have to convince the powers that be to cede to her wishes. The salute was the final straw.

  7. says

    Oh, stfu! All you guys who have issues with her please tell me who else has stood up going all the way back to that horrible scene in 2000? Maybe she felt that getting re-elected in her conservative district was a way to better help ALL of her voters and abstained from DOMA because of that?

    I’m getting sick of the whiny ‘mo’s who populate the comments sections.

    And NO, I am not a self hating, trollin’ , undercover, Uncle Tom, whatever else you got to throw at me. I am a free thinking Gay American who is getting more than a little bored with the spoiled baby kicking and screaming here.

    You want change? Get involved in politics. Get yourself down to the local party of your choice and become a precinct captain or alderman or … whatever, just shut up and DO.

    And the comment about her hair was wrong. Just wrong. 😉

  8. Daniel says

    @ Lee re: salute. If she’s a civilian, why does she need to do a salute to satisfy the military service and veterans? Did little John John Kennedy salute his dad’s casket correctly at age 4? It was meant as an honorific gesture, and i see no reason to call out “fail!” for that. Should all civilians enroll in an ROTC-type course to teach us how to salute to the military’s satisfaction?

  9. jimmyboyo says


    “….back to that horrible scene in 2000…”


    You know, I even started tearing up while typing the post about always remembering her from that incident.

    The pain on her face and the entire Black caucuses faces, the only freaking dems in congress standing up for Al Gore and black voters (especialy in FL who saw their voting precinct boxes floating in swamp water)

    The pain on Al Gore’s face each time he had to gavile each and every black caucus member down.

    Each one bravely marched up to the podium waving files and demanding not only an investigation but also a delay in putting the apointed fake prez in.

    They knew their protest wouldn’t bear fruit because not 1 single DEM Senator signed on to make it happen by the rules and bylaws. They knew yet they stood up anyway, “MR PRESIDENT, I must…..” and Al Gore’s face as he had to gavile them to silence each and every time because they didn’t have 1 senator cosponsoring their protest


    Anyway; is this congresswoman perfect? Nope, but she is a fighter and I adore her and every member of the black caucus for doing what was right so long ago though no other dem house rep did nor 1 single dem senator

  10. DUPREE says


    Thanks Boo. I just don’t have the energy to curse some of these delusional queens out tonight.

    I said it before anD I’ll still say it.

    If you have nothing good to say. Say nothing at all!

  11. Dennis says

    Her moment was definitely the low point of the event. My friend David was there and said that there was a collective rolling of the eyes by the audience. A poor venue for her to use it as a political platform. And wearing all white? Gurl please, are you that hungry for attention?

    And as a former officer, I can tell you that as a congress”person” she should have known better than to salute a civilian. The only civilian in this country that is “officially” permitted to salute anyone is the President, and it is reserved only for the military or police/fire departments. I imagine JFK Jr. did id because he was raised around soldiers saluting his dad all the time, AND HE WAS 4!.

    Maybe she should have just grabbed her crotch instead. It would have been more fitting.

  12. Daniel says

    @ Dennis: The only civilian in this country that is “officially” permitted to salute anyone is the President, and it is reserved only for the military or police/fire departments.

    I’ve never heard that. Is that written in our Bill of Rights? Civilians can salute any person they want any time they want in any venue they want. And it’s not “offical” because it’s civilian. If MJ was a veteran, i maybe could see how it’s a point to get uppity about. But who as i said before, it was a gesture of respect. Lighten up.

  13. Bryan says

    If you needed evidence that SJL overstepped her role in the MJ Memorial Service on Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi closed the door today on introduction and adoption of a resolution honoring Michael Jackson. I can’t help but think that had the resolution been properly introduced,instead of having been used as a device for grandstanding, it would have been adopted.

  14. Mike says

    Stop all of you!! August was my friend and was well above all of your rants!!! He was a sailor first and foremost and that is why he was killed!!

    He was serving his country -doing his job!!He stopped a lunatic that had previously made threats about wanting to burn up a hovercraft!!He wouldn’t allow him on base!!

    Your agenda is sickening and August would be disgusted!!You should be ashamed of using his death for your agenda!! Very sad!! Sorry August!!

    PS. If August was watching, he would not of like the nuns in drag at the quasi memorial at Pendelton. He would of found that revolting!!

    Ms Jackson-you are disgusting! You use things like Michael’s death and August’s death to promote yourself!! Get lost lady! This sailor wants to know, who gives you the right to salute! ?Did you serve?

  15. keonna says

    August is my cousin. and I am tried of the Navy and there damn stories. My cousin was killed not for trying to stop Campos killed him for a reason and it was not because he would not let him through. if he only wanted to burn something way have a gun in the first damn place. I wish someone would just step up and tell the damn truth. someone that new my cousin and would no if this happen to them he would step forward.

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