1. Fred says

    This is BS. Let me tell you as someone in Canada that this is propoganda for hate.

    Churches are and always have been exempted under the law for free speech. They are not told what to believe and that they are exempt from prosecution. Just look at Phelps anti gay bigots. They have the right to their expression.

    What is missing in these statements is that there are Churches who are being discriminated against in the US. That is the ones that wish to marry gays, and who are not allowed. So when so called religious advocates speak, they need to make clear that they are saying “only churches who believe that being gay and gay marriage need protection”, and not the churches who wish to preach something different from them.

    Canada doesn’t even call it gay marriage by the way, it is simply marriage, and they don’t even keep records of the number of gay marriages in Canada.

    Hate is hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, all hate, and all the same.

  2. Willie says

    There is a place in hell waiting for these politicians willing to pander to hate and fear to gain positions of power.

    Luckily this video will remain to play to future generations — as a document of this dark twisted age of the Republican Party.

    It will be as shameful for them as the historic period when the Democratic Party was pro-slavery.

    The Democratic Party evolved – hopefully the Republican Party will also.

  3. says

    Pence is my current congressman (his district includes Ball State University) and he is about the worst mess you could ask for. Every single time someone writes to him in favor of hate crimes legislation, or anything else he refuses to budge on, he gives a copy and paste response about “I love that Americans have the right to disagree. I’m sorry we don’t agree. Please still vote for me” … He is a bastard

  4. Paul says

    so, let me get this straight…Matthew Sheppard was beaten and tortured and the defense was that the boys that did it were just following their religious beliefs…as good Christians. Fuck these people…blood is on their hands when they use the pulpit to interpret scripture against other people!! and causes people to go out and bash their brains in all in the name of the Lord. Fuck them!!! i punch them in the face!!

  5. steve says

    We should have term limits and these fools are the reason why.

    1 term for the senate should be a must to rid ourselves of the “good” ole boy syndrom/

  6. Bart says

    Look, this is only going to play to those who already believe it. Having these two dimwitted senators (our government is in such a mess and take note, these kind of men and that mess of a woman from Oklahoma are why…) The main crux of their argument is simply, plainly, dead to center, a big fat lie. It’s simply bullshit. You can dress idiots in suits, you can put them in a minister’s collar, it doesn’t make them less stupid, only more so. And flat out, all the speakers in this video are fakes and liars. These are the kind of people Jesus Christ worked against during his earthly ministry. These are satan’s army at work…

  7. says

    We all know they will inject their hyperbolic flourishes and faith-based condemnations. But what’s truly bizarre to me is how willing they are to lie about easily verifiable things. For instance, around the 1:25 mark when David Barton says that the committee “voted [Gohmert’s amendment] down saying, ‘no, no, no — that’s why we’re doing this. We want pastors to stop saying that kind of nonsense.'” The Judiciary Committee transcript shows that this is a total and utter lie. The members rejected the proposed amendment for the sole and obvious reason that it was unnecessary!

    See for yourself. The committee’s addressing of Gohmert amendment (one of the eight derailing attempts that he suggested) begins on page 154:

  8. says

    Senator DeMint seems to forget about the murder of Sean Kennedy, which happened in his state. It appears that he is only concerned with the church. This is a Democracy, NOT theocracy; for the people, not the church.

    To view my new YouTube short video on Sean Kennedy, click on my moniker below.

  9. alex in boston says

    This from DeMint who represents SC!!! A state which just released an accused murderer after less then ONE YEAR IN JAIL for killing a GAY MAN in 2008?? He should rot in hell and hang his head in shame!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please visit the website for Sean W. Kennedy
    Imagine a state with stronger laws protecting mules then their GLBT community!!! Between their Governor and now their Senator the friggin state ought to be sent back to the stone age from whence their judgement comes! I will never ever visit that state and i suggest a complete and thorough boycott of any thing and any place So Carolinian!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zafrona says

    Thank god Jim Demint is not one of ours. He is one ugly man in looks and wasted words.