Men Become UK Big Brother‘s First Gay Couple in 10 Years


Though the reality show Big Brother has been running for a decade in the UK, two men have never had a relationship on the show, until now:

"Charlie Drummond and Rodrigo Lopez broke new barriers when they shared a kiss under the bedsheets. After
weeks of practical jokes, rowing and making up, the two openly
homosexual housemates gained the distinction of being the show's first
gay couple when they passionately embraced. In the double bed they were sharing, Rodrigo leant into
Charlie before they embraced for a few minutes yesterday
morning. The night before the two had shared a bubble bath, where Charlie shaved Brazilian Rodrigo's legs."



  1. Brian in Texas says

    Well actually there was a gay ex couple on a season of the American Big Brother; Joe and Dustin on the 8th season. But as far as two guys meeting on the show and then hooking up a la The Real World, that is definitely a first.

  2. Strepsi says

    WIZARDBOY, thanks for the link! But, culturally-superior stereotypes be damned, the commenters on that site are illiterate! Honestly, they make American commenters sound like Shakespeare in comparison!

  3. seeldee says

    Strepsi, you have no idea how bad it is across the board. One of my professional responsibilities includes editing contestant bios for an annual international competition that sees entries submitted mainly by students at the graduate school level. By far, UK entrants are the worst writers. It’s word soup. I couldn’t believe it at first but after a few years, there has been no change.

  4. peterparker says

    NO SHAVING OF BODY HAIR!!!!! (Alright, a *little* manscaping is okay, but complete shaving of pubes, pits, chest, stomach or legs is just gross.)

  5. Sean R says

    As a fact check: I thought Rodrigo claimed to be bisexual prior to entering the BB house.
    I’ve tuned out of the series this time as the housemates were so boring; ratings are dire apparently… perhaps a little bromance will help!

  6. DD says

    Big Brother is dying a death in the UK. People go into the house already acting like the celebrities they think they’ll become upon leaving. And if you need any further evidence of the poor educational standards in the UK, you can bypass the BBUK blog comments and go straight to the source. They seek fame through reality TV because they have no intelligence or talent to do it any other way.

    Which unfortunately means that these guys getting together can’t help but have a whiff of sensationalism around it – BB romances are proven media gold and everyone going in to the house knows it. They can flog stories about their first night of post-BB sex to Heat magazine, then their weddings (or Civil Partnership) to OK magazine, then their breakup to the tabloids.

    Sigh. I despair for my fellow Brits. Anyway, a gay guy won BBUK 2, in the days when it wasn’t a birthing pool for self reflexive slebs. This latest breakthrough isn’t that much of a breakthrough, and I doubt it will save the ratings.

    Blimey, that was a bit of a rant. Sorry.

  7. Jake says

    Personally I don’t think the education standards of the U.K. are slipping, you can hardly judge the nations IQ by Big Brother contestants or the small portion of the public who are inclined to frequent the BB forums tlkin lyk dis. I’m 19 and though it was apparent some students in my college were BB potentials (One girl actually asked me what Psychology was during our first lesson) intelligent students still exist though in my experience most drop out because of the dull syllabus and slow pace of lessons due to teachers having aforementioned wannabe BB housemates in their class.