Mexican ‘Drag Queens’ Sought in Murder of ‘Midget’ Wrestlers


[Quotes in headline are terminology of Australia's Telegraph]

Authorities in Mexico City are seeking two people in the deaths of Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, known as Parkita and Espectrito II, two well-known "Mini" wrestlers in Mexico:

"Police say that this
M.O. matches that of a prostitute ring called "The Filtracion" (The
Leak) who proposition men and then spike their drinks and then rob the
men, but the spiked drinks usually don't kill (probably because of
their size, it killed them)."

Australia's Telegraph now reports that a pair of "drag queens" are responsible for the death of the "midgets": "They believe they may have assumed their male identities and gone into hiding."

Here's a gallery of news photos with regard to the death of the wrestling twins.

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