1. FizziekruntNT says

    OMG WOW!

    I would’ve thought the split would have caused serious drag though, especially in such a *ahem* strategically poor place.

    Good God, that’s a hot ass! Thank you Andy. My day is suddenly better.

  2. Critifur says

    That is just plain HOT! Though it probably slowed him down physically and mentally.

  3. welah says

    “Berens dived in and contested his third leg as scheduled…”

    Ha ha! Third leg.

  4. gr8guyca says

    “..tears were becoming increasingly common…”

    Is that “tears” as in they were crying because they were unhappy or “tears” as in they ripped a hole in their suits?

  5. gr8guyca says

    1) Actually, this seems remarkably similar to some gear that’s been seen at the San Francisco Folsom Fair:

    2) They reported the winning time was 3 minutes, 11.64 seconds But what the time at the split?

    3) Of course, the team didn’t come in first. He was behind before he even entered the water.

    4) This is good news for other competitive swimmers. There is now another opening on the US team.


  6. Vidal says

    These suits will be phased out in coming competitions. FINA has ruled them excessively performance enhancing. Back to the skimpy trunks of yore.

  7. huh? says

    Ricky followed this time-tested rule. Don’t just shave your chest and pits. Be sure to get an ass wax in the event of a wardrobe malfunction.

    That swimsuit could have been designed by Marc Jacobs.

    In truth, there was no way that ass was going to stay bound up in that suit.

  8. MNT says

    This is just karmic punishment for retiring the classic Speedo suits. These record-busting suits are ridiculous.

    My stomach just turned at HUH’s suggestion that a straight man should wax his ass, though!

  9. J.R. Holbrook says

    The team needs to make a poster out of this photo and sell it! It is HOT! The team could then donate the money they make to a charity of their choice!

    John Robert Holbrook/ Fashion Designer

    PS. You see a lot more SKIN on a regular beach!

  10. Dave says

    Oh, that’s not a fashion statement??? and i wanted to buy one of my own suits like that!

  11. robert ryan says

    Talk about putting your best foot forward! Lets send the manufacturer an order for more suits pronto!

  12. Adolf Finklstein says

    Supub muscle developement of the glutes. They a so meaty close to the lower back. Must be from the swiming.

  13. Anton says

    I heard that Designer John Robert Holbrook (J.R. Holbrook) was dating a Professional Football Player. Does anyone know which one? I also heard that he was married to a 90’s Playboy Playmate and has 4 children with her. What is his story?

  14. Lola says

    The *HOT* John Robert Holbrook poster of his male model laying face down on a couch naked wearing only the Holbrook socks is a masterpiece. I bought one at Prints Plus and All Posters in years past but they do not carry them anymore. Does anyone have any info on where I can buy another one?