Outrage Activist: Anti-Gay SC Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is Gay

Activist Mike Rogers, who was featured in Kirby Dick's movie Outrage and is known for exposing hypocritical closeted politicians, told Michelangelo Signorile today on Signorile's Sirius OutQ radio show that South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer is a closeted gay man.

Writes Rogers on his blog: Bauer

"I have confirmed and spoken to four individuals who I have no doubt are telling me the truth. These men have been hit on by Bauer, with one of them telling me it happened at least five times since Bauer's election in 2003. To a varying degree I have met with and believe the sources. And, as you'll recall, I have that 100% record.

This was still not enough for me to report on him. Then another call came in and I met with the source while he was visiting DC recently. 'He's gay,' the source told me. 'How do you know?' I asked. 'Because I've had sex with him on two separate occasions.' That too, was not enough for me to report on without confirmation from others. I was led on a path to chatting with acquaintances of the source and two former employees of Bauer who served on his staff between 2004 and 2007. They reported to me that on on a total of three occasions Bauer spent hours alone with men hotel rooms. Each of them explained that the visits were with younger men who were not on the staff of the Lt. Governor nor had any official reason to be with him. The two men each confirmed that they had not known each other who saw this and each described similar circumstances under with these interactions occurred. One of them confirmed that he was told by the Lt. governor's visitor had a sexual encounter with Bauer.

The combination of the reports and the first hand experiences were what I need to maintain my 100% record of being right in my reporting on this site."

Adds Rogers: "The bachelor is a right wing Christian conservative. He's done everything from defend the state issuing "I believe" license plates (complete with a cross on them) to defending the right of schools to use corporal punishment. In the presidential election he supported Mike Huckabee."

Should Governor Mark Sanford, who is under fire for an extramarital affair, leave office, Bauer is set to take his place as governor. Sanford continues to be under pressure from lawmakers and colleagues to resign.

Rumors Confirmed [blogactive]


  1. Leonard Jones says

    Such a shame, though I see no proof that the man is actually gay. Only stories told to one reporter. If he is gay, he should be outed (as in it’s actually confirmed, through more than second-hand reports, that he’s gay), because of his discriminatory political policies. He should be showed for the hypocrite that he is, hopefully that will cause him to lose his wingnut support.

    Though that will not stop another self-hating closeted asshole from stepping up and replacing him. In the end, the only reason I can see for outing a politician who is hypocritically persecuting gays is vengeance.

  2. Mike says

    “Only stories told to one reporter”

    Reporter? No…he’s a blogger and activist. I’ll hold my opinion until we get a little more information other than some “he said, he said” scenarios.

  3. Steve says

    IF this is true (and you guys are right, I don’t see any real evidence here) then it’s one of the few cases where I condone forceful outing. Someone who is closeted yet actively campaigns against our rights deserves to be revealed to the world for what he is.

    Guess we’ll see what comes of this.

  4. Pender says

    Maybe we should start a guerrilla campaign for dudes to have sex with anti-gay male politicians and surreptitiously film the affairs. How great would it be if same-sex sex tapes for like ten of these assholes were released simultaneously?

  5. Mike says

    Michael. How exactly do you check a source when the claim is that “he hit on me”? Do you know how many queens I know who have had a straight guy being nice to them turn into “he was hitting on me”?

    You’ll need more proof or this will just drag on and on…a lot like Gov Crist.

  6. says

    Mike…many bloggers ARE reporters. Certainly Mike Rogers does his homework as much if not more than most working reporters.

    As for proof, I agree…what would it take to constitute proof? By the stringent standards suggested, it would seem only a personal coming-out statement is acceptable, though he could lie, or a hidden video, which of course could be CGIed.

    I think Rogers’s track record is pretty fucking solid, and considering there are plenty of others we’ve all heard are gay that he has never outed, it would seem his standard of proof is more than just, “Guess what I just heard, girls…???”

  7. MackMike says

    Sorry, guys, but Mike Rogers has established a history of prudence and accuracy. That, at the very least, should warrant a bit more respect for him that what I’m reading in the comments section attached to this story. If not for him, there would be absolutely no reporting on the bad guy hypocrites who legislate against you.

  8. says

    Some of these “hmmm i dunno, i don’t see proof” comments are fucking hilarious.

    I saw to Michael Rogers, good work and keep fighting the good fight.

    How about we just save ourselves the constant headaches and embarrassment and force SC out of the Union? We could sell it for cheap to Cuba or something.

  9. Rick says

    All signs point to Bauer being a typical power-hungry, self-loathing, ethically-challenged closet-queen, but as a previous poster noted, what Mike Rogers presented isn’t a smoking gun in the manner of Larry Craig’s mug shot or Mark Foley’s e-mails. People have come forward about Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Florida’s Charlie Crist, and I believe them, but statements are just statements, and anybody can claim anything.

  10. simon says

    Here is another clue. According to his wiki bio, he was a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he was a Varsity Male Cheerleader. Isn’t male cheerleader in the same category as fashion designer? Or is it just a misconception?

  11. GregV says

    I think there is a naivete about the whole issue of sexuality and psychology that is evident in the statement: “He’s gay; I know because I’ve had sex with him on two occasions.”

    A lot of men who are NOT gay have had sex with another man on two or more occasions.

  12. JohnInManhattan says

    I’ve lost count but THANK YOU, Mike Rogers, yet again. You are a true hero and role model. Anderson Cooper isn’t fit to shine your shoes.

    I look forward to OUTRAGE II: THE BEARDS.

  13. Ted B. says

    Err, how is he a hypocrite? You just allege he’s “closted”.

    First, is he gay or bisexually inclined? No proof offered, just allegations.

    That he’s a gay Christian? Plenty of then around, even a few Bishops.

    Has he actively worked against gay issues like adoption? Civil unions? Marriage? And there are plenty of principled G/L people still not convinced on “gay marriage” by governmental-, or judicial-fiat.

    The posting is just allegations without facts…..and so-what if he IS gay. Wouldn’t having a non-adulterous gay State Governor be a good thing for a change?

  14. says

    Yep, it’s fucked up. I’m glad Mike Rogers is exposing these assholes who piss me off so much. I love you, Mike Rogers, for doing what you do!

    Roy Cohn, the right-hand man to Senator Joseph McCarthy of the infamous McCarthyism Era, who helped him persecute gays was gay himself as seen in the Tony award-winning play, Angels in America and in the HBO movie where Al Pacino plays Roy Cohn. Science and medicine tells us the same thing that history tells us. Study after study has shown that the most homophobic are the most easily aroused by gay porn.

  15. Dave says

    I know many fags who are self loathing and have been out for years.

    Mike Rogers, I think you are mentally unstable (and I am not a Republican).

    Who gives a shit if this guy is gay? If he can’t come to terms with it publicly, that is his business.

    Right, gurls?

  16. JT says

    If it’s true I guess this “outing” is his just desserts, but I’m skeptical. I mean, last week the gay blogs were screeching that Shawn Bennett got gay-bashed by a gang in Lansing.

  17. ANON says

    I wonder if Andre Bauer and US Sen. Lindsay Graham are South Carolina butt buddies? Why does that state have an apparent cadre of self-loathing homosexual politicians? Poor guys.

    I do have to admit, though, that I totally think Bauer is hot. :)

  18. MackMike says

    So, how many times is it acceptable for someone to have sex with someone of the same gender, while continuing to support legislation that discriminates against the GLBT community without being labled a hypocrite? Just wondering, because it appears that there is a quantitative concern here. Are there other rules that we need to apply here, such as what constitutes a sexual encounter as it regards time, place and behavior?

    I mean, some of these comments are just ridiculous!

  19. alex in boston says

    Great Work Mike!! What a disaster for the Right wingers in SC, an adulterous Governor and now an expose of its’ Lt Gov being Gay!

    This should just about shut SC down!!

    Wait is that a vacuum i feel/hear coming from the south??? No sorry it’s just all the assholes suddenly got a bit tighter around the statehouse!!!!

  20. DR says

    I am utterly appalled and disgusted at this story. Seriously, I am totally embarrassed by the so-called “media” which reports this crap. A total invasion of privacy done out of spite and pettiness and hatred. Bravo, guys.

  21. kansastock says

    Just remember boys, when you run into Repubs like this, fuck’em but don’t let’em cum. You can’t let a Jack Mackenrothesque gay face like this go to total waste.

  22. Jason Young says

    There are a lot of self-hating closet cases in the Republican Party. I know because I was actively involved with them about a year ago and it was quite common. My conservative friends tried to tell me it was different than it really is, but it is as bad as every stereotypical cliché you’ve ever heard. I basically got ran out due to my honesty and forthrightness about being gay and an atheist. Plus I support a free market and not the corporatism that Republicans mistakenly call a free market.

    Log Cabin Republican types are just kidding themselves. The Republican Party is owned by the Religious Right. The Democratic Party is much bigger tent, especially in my state, than the GOP ever thought about being. I can be as socially liberal as I want to be as a Democrat while maintaining a fiscally conservative position.

  23. Phil-Co says

    Tip for all: Read the whole story on blogactive.com before commenting here.

    (a) There are good reasons Bauer was outed (included that horrendously offensive, anti-American license plate, and his support of super-anti-gay Mike Huckabee).

    (b) Rogers is very careful, and his batting average so far is 1000.

    I think Rogers’ rationale and methodology are both quite solid.

  24. Tom H. says

    “(a) There are good reasons Bauer was outed (included that horrendously offensive, anti-American license plate, and his support of super-anti-gay Mike Huckabee)”

    Actually, those don’t sound like very good reasons at all: a “vanity” license plate that happens toi be religious and the support of a presidential candidate whose views we disagree with?

    That sounds like thought-patrol, only coming from our side.

  25. Gay in SC says

    It’s not news here in SC. We’ve known about Bauer for years. I totally believe this report due a first hand report from a personal friend years ago.

    What’s bad about Bauer, however, is not his sexuality but the fact that he doesn’t really stand for anything and the establishment (i.e., the Republican party) does NOT support him. Bauer would be an even more ineffective Governor of this state than Sanford, who did have the support of the establishment in the beginning, until his meager political skills alienated him from any possibility of ever accomplishing anything worthwhile. I doubt this “news” – which lacks a picture of a live boy in bed – can hurt Bauer more than his own incompetence.

  26. nikko says

    Wrong, DAVE. How stupid can you be?! If you’re a closeted gay and stand behind anti-gay laws, you are a traitor and a hypocrite. You must be outed. You are part of the reason so many gay people continue to be oppressed. Vengeance? You bet. Nothing wrong with that.

  27. Tom says

    Dave: “I know many fags who are self loathing and have been out for years.

    Mike Rogers, I think you are mentally unstable (and I am not a Republican).

    Who gives a shit if this guy is gay? If he can’t come to terms with it publicly, that is his business.

    Right, gurls?”

    Uh, no, not right. I care that this Lt. Governor is a hypocritical asshole. If he were an average citizen, no, I would not care. But he isn’t. He is a high profile public official who influences and makes policy. Policies that are clearly right-wing religion based and that means antigay in my book. Fuck him. Throw him to the wolves.

  28. Jimbo says

    He’s Christian, gay, and closeted? So what! That doesn’t give ANYONE the right to out him unless he specifically blocks pro-gay legislation. So far I see no evidence of this.

  29. MB says

    “a “vanity” license plate that happens toi [sic] be religious and the support of a presidential candidate whose views we disagree with?”

    A public entity has no business selling religious vanity license plates. None. Read your Constitution.

    Mike Huckabee’s views harm gay people. Period.

    Happy to see hypocrites outed.

    The cognitive dissonance is important. It teaches.

  30. timberlakes says

    South Carolina has always had closeted homos up in the leadership, and no matter how new Mike Rogers thinks this news is it’s not. The thing is they will never admit that they are gay and South Carolinians have distinct tendency of ignoring what happens right in front of them to a ridiculous degree. So will bauer lose support from the right? No, to them this is just another crazy scandal that the democrats are trying to create so they can stir shit up. Everyone in SC who will ever believe he’s gay already did before that article came out.

  31. Karl says

    @jimbo: Do you really think the SC legislature bothers to vote on gay legislation? Gay issues die in committee in SC. It’s not like Ed Schrock or Mark Foley who got to vote against gay rights in the full US Congress. Unless Bauer was chairing the judiciary committee, he was in no position to block anything. But as a senator he was in a position to sponsor and support pro-gay legislation.

    Isn’t the burden on the guy who supports abstinence-only creationist Mike Huckabee to prove that he DOES support gays? Are “no sex outside of marriage” and “god created woman to serve man” compatible with pro-gay views?

  32. says

    Michael Rogers has a very credible track record when it comes to outing hypocritical politicians. He outed both Larry Craig and Mark Foley long before the mainstream media went with the story – and he faced similar skepticism to what we’re seeing here.

    On a related note, Bauer’s Wikipedia bio has been updated with the information, and a single purpose editor is trying to supress it. Wonder if it’s a Bauer aide or the Lt. Gov himself?

  33. GEEBEE says

    It used to be Michael Rogers’ criteria for sniffing the sheets of politicians was the hypocrisy issue. That is, his targets supported antigay legislation while being gay themselves. Or they were gay staffers to someone who fits that criteria…that too made you fair game.

    Now Rogers’ problem with Bauer includes: “He’s done everything from defend the state issuing ‘I believe’ license plates (complete with a cross on them) to defending the right of schools to use corporal punishment. In the presidential election he supported Mike Huckabee.”

    So apparently now Rogers’ targets will be anybody who supports an unsuitable presidential candidate or has the wrong position on corporal punishment.

    Why does anybody in the gay community continue to support this repulsive, lip-smacking voyeur who tries to pass himself off as a journalist?

  34. mike says

    @GregV: can we assume that those men “who are NOT gay but have had sex with 2 or more men on occasion” were, um, like REALLY drunk and don’t remember what they did last night? I mean, maybe you’re creating a new definition of male-on-male sex as not a particularly “gay” thing. Maybe we ARE making progress!

  35. Paul R says

    I can’t believe all the people defending a man supported by the extreme right wing. That’s sufficient evidence of hypocrisy.

    If you enter the public eye, you risk your private behavior becoming public knowledge. That’s the tradeoff, and will always be. It’s sad that some of you feel sorry for him. If he didn’t want to be outed, he should have been more discreet. Or maybe he should have just prayed away the gay, huh?

    Even if he weren’t a politician, he’s lying to his wife. So unless the uber-Christians have an open relationship, he’s an asshole. Sorry, I don’t care for cheaters.

  36. Jonster says

    Closeted gays in a position of power to discriminate again out gays must be outed. What with Andre Bauer, Charlie Crist and Rick Perry, it sounds like they should hold the next US Governors’ convention in Fire Island.

  37. says

    Mike Rogers is a CLASS ACT 100% of the time, just like his record.

    i don’t agree with outing people per se, but when their voting records, or their politics/beliefs start to interact negatively with MY life, then i’m all for it. exposing hypocrisy is one of the necessities in politics—to reach the truth. i believe Rogers.

    and can we all please GET OVER the fact that blogging is the medium du jours? worked in newspapers for a couple of decades, and Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter, isn’t the only way to report these days. as i started out with, Mike Rogers is a class act, and he’s an AWESOME reporter.

  38. collins says

    Mike Huckabee is a genuine threat to gay people’s lives and livelihood — not to mention basic equality. (Research his statements!) Reporting on evidence of homosexuality in a prominent politician who supports Huckabee is a legit story — especially given that Bauer has actually denied that he’s gay. Rogers has really good evidence that Bauer has, at the least, lied. That alone is a story.

    It’s tasty to see how some people absolutely freak out about this, and go into all kinds of irrational contortions. The light of truth shone onto evil is making these people squirm.

    Rogers is doing a HUGE service to the culture, in my opinion. He’s demanding moral consistency. And he’s **educating** people in a big way.

    Some day there won’t be a need for Mike Rogerses. **Homosexuality won’t be something people feel like they have to hide, to get ahead in the world, or for any other reason.** There will, finally, simply be no shame in it, and no fear of negative treatment (such as promoted by Mike Huckabee).

    Mr. Rogers, if you are reading this: THANK YOU.

  39. GEEBEE says

    Mike Rogers is a direct descendant of those wonderful people who gave the nation “Red Channels” in the Fifties. In similar sanctimonious fashion, those self-appointed crusaders put together lists of actors, writers, and other entertainment figures who were deemed by them to be Communists. If “Red Channels” were around today, it would be a website instead of a cheaply produced pamphlet.

    Rogers would like to be known as the man who went after the big fish–the “star of Outrage” as his homepage proclaims–he and his fans don’t seem to mention that he handed out fliers at D.C. gay pride parades, asking people to send in names of gay Hill staffers working for senators and representatives who supported the Federal Marriage Amendment. This is a heroic figure?

    If my fellow commenters would like to talk about self-loathing, let them consider that Rogers’ weapon against homophobes boils down to: “Oh yeah? Well, YOU’RE a fag, too!” Think about the subtext of this tactic.

    The closet is a hellish place. I’ve been out for 25 years, but I can still remember the terror of exposure if the wrong person saw me in a bar or overheard a phone conversation. Mike Rogers is well on his way to being the cause of somebody’s suicide. And when that happens, man of compassion that he is, he will shrug and say: “Not my fault.”

    Just so we’re clear, I’ve been a liberal Democrat all my life. And Mike Rogers’ sliminess and self-justications remind me of no one more than Dick Cheney explaining away the torture of Al Queda operatives as “in the nation’s highest interest.” Wingnuts come from all sexualities and both ends of the political spectrum and they must be denounced.

  40. Semangelof says

    The very act of remaining closeted gives weight to the idea that there is something shameful or wrong with being gay. I don’t believe that us gays gotta forfeit privacy, but when we see people actively obfuscate their orientation (like Charlie Crist in Florida) or keep it hidden to win public office (like Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has apparently done) I think outing is completely appropriate.

  41. timberlakes says

    “Even if he weren’t a politician, he’s lying to his wife. So unless the uber-Christians have an open relationship, he’s an asshole. Sorry, I don’t care for cheaters.”~Paul R
    Who the hell are you talking about? Andre Bauer is single. And since no one has outed him til now I think he was being as discreet as one need be in SC. Outing in this case is only serving to stir the gossip pot. It’s not going to change how the voters of SC still see Bauer. So it seems kind of pointless and inappropriate.

  42. John says

    I have not the faintest clue if Andre Bauer is gay. Just because he supports a generally conservative agenda does NOT make him anti gay.
    Are you telling me that there is some gay litmus test. That if someone has a different opinion than yours that they are a hater. For all these years my gay and proud friends have sought to avoid the lables so sadly used with impugnity here.

  43. SusieQ says

    So what exactly is Mike Roger’s motive? Is he a gay man that wants to make sure as many are revealed as possible so as to cover his own shame? Is he a democratic baby killer? They should wait til these little ones have the opportunity to grow up themselves before they KILL them. Maybe they would make more fodder for Mr.Mike…who is obviously truly uninformed about what it means to be a Christian…and what sin truly is and does. Christians hate sin and especially their own sin. Mr. Mike seems to revel in his gossip and his own hypoctisy. At least the closet gays are ashamed of what they do and probably hope to change. One liar asking another liar rarely gets the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  44. anonymous says

    Andre Bauer lost the SC primary election. . It was told by a person who wrote the comment that Bauer is gay. I guess everybody in SC was glad he lost and he will be finished his last term at end the of this year. He sure did have a nasty campaign.

  45. MJ says

    Ironic that if it’s true that “it doesn’t matter” or “not that there’s anything wrong with it” then why do so many people try to find out anyone’s sexual preferences? The only hypocrites I see are the people commenting here who are delving into his private life, whatever those choices may be. What he does behind closed doors outside of work is not our business unless he’s breaking the law. Have sex with whomever you want, Andre! I truly do not care!

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