1. Dave says

    Cut these dumb hicks’ medicare and unemployment benefits and see if they like less government in their lives.

  2. paul c says

    “Angry white trash”….”dumb hicks”

    Funny how they’re called the noble “working poor” when they’re on the same side as the elitists, but when they give their opinions or waver from what they are told to think and say, they suddenly become “white trash” and “dumb hicks”. That’s probably your own goddamn grandfather up there yelling, you hypocritical elitists.

  3. Shan says

    Paul comment “That’s probably your own goddamn grandfather up there yelling, you hypocritical elitists.”

    Nope not mine, I am asian. Have to agree with “angry white trash is always so entertaining.”

  4. Windy says

    “That’s probably your own goddamn grandfather up there yelling, you hypocritical elitists.”

    Paul C., claim him for your own.

    My grandfather was a Southern Baptist Deacon from baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although he might not have agreed with the President’s healthplan, he knew how to express his opinions in a civil manner. not by screaming, yelling or threatening people with God’s judgement.

  5. Ruday says

    @ Paul C

    Oh please, spare us your false sympathy…

    Anyone who disurpts a peaceful and organized meeting is TRASH no matter what his or her race, gender or economic standing.

    This has NOTHING to do with opinions or political leanings, it’s a simple matter of acting like an adult, not like a child throwing a hissy fit.

    I’m so saddened that trash like this may actually keep real healthcare reform from passing. These angry and ignorant mobs will have blood on their hands every time a health insurance company denies coverage to a real “working poor” American.

  6. David says

    Umm..after seeing the video – one thing I found interesting is that the whole audience are older angry white. Where are people of color or young people?

    Thank god that guy isn’t my grandfather…

  7. echovic says

    i do hate it when people go into slurs like ‘white trash’ while trying to be cute. drop it – its like calling someone the n word or something – its disgusting. and i’m indian, so though my grandpa didn’t look anything like him, i totally get that’s what he would have said if he was in a situation like this.

    its why i hate the towleroad comments in general – its like being in a bad gay bar full of nasty people who are clever and cute only to themselves.

    this man made a powerful and moving statement about where we are today as a country and it has nothing to do with his political affiliations or his viewpoint.

    in addition, he was showing up the point that the town halls were filled with GOP staffers as opposed to ‘real folk’

  8. crispy says

    Somebody actually said “just desserts”? In 2009?

    Did he also call the senator a “nincompoop”?

  9. gr8guyca says

    While this guy is disorderly, insulting, and probably wrong about healthcare policy, inside his rant is an appropriate issue: the influence of lobbyists on Capitol Hill. And that’s a more complex issue that has no easy solution. As long as elections require enormous amounts of money to run, Senators and Congressmen will need the cash that lobbyists supply. If a Senator declines all lobbyist funds, he will lose to an opponent who accepts them. Only true campaign finance reform can eliminate the hold that lobbyists have on our elected officials. And serious campaign finance reform will always be hampered by politicians who are currently in office: the status quo favors them. In addition, there are issues of free speech and the ability of lobbyists to mount their own political campaigns that can oppose a politician during a re-election campaign. As I said, it’s a difficult knot to undo. But until we can, lobbyists will always be a problem.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    it is backfiring

    repub polls that were ticking up while Obama’s, dems, and health care were ticking down have now turned

    since last week and the tea bagger/birthers going all crazy screach at town halls = repub poll numbers now ticking down with obama + dems + Health care ticking up again


    repubs, big insurance companies, and the white racists have overplayed their hand

    It turns out america isn’t as stupid as the remaining 23% self identified repubs and really dislike this tea bagger crap

  11. Wes says

    I don’t think it really came across as him making a good point so much as standing up and demanding to speak out of turn, just so he could rant generically against the Senator and threaten him with God’s wrath.

    Why not ask a serious question about lobbyists if thats his goal? Instead it was just more counterproductive political theater.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “…its why i hate the towleroad comments in general – its like being in a bad gay bar full of nasty people who are clever and cute only to themselves.”

    Yeah, and we aint even drunk yet.

  13. jimmyboyo says


    Dems have wised up and started doing sign in sheets

    It is being reported

    1- majority showing up to town halls are not district residents and many from out of state

    2- registered repubs

    3- many paid staffers for repub congress critters, paid staff for RNC, and or paid staff of Insurance companies

    4- majority showing up at many town halls …i.e. showing up one day in Arizona Penn then the next town hall in Penn….Bused around the country?

    Like I mentioned previously

    The latest polls since the retooling of the tea baggers/ birthers last week into the deathers = obama’s numbers rising and repubs dropping. They have overplayed their hand


  14. Chitown Kev says

    Chill with the white trash comments, people!

    I mean, if you think that they are simply “trash” than simply say that!

    @Derrick- Oh, we don’t have to be drunk to go there (and that includes myself)

  15. Gry says

    “…or waver from what they are told to think and say…”

    You mean like how he’s deviating from the script provided to him in advance by highly-paid consulting firms, GOP rabble-rousers, and insurance company hatchet men previously convicted of millions of dollars worth of fraud, all of whom chipped in for his bus fare to a meeting in a town he’s never even been to?

  16. sam says

    Acting like rude, obnoxious, buffoons –this trash could better themselves by, for starters, turning of the trash talk AM radio, and stop allowing themselves to be manipulated by ideological extremists, including the puppet performers at FOX TV.

  17. peterparker says

    Did anyone else see the clip from MSNBC where a guy was standing outside one of these Town Hall meetings, holding a sign reading “It Is A Good Time To Water The Tree Of Liberty” with a gun strapped to his leg? Fucking scary ass motherfuckers out there.

  18. jakeinlove says

    These people are truly embarrassing and sad. The Republican Elite plays the bottom rung like pawns and they fall for it every time.

  19. Kyle Sullivan says

    The idiot who said “God will stand before you…” is not a Christian; he’s a fake. As any true Christian knows, the phrase is “you will stand before God…” meaning he will be passing judgment on you, not the other way around. And don’t tell me he just misspoke; he may not realize it, but he said exactly what he meant to say and put God exactly where he truly sees him — as an entity that’s subservient to his own prejudices and hates and nothing more.

    And this is how you fight back against these fools — going right where they claim to be coming from. If they scream and shout at us; scream and shout right back. If they say they’re God-fearing Americans; show them exactly where they prove the opposite. If they say they’re gonna hit us with some of the Second Amendment; remind them that Amendment doesn’t care which side of the fence it’s on and pack a couple of legal pistols, yourselves. That’s the only way to deal with bullies — not reason, not facts, not anything but a case of, “If you hit me, I’m hitting you right back.”

    Of course, that would take balls — something the Democratic Party’s been sorely lacking for years.

  20. paul c says

    Obama is probably thrilled by this whole circus, as it’s now creating a great distraction while he cuts secret deals with the pharmaceutical industry.

    CNN reported yesterday that Obama’s secret deal with PhRMA is going to cost the taxpayers (that’s us) $80 BILLION that will go right in the giant drug corps pockets. How is that reform and cost savings for the public again? The fact that all of that is already going out the window before anything is even passed is absolutely shocking.

    More transparency and change you can believe in!

  21. Gregoire says

    It’s scary shit like this that makes me scratch my head every time I read some weak tirade by some queen on this board yelling at Obama for not immediately clearing off his schedule for gay issues in his first few months in office.

    Do you SEE what we’re dealing with, on even a basic issue like health care?

  22. Wes says

    If the election taught us anything, its that Obama knows how to allow the opposition to get carried away with itself, only to subsequently come out looking more sophisticated, informed, compassionate and fair (as he did during his CIVILIZED town hall today), directly contrasting himself with the angry, incoherent outrage that he has been allowed to soak into the public conciousness thus far.

    I remember people worrying about Palin (now a joke) and how conservatives were gaining ground (around August last year actually) with all their outlandish nonsense during the election, losing faith in Obama’s ability to really land an effective counterpunch. But like the tortoise in the race, he allowed his rabid hare competitors to work themselves out and overplay their hand so that when the end of the race came, cooler heads prevailed.

  23. Jim says

    I actually agree with Paul’s comments – when they agree with us, they’re the working poor, and when they don’t they’re white trash. The problem with this guy, as well as most of the town hall rabble rousers, is that their anger is misplaced. They just don’t know what they’re talking about, don’t have command of the facts, and resort to just general screaming. Obama was right – these people do cling to their guns and God.

    Most American people are not that well informed, sadly. Such as the man who screamed “Keep the government out of my medicare!”

  24. Rocky says

    You dumb bitches need to get a grip.The only reason why these crazy white hicks are acting the way they are,is because America now has a BLACK men in the white house.Thats right a BLLLLACKKKKK man in the white house.All of these crazy white phsycopaths are a bunch of racists douche-bags trying to get some publicity from the media so they can spew their racism in different ways.The bad part about this whole thing is that they are actually getting media coverage.Many bitter angry white fags have act the exact same way as these crazy psychos at these town hall meetings.

    @ Paul C

    You should only speak for yourself,my grandparents on my father’s side were puerto rican (they are both deceased) and there is no way in hell you would see puerto ricans acting like crazy white hicks.My grandparents on my mother’s side voted for president Obama and still support him to this day.

    So spare us your “holier than thou” bullshit.

    The bottom line is that President Obama is getting all of this gripe from pissy white people is because those same pissy white people are all racist right-winged losers who just and accept a black man as our president.Some of you angry white queens are no different.Call me racist all you want,but its the truth.Yall just cant accept it.

  25. Rocky says

    The bottom line is that President Obama is getting all of this gripe from pissy white people is because those same pissy white people are all racist right-winged losers who just *cant* accept a black man as our president.Some of you angry white queens are no different.Call me racist all you want,but its the truth.Yall just cant accept it.

    Furthermore,alot of you are just plain stupid.

    President Obama has been getting all the blame for the shit that President Bush (Another crazy white hick) has done to this country.But its so easy to blame the black man,because oh well yeah there are still alot of racist white slobs in America.Alot of racist white people are still alive in the USA and their true colors have been showing since January 2008 and its only gotten worse since Jan 20,2009.

  26. jimmyboyo says

    Paul C

    The white house refutes the so called deal cut with big pharma.

    But let me play devil’s advocate for the moment.

    There are 3 enemies to reform

    1- Big insurance
    2- Repub hard liners who would trash Obama even if he raised the dead from the grave so they oppose anything and everything from him
    3- Pharma

    a 3 legged stool. Remove the least evil of the 3 legs and the stool will topple over.

    yeah big pharma sucks, but they do not cut off people’s treatments or refuse coverage like big insurance which KILLS people. They aren’t crazy racist righties that would spit at obama if he tried to save them from drowning

    The white house refutes the deal, but if a compromise must be made then the one to make the compromise with and thus undercut the other 2 is with big pharma


    The same people who brought us Enron and connected to the likes of Jack Abramoff are bringing us the faux town hallers

  27. paul c says

    @ Rocky – you may have been asleep for the last 16 years, but this partisan anger has been building steadily and exponentially in that time. 16 years of white presidents and building division and anger. Were the right and left just getting warmed up because they knew there was a black guy coming sooner or later and they wanted to be ready?

    Last time I checked, the overwhelmingly white Congress has even lower approval ratings than Obama does. Or is that just people trying to cover for their true, racist anger which is solely directed towards Obama?

    It’s always disheartening to hear yet another racist, such as yourself, unashamedly projecting your own simplistic view of the world onto everyone and everything they don’t understand or that “yall just can’t accept”, as you so brilliantly put it.

  28. Norris Hall says

    What to do if nothing gets done to improve health care in the US:

    My wife and I are in our 60’s
    We are self employed
    My wife has a pacemaker
    I am in good health
    We have Blue Shield
    The most affordable policy we could find at our age was their PPO 4000/8000 plan
    Our monthly premiums are $920 per month..
    Our deductible is $4000 per year per person.

    Terrigble insurance but all we could afford. So basically we are “self insured” since we pay for everything up to $8000 per year…X rays , medications, oprations and doctor visits (over 3 a year)
    I’ve tried everything I can think of to get our premiums down. Even looked into a small group plan.

    It’s gotten to the point that we’ve started going to Thailand for medical care
    For the past 4 years we’ve been saving up all our medical and dental problems and making a 3 week visit to a Thai hospital where the care is excellent and the cost…just a fraction of what I would have to pay out of pocket in the US. For example, last November I had an Endoscopic balloon dilation for a condition known as dysphagia. The specialist in the US said the operation would cost me $2500. (His bill for the 15 minute consultation was $250.) I decided to wait until I got to Thailand and had it done in at Chulalonkorn public hospital…cost $100 including biopsy, (all I needed for ID was my US passport. No questions asked!!)

    If anyone out there can’t afford health insurance, you might consider going abroad. India, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Costa Rica….many countries around the world are gearing up for a flood of Americans without adequate health insurance

  29. jimmyboyo says

    Norris Hall

    on that note. Many are crossing the border to get dental work which can cost 10 times less than what it costs in america instead of getting dental insurance. WAPO did a great article on the subject and how people are combining such trips with vacations and savings thousands upon thousands while vacationing in mexico and getting equal to US dental surgery/ care

  30. paul c says

    Jimmyboyo – I knew someone would make an excuse for Obama cutting secret deals with the pharmaceutical industry – that was predictable. If you choose to believe the “fierce gay advocate” and his cronies over CNN and CBS news, that says a lot about your frame of mind.

    Never mind that the secrecy and denials go against everything Obama supposedly stood for during his campaign. Never mind that the pharm industry has been widely cited for years as one of the top culprits behind exorbitant medical costs. Never mind that they are part of the problem and the man who claims to be putting an end to the problem is actually conspiring in secrecy with them…and enriching them to the tune of $80 billion.

    Yeah, none of that is scandalous and corrupt at all….if you’re a braindead party hack who just wants a “win” for his “team”, and who doesn’t actually give a shit about true healthcare reform, that is.

    Hope they get this passed before he backs the bus over you…there may even still be time to fix the injuries you got when Obama threw you under there in the first place, along with those silly gay rights he lied about.

  31. says

    I don’t know whether all town hall meetings on health care have been so confrontational, but this man represents what I have seen so much of on TV. Whether these people come as individuals or the “mercenaries” of lobbying groups, their only purpose seems to be one of disruption, rather than to be there to ask questions about what the Health Care bill will or won’t do.
    A lot of this could be stopped and questions answered for everyone if the president would come out with a clear-cut health care plan and just get the senate and house on board with it. Whatever most of us who are directly concerned think about the president’s actions or lack thereof on DADT and other glbt issues, his milquetoast presentation of his own health plan and the congressional Democrats lack of unity in supporting that plan make them all look ineffective.
    Less than one year ago, the people voted for a “change” in the administration and gave that new administration a congress that it should be able to work with and make changes, but at the moment it seems we have we have on one hand, the party of “No” and on the other, whom the majority of Americans voted for, the party of “Can’t Get Things Done”.

  32. Chitown Kev says

    Thanks Paul C

    Granted, folks didn’t act quite this crazy under Clinton, but that is when all of the extreme partisan viriol Granted, with a black man in office, it has increased exponentially.

  33. Willie says

    Angry white trash”….”dumb hicks” HATE EM and have in my family …. which also includes many many noble “working poor” …. to know that there are dumb hicks and angry white trash does not make you an elitist … for most of my life never made more than $30K a year — parents were noble working people who did not make much more.

    BUT we also had dumb hick angry white trash in the family …. they are not one in the same.

    These people are insane, uniformed and easily manipulated to act out against their own best interest.

    They are worst danger to noble working people – always have been always will be.

  34. Willie says

    Dont call them WHITE TRASH …. waaaaaaaaaa

    Seriously? Dude you do not realize they are a unique racist bunch and they are white.

    Black trash sucks too.

  35. paul c says

    Willie, if you favor the marginalization of other people, how do you feel to be utterly dismissed as perhaps a “screaming queen”, “flaming faggot”, “fucking queer”?

    And since you’re in favor of making broad, unsubstantiated judgements about whole groups of people, such as “insane” or “racist”, how would you like to be grouped into a category that didn’t apply, such as “crack addict” or “child molester” by those who disagree with you politically?

    Don’t write other people off in such a hateful and cavalier fashion, lest you have the favor returned.

  36. says

    Black trash does “suck too.” I’m Black ,so, I can say that.

    The Administration has actually been getting things done in the field of alternative/green energy. Quite a lot. I just came from a meeting with Van Jones and was pretty impressed.

    Health care is a bitch because SO many corporations make money off of it. It’s shameful. BUT, the people who should be standing up and demanding the Republicans stop this shit are Ford, Gm, etc., who are at a competitive disadvantage due to every other industrial nation having universal health care. Not having health care is destroying jobs. I would think the Repubs would have a very hard time arguing with Gm.

  37. Sean says

    God bless that man for standing up to Specter! Real Republicans have to stand up and demand a birth certificate. Dems made up this health care crisis to distract from the fact that OBAMA NEVER SHOWED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE! I pray BO is removed from office once his fraudulent status is revealed. If not, Palin will clean his clock in 2012 because she won’t be afraid to bring it up!

  38. Lisa says

    I remember when a lady from Code Pink got escorted out of one of Bush’s gatherings for wearing a T-shirt they didn’t like. Why is it the peaceful protestors get jacked up, while guys like this can completely nut up and not get tackled?

  39. Rob says

    Calling me a Tea Bagger or birther or deather is just pissing me off.

    I hope Obama fails in EVERY socialist plan he attempts.

    You liberals are always sticking your hands in MY wallet to pay for your stupidity. STOP IT!

  40. paul c says

    @”Pinky Porkchops” – Of course you would, because I’m not part of the Towleroad Echo Chamber. Of course reminding people who have been hated and stereotyped their whole lives that they should neither spread hate nor perpetuate stereotypes would be greeted with bitter hate speech, no?

  41. says

    “Don’t write other people off in such a hateful and cavalier fashion, lest you have the favor returned.”

    But Paul, some people–like our delusional Sean above–should be written off as what they are–out of touch with reality–so we can have a real debate about the real issues facing the country today, instead of this nonsense about whether the black man is our legitimate president. As long as the right-wing nuts are encouraged by the professional hate mongers, who can’t stand that the country is being taken from their grasp and whose paychecks depend upon upping the crazy ante, the important arguments about health care etc. will be lost.

  42. mike says

    Americans are pissed. They are finally waking up to what this government is doing. The so called president we have is nothing, but a dictator and if we keep going down this path we will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Just look at what happened when hitler was in office. I am proud to be a pissed off dumb hick. I still have my gun and i still know how to use it. Nobody is going to tell me when i can and cannot get to see a doctor. If the government cant even run the cash for clunkers how in hell do you think that they can run a government health care. Just read the bill as i have. All that they are saying is a LIE. Its time to stand up to our government while we still can.

  43. says

    Mike, if you think Obama is a dictator and comparable to Hitler, you need to put down the gun and read a few books. BTW, the government does run a health care program. It’s called Medicare.