1. says

    Is he that stupid? Does he think this is going to be a straight, frat-boy hit so he can piss of the gays? I’m already over this film. And fuck Shaquille O’Neil, and not in the nice way.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Yeah, I have nightmares about kissing the untalented Dimitri Martin or Shaq. *shudder* where’s the lip balm and breath mints?

  3. Rad says

    Oh the horrors of playing a gay man. Why did he take the role in the first place if he read the book and script and felt uncomfortable about it?

    Douche bag? Yes.

    It’s a shame, this could have been his breakout role because his comedy shtick is absurdly lame.

  4. mrmnyc says

    Eventually, what will be funny is to look back at YouTube videos like this and laugh hysterically at the hysterical response that people have to simply kissing another human being.

  5. OttoErotica says

    I’m disappointed in Conan, but did you expect more from the 3rd rate comic and that mentally challenged pituitary accident?

    It’s a shame Tiber has to suffer the indignity of having this guy portray him. Another reason to argue for out gay actors to play gay roles.

  6. Jonathan says

    Interesting that O’Neal, for all his macho posturing, is the one who initiates the cheek-kissing at the start of the segment and later rubs Martin affectionately. What a queen.

  7. Rob says

    I found Jay Leno’s Tonight Show preferable over this piece of crap. Never have been a Conan fan, this video validates my tastes.

  8. GW says

    Damn… wish that was all I had to do to make my millions! I would have been soooo much richer soooo much sooner! Of course it would have been sooo much better had his girlfriend kissed a girl instead right? What a puss this Demetri…reason enough to skip this movie!

  9. B-rod says

    Oh the hilarity of making fun of gays kissing!!! Who would have thought it?

    Hollywood, just when we thought we couldn’t hate you more, you continue to impress us with your HOMOPHOBIA!

    From watching this clip, I can tell you I’m skipping the film if this douchebag is in it. Congrats on a great marketing job, Martin!!

  10. Jake says

    I wish Dimitri said something like this….yes I was ready to kiss the guy and then find out he was black too!! not only kissing I was told to kiss a guy but he was black too!! I am really sick of ignorant black people discriminating another community as if they don’t know what discrimination is all about. It is time for these ignorant celebrities to go the fuck away!!

  11. Gry says

    It’s really a toss-up as to which of them is the most unattractive. Two are, frankly, genetic oddities who have no business cracking on anyone else. I’m sure they could score with any number of mercenary star-fucker girls, but they’re quite “safe” as far as the gays are concerned. We have those pesky standards.

  12. Willie says

    What a complete asshole Dimitri proved himself to be – how sad this historic gay man was played by such a disrespectful idiot.

    Was going to see the movie this weekend.

    Now I am not.

  13. Bill says


    Until haterosexuals stop discriminating against gay people in Hollywood and acknowledge their horrible history of oppression against gay people I will not watch any movie with a haterosexual playing gay or involving a false impression of gay people.

  14. lovedog says

    interestingly, this didn’t play in LA last night. we had a repeat with adam sandler.

    (and oh! a segment where conan repeatedly taunted his purportedly straight assistant with ‘you’re gay’ trash talk.)

  15. Willie says

    F Conan and Dimitri — both a couple of straight elitists (Harvard and Yale educated) who just yuck it up about a minority group with a more than happy to go along black bigot.


  16. J.R. says

    i think shaq was the bigger idiot.

    “oh, the dude kissed a guy in a MOVIE (of all things), so he might just lean over and kiss me…YIKES!”


  17. soulbrotha says

    If Shaq is such a dick, then why would he do this:

    I didn’t find Shaq offensive at all. He was just being goofy.

    That actor on the other hand, is the one who is the real dick here. If he “dreaded” kissing another guy so much, why didn’t he let a more deserving actor take the role? Is he so insecure that he has to have his girlfriend on the set to remind him that he’s straight? Asshole.

  18. Amaezm says

    um…he wasn’t discriminating against gays…Shaq, maybe. Dmitri was just telling a story about how it was wierd to make out with a guy in front of his girlfriend…

    do you need things to be upset about? This is nothing, perhaps spend your time being angry over something that is actually discriminatory..

    (let the flames begin)

  19. Bobby says

    3 grade humor from underdeveloped emotionally arrested pricks who think that two men kissing is “funny” or “gross” but shooting, raping, killing and drug use are a-okay!

    Fuck them. I’ll not watch Conan and Shaq is an idiot.

    Demetri should enjoy this, it’ll probably be his only highly visible role he’ll ever have.

  20. Vince says

    Poor Ang Lee. I’m certain he had no idea this infantile shtick was going to be executed. It casts such a pall on his new movie. It was bad enough when we had endure this nonsense when Brokeback Mountain was released. Here it is three and a half years later and nothing has changed.

    This is where you should hear from GLAAD. Do you think that we will? This idea that same-sex kissing is tantamount to seeing someone disemboweled is so old and lame, but more importantly, grossly insulting. Personally, I’m surprised that Conan went along with this. I thought he was cooler than that. Shaq, a jerk jock, I wouldn’t expect anymore from him, but since he’s African American it unfortunately adds to the belief that homophobia is more robustly alive in the black community than many would suspect. I wonder how the blacks would react if white men were making the same insulting fuss over kissing a black woman?

    As for Demetri, the producers of Taking Woodstock should take him to the woodshed and then make him apologize profusely. In short, the gay community should not take this lying down. We’re fighting to abolish DADT and DOMA and we don’t need this mindset that men kissing each other is disgusting. The only thing disgusting is the Neanderthal reaction of three jerks.

  21. says

    The real gay guy which the movie/book is based on must feel ashamed to have such a moron playing his part. The Conan bit wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but you can tell they are fishing for pathetic laughs based on the fact that he must kiss a man. “Oh noes! not kissing a man! what shall I do??”

  22. Dean says

    Things like this make it ok for society to continue to laugh and put gay people down and it be accepted by the mainstream.

  23. noteasilyoffended says

    You know? I’m torn. Maybe I’m a bad fag, but I really think everyone has the right to make a fool of themselves every once in a while as long as they can admit it, learn from it and move on. That last time I checked, I was not perfect, have acted stupidly and still have the taste of my own shoe leather in my mouth from the last time I acted an ass.

  24. RICH says

    Thanks for the link to his Facebook, David. I left a not-so-flattering message. I hope he gets it, but I seriously doubt he will get THE message. Not seeing the movie now. I’ve had enough, long ago.

  25. princely54 says

    Martin’s comedy is a direct rip off of Mitch Hedberg. Good to see he’s of limited talent all around.

  26. LD says

    Shaq has never been the brightest light on the block and Conan has the comic proficiency of a 4 year old. As for Demetri, you can see his career developing into a stint in the next season or two of DWS. The real problem, for me, is Ang Lee. His gay-themed movies are nothing but bait for awards and developed/targeted exclusively for straight audiences. Not one person above the line in any of the three films (The Wedding Banquet, Brokeback Mountain, Taking Woodstock) is gay. Not one. He won’t cast openly gay actors and instead ends up with punks like Demetri playing gay-panic jokes on late night television. Studio-made movies often add a gay element in the film, without it being well developed or of any importance to the story, and then send the actor to talk to the “gay media” to see if WE will dish out our money, because there is something gay in the film (e.i. He’s Just Not That Into You). Taking Woodstock has been de-gayed to the point where there is only that one “yucky” kiss the poor actor had to endure. Sad.

  27. corkystclair says

    This is sad to read. I pretty much expected this from someone like Shaq, who has lived his life performing his masculine role, but I’m disappointed in a young person like Demetri. It would have been nice to see some maturity, but I guess not.

  28. Sargon Bighorn says

    If you think kissing is funny you should see me put on black face, big white lips and all and pick up my banjo. That’s funny.

    It will take time for some humans to treat others as human. These individuals are not yet human as they don’t know how to treat others as they wish to be treated.

  29. Diogenes says

    Well, with that schnoz he better enjoy any kiss he can get, ’cause there ain’t going to be many in his future!

  30. rascal says

    I left a Facebook message also. Congratulated him for making a mockery of homosexuality and branding himself a douchebag. I’ve soured on seeing the picture, now, too. What a shame.

  31. Strepsi says

    @AMAEZM – I won’t flame you but you don’t get it. Because have you ever — I mean EVER — heard a talk show host set up a guest to say how uncomfortable they were to have to pretend to kill another human being in an action move? The whole segment is based on the idea that all of them — and supposedly all of “us” the audience — agree that kissing another guy is repellent. Dis yo ever see an interview, in all 3 Hannibal movies, where Entony Hopkins hilariously described how uncomfortable he was playing a cannibal and how odd it was to eat his castmates? No. We understand it’s acting, but homophobia once again defies logic. Once again American popular culture agrees that a simple kiss is worse than murder. Your country has the maturity of a 13 year old.

  32. Blaz says

    I was excited about this movie. Now I am considering not going to see it.

    I do not have a problem with straight men playing gay roles. I have a problem with straight homophobic men playing gay roles and obviously not investing in the homosexual side of their characters. Evidently this guy connected with no aspect of the homosexuality in his character. This scene sounds like it will be terrible because we are going to have to watch this guy “acting” out a kiss that he wasnt actually invested in. Could he have not taken cues from Sean Penn and James Franco who have said nothing except that they enjoyed it *that I have caught* about there many make out scenes?

    I don’t want to pay money to see bad homophobic acting.

  33. David in Houston says

    I’m really past the point of tolerance with this ‘gay panic’ crap. Demetri acts as though kissing a man was the biggest challenge of his life. He’s hardly the person that should have been playing that role. The Altoids comment was really offensive. Dear God, I can’t get the taste of that guy out of my mouth! Go to hell, Demetri.

  34. Kyle Sullivan says

    Sent D a message — and I never watched Conan, anyway, so he’s nothing so far as I’m concerned. As for Shaq, what do you expect from an athlete with minimal IQ or any other ability outside of sinking a basket while moving — because he sure as hell sucks at free-throws — and got his widdle feewings hurts ’cause Kobe was proving to be just as arrogant as him is so him hads to go to anodder team to be happy?

    Idiots — all of them.

  35. Sean says

    Well Taking Woodstock goes the way of Little Ashes, no need to go see some insecure little shit try to make money of me while telling me I’m gross and disgusting at the same time.

    plus ce change plus ce la meme chose.

  36. Luke says

    One word “nerds”.

    If they think kissing a guy is weird, I wonder what they’d think about me being spit roasted with two cocks in my ass and three guys blasting their cum in my face in a nightclub in London.

    American tv is so vanilla.

  37. Alex says

    I have no issues with straight actors playing gay roles. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal invested in their parts in Brokeback Mountain. Granted, their characters were far more sympathetic and lend themselves to a level of seriousness this character in Taking Woodstock does not. Which is probably why this actor finds it acceptable to discuss a gay kiss as something so off putting. I feel like the point he was making was the awkwardness of having to do it in front of his girlfriend. We’ve heard actors say the same of having to kiss other actresses in front of their girlfriends, so I am not particularly offended by that. But he’s definitely pushing the envelope of being simply rude by not being grateful for getting to be a part of the movie and making it sound like he should get a pat on the back for overcoming a hurdle like playing gay.

    Shaq – well color me shocked an African American sports “legend” would be uncomfortable with the gay.

  38. paul c says

    Another reason they should have cast the excellent Jason Schwartzman instead of this D-List hipster.

  39. chapeau says

    Demetri is an asshole,
    Shaq a typical African-American homophobic shithead and Conan,
    well he should know better !

    F’g idiots.

  40. Noah says

    Whatevs, Shaq stopped being relevant like 10 years ago. Why was he even on the show? Did he make Kazaam 2 or something?

  41. Jordan says

    Rather than go into hysterics for no reason, I’m simply going to ask: What exactly was so offensive about what Demetri Martin said? He was describing an awkward acting experience.

    That’s really deserving of this ire and outrage? Ordinarily, on topics like these, there are at least a few voices of reason, but so far I’ve seen… one.


    It’s pretty easy to just hop on that irrational bandwagon.

  42. Daniel says

    I’ve liked Demetri Martin since he was on MTV. But this is truly disappointing. I had no interest in the movie, and now, sadly, have no interest in watching Demetri Martin’s Comedy Central show ever again. Lame, sir, very lame.

  43. mike says

    Um, Shaquille O’Neal is the LAST person on this planet who should act pseudo-queasy about a gay kiss! Asshole.

  44. Boone68 says

    First of all, who the hell is Shaquille O’ neil and why is he on TV? Secondly, Demitri Martin looks like a girl…he/she reminds me of Pat on SNL. Nice job promoting your movie, Martin.

  45. Eric says

    Wow. I thought Demetri’s new TV show on the Comedy Network was pretty funny, but now I can’t ever watch the new season. Oh well.

  46. Dawson says

    It is important for our community to take note of this and respond. The louder we are the less incline those who find us marginal will be. I agree we should respond to his facebook as well as Conan. We need to let NBC know that we will not tolerate being made fun of. Lets take action by responding loud and strong. We are not Conan’s or anyone’s fool.

  47. says


    This “guys kissing guys” garbage is typical of what is going on in society regarding the feminization of heterosexual males. I’m a member of the “Toronto Real Men”, the world’s only anti-metrosexual organization, run by “Dimitri The Lover”, aka “The Prophet”. In the same way that John Connor fights the machines for survival of humanity in “The Terminator”, The Prophet has dedicated his life to fight “Metrosexuality” for the survival of masculinity. He is a modern-day Rasputin … a real-life Tyler Durden.

    Here is the web site for the “Toronto Real Men”: … if you go to the section in the menu on the left titled “Meeting Announcements”, then click on “August”, you will understand everything he is trying to do. Also, if you click on the link on the left titled “Media Centre”, there’s both a radio interview and an appearance in a documentary so you can hear The Prophet speak.

    Also, everyone knows that women in Toronto are stuck up and play games. Here is how The Prophet deals with a single woman that likes him but still refuses to cough up her number … he hands her this flyer:

    Here is a link to some animations that have been banned by YouTube but give you a great indication of The Prophet’s philosophy: … the “Crucifixion of Dimitri” represents how he has suffered for all men.

    Finally, here is The Prophet’s main web site:

    We heard at the last meeting that his Hollywood film (the one that the producers of Borat and Bruno created) is completed and should be released in the next few months. Then the world will know the truth about what The Prophet is doing to rid the world of feminism once and for all.



  48. says

    If three Douches appear on a talk show and no one watches does anyone care? I knew I disliked Shaq and Conan, now, I’ll just add Demetri Martin to that list.

  49. says

    “I wish Dimitri said something like this….yes I was ready to kiss the guy and then find out he was black too!! not only kissing I was told to kiss a guy but he was black too!! I am really sick of ignorant black people discriminating another community as if they don’t know what discrimination is all about. It is time for these ignorant celebrities to go the fuck away!!

    Posted by: Jake | Aug 18, 2009 11:19:45 AM”

    Wow I thought they were Dicks until I read your racist little screed. You really need to check yourself Jakkke.

  50. Derrick from Philly says

    “I am really sick of ignorant black people discriminating another community as if they don’t know what discrimination is all about.”

    You, Chapeau and Sargon deserve it. You care so much about black homophobia but you couldn’t care anything about black gay people EXCEPT your racist contempt for us. And that’s how black gay people must respond to you–with absolute contempt.

    Nothing that Shaquille O’Neal did in his stupid anti-homosex gesture should bring up the issue of race or race-based homophobia. But to some pitiful, geek, dorky faggots it presents another opportunity to do so.

  51. says

    Thanks Derrick! I am sick of this whole ‘Black people are against us” bullshit. It really makes one wonder if a whole lot of white Gays wouldn’t be happier if we had more of an apartheid situation.

    Look people, we are all in this together. I don’t see Blacks organizing nationwide organizations with millions of dollars in ads to spread hate against Gays. I don’t see Black Governors and Senators introducing legislation enshrining hate against Gays. Hmm, maybe we aren’t the haters after all?

    Face it, we are not the problem here. No more than Jews were during The Reich.

  52. Fenrox says

    Wow guys, you commenters suck. Come on not everyone wants to kiss a guy, do you guys want to give a total PC answer on late night comedy TV when Conan grills you about kissing a member of the opposite sex?


  53. sugarrhill says

    Thank you, derek and derrick. I dont’ know why it continues to amaze me how racist some posters are on this site. O’Neil can’t just be some homophobe. No. He has to be an AA or black homophobe. While whites get a pass for Martin and O’Brien. Incredible.

  54. Fenrox says

    Well at least this side of the comments has some damn sense. This reminds me of the old GLF days when the massive undertow of racism in the gay community created a split over weather or not to support the Black Panthers in their time of need.

  55. says

    I am least offended by Shaq in this clip: unlike Martin and O’Brien he did not plan this conversation. This is not the first interview Martin has done where he has been an asshole about playing gay.

    I contacted Focus Features, and let them know why I am not seeing this movie. Since Focus Features is owned by NBC, it would make more sense to contact them and let them know they need to get an apology out of Martin than to leave notes on his Facebook wall.

  56. says

    So soon people forget that this is not the first time O’Neal has done the “run from” even the suggestion of “gay”…communicate [however “jokingly”] that you think it’s as repellent as the bubonic plaque.

    Did he learn NOTHING from the infamous ESPN commercial JUST SIX MONTHS AGO in which he did the same moving away from someone gimmick while saying,

    “No fist kiss, no fiss love, no fist hump. None of that. You’re a weirdo man. Stay over there. Fist kiss. Disgusting.”

    As for the claims that he couldn’t POSSIBLY be homophobic because “he helped a gay couple” incident, relooking at accounts at the time it is not clear that would-be sheriff [seriously] O’Neal helped them with either any acceptance that their being gay was okay or any evidence I’ve seen that he even knew they were gay. It’s far more likely that he was just helping catch someone guilty of assault.

    Accounts say he “saw” it, not that he heard the antigay epithets being yelled out of a car window by the bottle-thrower. It happened in September and, trust me, no one drives around with their windows rolled down in Miami in September except for idiots wanting to yell at others.

    Allegedly O’Neal said years ago that he’d have no problem being on a team with a gay player. If he did, good for him, but his actions last night speak louder than words years ago that the milions of viewers may neither remember nor even know about.

    As for O’Brien, there is no greater proof that I’m on the wrong planet than the fact that this guy makes millions as a “commedian.” And I’m saying that even if he never did a fag joke in his life. But, of course, he does, and wasn’t it just last week that he was mocking “trannies” in one of his lame skits?

    Nobodies like Martin ALWAYS are pre-screened/coached regarding what they might talk about, so O’Brien’s producers totally set the kiss discussion up. If GLAAD weren’t cowardly and impotent they would be organizing zaps of such shows as those who created the group years ago did. Even a then 19-yr. old Mark Segal with his own “zaps” single-handedly forced a number of major shows, including Walter Cronkite, to either be less homophobic or start covering gay news period.

    It’s well past time that O’Brien got a dose [in more ways than one], and look for more fag jokes from Leno when he returns.

    As for O’Neal: just because pig O’Brien set up the bit, you didn’t have to play along. You’re a 7’1″ child who is contributing to the perpetuation of homohatred among your peers and young fans. Grow the fuck up!

  57. Chris says

    you’re implying that this was homophobic, which is ridiculous. yes, it felt weird for the straight guy to kiss a guy after kissing his girlfriend, for the first time, while filming a movie.

  58. asstheybenot! says

    wow. Lighten up people… I think the points illustrated are not what is presented in the video.

    Shaq was just being comical, and the article didn’t give the right lead into the video. He placed his hand on Dimitri’s shoulder, like he was hitting on him… and then Dimitri grabbed his arm like it was reciprocated.
    There was a gamut of responses that were to illicit a laugh, from attraction to repulsion.

    I think Dimitri’s story is meant to make light of his earlier reaction, by ending on “I had like [paraphrasing here]a whole can of Altoids.”

    Relax, enjoy the fact that there is a movie coming out that has a gay main character. You don’t see that too often, and should appreciate it.

  59. Roger Ramjet says

    When this country realizes that Yale and Harvard grads run everything from Wall Street to Washington, from Madison Avenue to Hollywood & Vine and everything else in between, perhaps only then we can free ourselves from their elitist and sick agenda.

  60. jay says

    I guess the Altoid comment is also alright? That says it right there, really. Sure, it may be played for comic affect, but WHY? In this time of cautious progress, and even if all communities need to be able to laugh at their own selves, we all know that isn’t what the result of this kind of “humor” will be. It’s offensive. Not lynching offensive, not tar and feather, but it IS offensive, and they need to know it. Substitute Martin’s heritage, O’Neal’s race, etc., into the mix as replacement for gay and see where it lands. Yeah, thought so.

    I remember when Jim Carrey practically tore his face off with a toilet plunger and chewed a case of gum in Ace Ventura after he realized he kissed a guy. Offended me then, and we’re several years and legislation away from that time…it’s that easy to fall back to it?

    Too bad.

  61. nico says

    I wouldnt be watching the movie after i read this. I dont like conan never have and i was interested in watching the the movie . what an homophobic idoit. I hope it sucks

  62. says

    The only thing worse than kissing another man would be to kiss either of those two shit-bags. The guys who have to “play up” their homophobia are usually big time closet cases, so this makes me laugh. The reason he needed 500 Altoids is because HE is the one who is repulsive.

    And did everyone catch the “euro” double-cheek kiss that Faq gave Dimmitri Fartin? WTF? I don’t think he meant to do that and just slipped out of the NBA closet a bit.

  63. Q says

    Thank you Derrick, Derek, Sugarrhill and Landon Bryce.

    Fuck you Chapeau and Alex for your racist remarks.

  64. A different Andy says

    Like any man out there wants to kiss Shaq.

    So, so , so typical. And tired. And played out.

  65. Allen says

    I expected something alot worse than what it actually was.

    I didn’t see anything there that put me majorly off… Other than of course I would much rather see gay roles go to gay actors, but not the point.

    I didn’t see that Dimitri was all that offensive in his telling of the anecdote. A straight guy is uncomfortable kissing another guy!? Oh the HORROR!!

    As a gay man I can tell you very honestly that I would be HORRIFIED to make out with a woman!! So what exactly is the big deal?!

    But I do agree that a specifically gay role should go to a gay actor. BUT sometimes the better actor might be a hetero and not a homo.

    and yes Shaq is a twat.

  66. says

    MARTIN:…I had like 500 Altoids that night. I thought it would make a difference.

    CONAN: It doesn’t really, I know.


    I find Conan’s response more disturbing than when Jay Leno asked Ryan Philippe to look gay. At least we know, overall, Leno has been supportive of the gay community. If they were trying to be funny, it didn’t work. O’Brien, Martin and O’Neal should be held accountable. For Leno’s remark, people/organizations were whooping and hollering. I find this much more offensive (as if you can get a disease by kissing a gay man). Maybe all straight comedians should watch Craig Ferguson on how NOT to offend the gay community when joking.

  67. WizardBoy says

    THIS WAS FROM LAST WEEK — either Thursday or Friday (13th or 14th) — Conan is on break the week of 17th so this is OLD news again….

    Dmitri Martin was funny about the kiss — Shaq at first was funny also — and only “playing” the homophobe ….

    Stop getting your skirts in an upraor and I think it is too bad this wasn’t posted when it occurred rather than so late.

  68. WizardBoy says

    CONAN is appealing to the college crowd again — never has really grown up to the timeslot…. Of course Fallon plays even stupider…..

    Give up Conan for Dave (intelligent, witty, no slapstick!) — and Craig is infinitely more intelligent and witty than all of them! (Leno included) ….

  69. Paul R says

    What annoys me about all this is that most of it is public posturing. Especially for Martin, who is youngest and undoubtedly knows lots of gay people. Sorry, he’s an actor, not to mention a hipster. He’s probably been affectionate with his male friends at some point. Most guys have (not necessarily kissing, but still).

    Presumably they hadn’t just rolled in shit, I wouldn’t have any trouble kissing anyone of any sex or orientation—espeically if I were an actor. It’s just a kiss for chrissakes. What don’t they interview guys who do gay for pay porn, because that’s way harder for me to understand.

    Maybe he should have taken some ecstasy on the day of that shoot.

  70. Sushi says

    So homophobic hate-bating is going to make the haters RUN out and see your shit film?
    Good plan douche.

  71. Paul R says

    By the way, I really appreciate the “Real Man” posting here. As though his post wasn’t batshit crazy enough, the sites he links to say things like:

    >> Meeting location is always subject to a last minute change due to knee-jerk reactions from femi-nazi and fago-centric protest groups that are unwilling to take the time to fully understand the purpose of our meetings. Many of these faux-intellectual, spiritually shallow, self-righteous, low self-esteem, pretentious, bitter individuals are under-employed man-haters who have nothing better to do than dedicate their worthless lives to cock-blocking breeders.


    >> Furthermore, we are willing to pay top dollar for a new location on Harbord Street within line of sight of the Toronto Women’s Bookstore. Our plan is to neutralize this sexually offensive entity by using “Feng Shui” in the form of a giant phallus projecting out of our window and directly toward dyke central.


    >> The purpose of TORONTO REAL MEN meetings is to teach both men and women how to seduce hot, horny sluts. Heterosexual men, bisexual men, bisexual women, and lesbians are ALL interested in seducing sluts. Homosexual men are NOT! There is no justifiable reason for homosexual men to attend TORONTO REAL MEN meetings. However, they still try to infiltrate groups dealing with female seduction.

    That last is under a section called “Homosexual Male Ban,” which is so juvenile and idiotic that it’s almost funny. So go on with your proud self, Real Man, pay your Prophet top dollar, and (in your words) worship the cock. It doesn’t make you sound like a desperate loser at all—especially posted on a gay site. I hope you got Dmitri the Lover’s approval!

    Jeez that’s the funniest, saddest thing I’ve seen in ages.

  72. Chris S says

    What a charmless, unfunny little jerk. If playing gay was so traumatic he should have done us all a favor and let a real actor do it instead. Definitely won’t be seeing this movie now.

    Question for everyone defending this guy – an interracial kiss was a much bigger taboo in the 60s than a same-sex kiss is now. If William Shatner made juvenile jokes about how traumatized he was by his on-screen kiss with Nichelle Nichols, would y’all be rushing to defend him too?

  73. Sparky says

    I don’t get how this is offensive. I’m sure a gay man would freak out about kissing a girl… wouldn’t he?
    Demetri is regaling his anticipation over doing something he has never done before.. because.. you know… he’s straight. I would probably be freaked out about the same thing if I had to do a lesbian kissing scene. All actors dread these sort of things.. it doesn’t make Demetri a worse actor because of the anticipation. I’m sure Heath Ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal had to face the same sort of thing during the filming of Brokeback…

  74. Paul says

    yeah…I agree the movie looks really good, but this kind of behavior was uncalled for. jake gyllenhall and Heath ledger embraced the roles in Brokeback mountain and were nominated for academy awards…these people need to take a cue. and get a clue!!

  75. says

    Face it, they (like most of hollywood and sports) are fame whores who will do anything, take any part (whether they think they’ll do a good job or not) to be seen/noticed, .

  76. says

    “I’m sure a gay man would freak out about kissing a girl… wouldn’t he?”

    Um… no. Most gays have kissed girls and not freaked out.
    It’s just a kiss.
    He didn’t have to suck the guy’s cock, for god’s sake!

  77. 2nd Class Citizen Class says

    This is why I watch Letterman. Shaq is avertising Comcast in Chicago. I changed my cable company today. I have no interest in seeing that movie now.

  78. says

    “I don’t get how this is offensive. I’m sure a gay man would freak out about kissing a girl… wouldn’t he?”

    Gay actors presumably kiss women all the time on screen without having a meltdown. It’s called acting. They get paid big bucks to do it. And many a gay man, myself included, has kissed women (for free!) without being a drama queen about it. Some of us–gasp!–even kinda enjoyed it cause, hate to break it to the squeamish out there, kissing a man and kissing a woman isn’t all that different. Good thing Hollywood films don’t have many cocksucking scenes or these poor straight actors would jump off a bridge afterwards, taking their girlfriends with them just to prove that they’re straight.

  79. MCnNYC says

    Yeah Demitri…ASS
    And not even a funny comedian in anything I’ve seen.



    Hows that for a stereotype…..

  80. anon says

    Well, this is typical Hollywood. Martin’s agent and handler pre-selected the comments with CO’Bs staff in order to let the viewers KNOW that Martin himself is NOT gay, and therefore potentially a BIG star and worth more $$$. It’s all staged.

  81. JACKNASTY says

    >The guys who have to “play up” their
    >homophobia are usually big time closet
    >cases, so this makes me laugh.


    He was probably just upset because the kissing took valuable time away from sucking every passing cock dry.

  82. Tim says

    I don’t have a problem with Martin feeling uneasy about kissing a guy, It’s unnatural for him. I was uneasy with kissing a girl in a play. It took practice to make it look natural.

  83. Andy says

    Shame on all three of them. It all reminds me of being in grade school again and the guys snickering about fags, and that’s exactly where this “banter” belongs. I’ll be skipping this movie too. Smart move, Demetri!

  84. gc says

    Okay. I am a gay man, I saw this when it aired on NBC, and I straight up LAUGHED about it.

    Demetri did NOT “freak out.” He is a straight man who didn’t realise his character was gay when he took the part, decided to do it anyway (because, as opposed to what all the commenters here think, he’s actually not a raging homophobe; if he was, he would have given up the part) and then he realised that he had to kiss a man IN FRONT OF HIS GIRLFRIEND (which was the main thing that made him nervous), and then he had to do it repeatedly, having to kiss his girlfriend everytime before he kissed the man. If I had a scene where I had to kiss my boyfriend, literally push him away, and then make out with another guy, I’d feel weird too.

    Yeah, he was nervous at first because he was unexpectedly going to kiss a man, but guess what: he’s straight. It’s not like he stormed off the set. He just felt uncomfortable, because he’s not attracted to women. But he did it, because yeah, he’s an actor.

    Also — the much maligned “altoids” comment was not a reference to his being disgusted by kissing a man, it had to do with the fact that he had to use breath mints all the time because he had to repeatedly redo the scene.

    I can’t believe everyone got so upset over this. It was a guy telling jokes and an awkward story about kissing a man with his girlfriend right there, on a late night program where you’re supposed to tell jokes and awkward stories. I rarely see this much outrage over FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, let alone Demetri Martin, a straight man who is playing a sexually active gay man in a movie with his girlfriend. Yeah, let’s really crucify him.


    Also – about Shaq. When Demetri was telling his story about being in the movie, Shaq put his hand on Demetri’s shoulder. I did not see this as Shaq being a terrible homophobe. I saw it as him being goofy. It’s not like he recoiled and went “EWWW!” He just pretended to come on to Demetri, as a joke. It was a late night talk show. LIGHTEN UP. And then, when Demetri talked about kissing a guy, Shaq moved away, not because he’s a homophobe, but it was in reference to his having come on to Demetri, as if to say “alright, I’m not going THAT far.” I saw it as a joke. It wasn’t Shaq saying disparaging things about homosexuality. It was just someone doing a little gag about pretending to come on to someone.

    I still can’t believe how worked up people got over this, especially compared to everything else in the world. So now people aren’t going to see the movie, and they’re calling Demetri a douchebag, sending him mass hatemail via facebook? Wow. Is it really getting to the point where people can’t joke around on a late night comedy show? And then when a straight man plays a gay man in a movie, we get mad because he’s more comfortable kissing women?

  85. John says

    Eh seems like he was just trying to make a joke about kissing a guy in front of his girlfriend and it just came across as really disrespectful to the man he is portraying. Dimitri is a comic not really an actor. He shouldn’t play a gay man. I rather watch Dazed and Confused again anyway instead of this baby boomer poop.

  86. Sirkit says

    You all are pretty pathetic, I could not even finish reading all these comments. No where does Demetri insult the gay community. It was simply a story about being uncomfortable kissing another man because he is not a homosexual. If it were a gay man on TV talking about a role that involved him kissing a woman and he talked about being uncomfortable, would he be roasted as well? And comparing this to a violent crime in a movie is apples and oranges. Demetri did not pretend to kiss someone that he was not attracted to, he actually had to do it, in front of his girlfriend which made it even more uncomfortable. When Stallone or someone else kills someone in a movie, they aren’t actually killing them. It’s special effects. Or are you able to comprehend the difference. Maybe the heterophobics here need to quit blaming everyone else and looking for issues where there are none.

  87. Emily says

    When does he ever say it was horrible? You are reading way too much into this. It wasn’t that he had to play a gay guy, it was that he had to kiss another man. That would be weird for a straight man.

  88. E.L. says

    You all are ridiculous. Martin on a comedy show, expected to tell a funny vignette about his experience making this film. The guy felt uncomfortable kissing a guy. So what? If anything…. Shaq was the jerk here. Seriously, quit reaching for things to be offended about. There’s much more worthy offenders to pay attention to… give Martin a break about this.

  89. DC says

    As a member of the LGBT community, I’d like to remind my brethren that even if we drum up all acceptance and political correctness in the world, straight people are going to be weirded out by same-sex kissing, especially if they have to do it themselves. They’re straight. That’s probably how they figured it out.

    So yeah, despite Shaq being a douche, Demitri’s not on the hook for this in my book. However, I don’t think I’ve yet forgiven him for his “So I looked up bisexual in the dictionary; it just said ‘see gay'” crack on a previous appearance.

  90. Peyton says

    WHOA! Looks like you guys are making mountains out of mole hills. Chill out, he can’t control how he felt about the situation. But I guess it would’ve been better if he didn’t say anything about it at all. Let’s condemn him for telling the truth!

  91. Jason says

    Seriously? All you homosexual folks are upset at a straight guy that admits to being extremely uncomfortable when having to makeout with another man? and in front of his girlfriend? What heterosexual male wouldn’t feel the way he did? He was merely sharing his experience. Chill out, he said nothing discriminating or derogitory.

    As for Shaq… well anyone that jumps at the mere thought of two men kissing has got some problems to deal with.

  92. deligeez says

    It seems his comments have been taken out of proportion at least to the Gay community. I am straight and it would be horrifying for me to kiss another man, this is not because I’m homophobic, its because my body wont let me, its something that gay man don’t seem to understand since its natural to them. His comments make perfect sense, I’m straight and if I had to kiss another man it would be pretty hard for me to do so and it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

  93. Dorsal says

    What’s wrong with this logic: “I saw the clip and it didn’t offend me, therefore, anyone who sees the comments or actions of these people as discriminatory are overreacting and humorless.” I’m afraid that homophobia doesn’t stand or fall on your emotional response (if I laugh, it’s not homophobic!). Instead, your attempts to dismiss the concerns about this incident do not make you sound mature or level-headed but self-centered and cowardly. You know who you are–the people who support the abstract language of fairness and equality but who are too scared to speak out on behalf of that ideal in any way that puts them at risk of jeers, taunts, or public criticism. Oh, yes, when fatal violence against gays and lesbians occurs you object to it strenuously (but you’re not really in the minority with this view anymore, so feeling quite safe, you’re all the more vocal about your disgust at such vile actions). But you would never dare to risk social isolation and humiliation by actually standing up against the daily slings and arrows of discrimination that produce the environment out of which such violence and hostility towards the GLBT community emerges.

    On a separate note, although I found Demetri Martin smart and funny on the Daily Show, I noticed in his own show, after only a few episodes, a creepy and disturbing tone of anger towards women and gays in several of the vignettes. It comes across most often in his constant refrain of “why don’t hot girls ever go for guys with brains?” in a way that is supposed to be funny/neurotic but that happens so frequently that it starts to sound unfunny/psychotic? So, essentially, while surprised to hear that he took this role of a gay man, I am not the least surprised that he spoke as disparagingly as he did (following in the over-trod footsteps of so many before him, e.g., Will Smith, Colin Farrell, etc.)

    Finally, the comment about Ang Lee’s film’s using gay themes as Oscar bait, garnering self-congratulatory backslaps for he, his straight actors, and the adoringly liberal news venues like NPR (not to mention queer media) seems right on the money, and something that deserves much more discussion and consideration.

  94. Catherine says

    I think you guys are blowing this way out of proportion. Seriously, get a life. If you’re gay, it’s going to be awkward to kiss someone of the opposite sex. If you’re straight it’s gonna be awkward to kiss someone of the same sex. He wasn’t trying to make a crack against gay people at all, holy crap. For the most part he was even just talking about how weird it was to kiss someone else after having to push his girlfriend out of the way. I like you’re ridiculous description at the top. Demetri never confessed any “horror”. Very sad guys.

  95. Cam says

    I don’t think any of you should get angry or upset about the comment Martin made. He was simply apprehensive about kissing a male. He’s straight, so it’s natural to be apprehensive. They were just joking around. Don’t get offended so easily, sheesh.

  96. Rudy says

    Um, hello did anyone actually listen to the interview? You all just see what you want, and victim mentalities don’t solve any real issues. I agree with Amaezm, Martin thought it was weird to have to push his girlfriend away and make out with another person in front of her. I’m sure he’d still have been pretty uncomfortable if he had to kiss another woman in front of her. And even if he was feeling awkward about kissing another man in particular, not everyone has had a chance to experiment sexually. If it was my first time kissing someone of the same sex, especially under pressure to film a perfect scene in front of my significant other, I’d sure as hell be nervous too.

  97. Luis says

    You guys are all a bunch of ridiculous drama queens. He isn’t anti-gay or homophobic. He’s a straight guy and it’s only natural for him to be weirded out when kissing another male. Not only that, but he had to do it over and over in front of his girlfriend. It would have been just as weird for him if he had to kiss another girl in front of her.

    He’s hilarious, and you all have to stop being so sensitive.

    Pointless whining like this is why the gay community isn’t taken seriously by the rest of the world.

  98. Eric says

    WHO CARES?? Gays need to stop getting so offended and pushing their agendas (yes many do have queer agendas). Makes me wish I was straight!

  99. IndeedIAm says

    I don’t think that what DM said was that awful. He was a bit surprised when he came across that in the book and then he thought it was a bit odd to go from pushing away someone he was actually attracted to, to making out with someone who he was not attracted to. I give him props for going through with something most straight guys would just say “ew, gross” and leave.

  100. Masked_Creator says

    He didn’t say anything bad…kissing someone else in front of your significant other must be weird, especially considering he had to push her away and then make out with someone who he was not attracted to. If he really were a homophobe as some are suggesting, I do not think he would have taken the part.

  101. Abby says

    it’s tough. i’m quite a fan of demetri, but i have to admit i can see how this interview could be interpreted badly.
    however, personally messaging the guy strikes me as OTT. we cannot know for sure what he means here. it could well be that the kiss was awkward for him because he wants to portray it properly but, with little acting experience, feels nervous; it could be he felt strange in front of his girlfriend because of course, it must be strange kissing someone else in front of the person you love! we cannot know for sure.
    i view demetri as a smart guy, and i believe that truly smart people do not have homophobic views. i hope my instincts are correct, and that his worst crime would be misjudged dialogue. it seems to me that there’s a lot of hype over only a little content.