1. says


    As the creator and co-founder of The Great Nationwide Kiss-In, I want to thank you for writing so much about them!

    We actually had almost 60 events, across more than 30 states, plus events in Canada.

    In less than 5 weeks, thousands of people joined us to celebrate everyone’s right to kiss their loved-one in public. These were celebrations, not protests. The Great Nationwide Kiss-In was so popular and successful because we found a positive and fun way to show the world that everyone – regardless of gender, should have the same rights.

    And yes, there will be a second annual Great Nationwide Kiss-In next year!

  2. fern says

    I would have loved to see the shocked faces of the “good” citizens, I actually done that with friends in streetcars or public places, thirty-five years ago, guaranteed great laughs and a broken nose or a shiner for those who wanted to be physical against us.
    We didn’t kiss really we were hetero and street fighters. My hatred of these religious moralistic hypocrites and sense of justice puts me on the gay side.