News: Tom DeLay, Public Option, UFOs, Madonna, Provincetown

RoadObama administration to drop "public option" on health care: "Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that
government alternative to private health insurance is 'not the
essential element' of the administration's health care overhaul. The
White House would be open to co-ops, she said, a sign that Democrats
want a compromise so they can declare a victory." Re-branding?

Coltonhaynes RoadActor Colton Haynes to play 17-year-old a-hole in Look.

RoadFormer House Majority leader Tom DeLay to join new season of Dancing with the Stars. Full cast here.

RoadMumbai celebrates Gay Pride following Indian ruling decriminalizing gay sex.

RoadBritain's Ministry of Defence releases new batch of UFO files: "The 14 files released today by the National Archives include more than 800 sightings reported between 1993 and 1996, and contain more than 4,000 pages of material dating back to 1981."

RoadHere's a profile on the judge hearing the federal court case challenging Proposition 8. L.A. Times agrees with Equality California's decision to battle Prop 8 in 2012 rather than 2010. Groups split

RoadKate Winslet signs on for Todd Haynes miniseries adaptation of Mildred Pierce.

RoadRobert Downey Jr. to take on the role of Vampire Lestat?

RoadMadonna spends 51st birthday with  her children — Lourdes, David, Mercy, and Jesus.

Anchorage RoadAnchorage mayor to decide fate of anti-discrimination ordinance

RoadTransgender woman sexually assaulted, beaten, in Trinidad, Colorado: "According to the police report obtained by the Chieftain,
the attacker saw the woman in the lobby of the hotel and followed her
back to her room. She did not let him in, but he later returned and
forced his way in, sexually assaulted her, then tried to drown her in
the bathtub and electrocute her by dropping a hair dryer into the
bathtub. The victim reported that the attacker used anti-gay slurs as he attacked her."

RoadGay Boston news anchor Randy Price to lead Provincetown Carnival parade.

Marilynmonroe RoadBe Marilyn Monroe's dead neighbor.

RoadMale model fix: Gabriel Zadok Everett.

RoadIn honor of Madonna's 51st birthday, Film Experience takes a look at Madge's work on the silver screen.

RoadJezebel editor blames gay men for fashion industry woes: "I think that gay men are actually the most to blame for many of the problems in the fashion industry, like the absence of womanly curves on the runway, and the hideous, figure-assaulting trend that is the tent dress, which no women who have tits, and no straight men who have an appreciation for tits, have any use for."

RoadBroward County Deputee, who targeted Hispanic men in order to sexually abuse them, had a history of complaints which were ignored.


  1. Donovan says

    “Not the essential element” my arse. Just keep on selling out, Mr President. Keep proving the nay-sayers right as you suck the lobbyists’ teats.

  2. johnny says

    Sorry, Joan C. broad-shouldered her way through a classically melodramatic “Mildred Pierce” and ain’t nobody gonna do that campy story better.

    Kate Winslet? Really? No, no, no, no…

  3. John says

    Obama Care, New and Improved Version 2.0

    “My pledge is to do the opposite of whatever it is I promised you last summer.”

    Sounds like gay rights all over again.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    The white house claims sebelius went off script and it is not the position of the president.

    Not hopeful though with Rahmbo wanting to strong arm 64 progressive dems in the house who refuse to vote for anything without a public option as vs just 3-4 senators who say they will vote against anything with a public option.

    Rhambo is supposed to be smarter than that. Twisting the arms of 64 in house vs 3-4 in senate??? Not realistic and if true then one wonders who lobnotomized Rhambo

  5. jimmyboyo says


    Looking back at the Obama stimulus (as vs Bush stimulus) the white house compromised on everything for repubs and gave them everything they wanted. repbs still said no so they scraped it and put out a more dem heavy version of the stimulus

    one wonders if they are doing the same on HCR

    compromise on everything and when repubs screach they still won’t for what they claim they want then scrap it and do everything dems want = public option etc

  6. John says

    The Republican response to Obama’s grand conciliatory gesture?

    A collective yawn. They’re still going to vote against it. They’re still going to send their minions to disrupt meetings. They’re still going to run the misinformation and attack ads.

    This is hilarious. Obama just gave away the whole farm and the GOP still isn’t going to support him. You gotta love the White House’s unique brand of bipartisanship. The president as the new Roosevelt? He’s more like the new Jimmy Carter thus far.

  7. paul c says

    A retrospective of Madonna’s filmwork is an HONOR? Turning 51 and then this at the same time? Sounds more like an attempt to humiliate her…though she probably doesn’t see it that way. Poor, vain thing. Or is it poor, veiny thing?

  8. says

    Not the most important story in this roundup, I know – but what exactly is Jezebel smoking? If gay men really were (even more) running the fashion world, every woman in the world would be dressed like Joan Crawford (and not Kate Winslet), the Queen Mother, or Divine. Or all three, at once.

    And none of that has anything to do with size-zero clothes, tent dresses, or lack of tits. We love tits; we just don’t necessarily need them on those we sleep with…

  9. chapeau says

    I’m sorry but the Obama Administration is really disappointing me …

    I really don’t think they can find their ass with both hands at this point.

    No public option? WTF ?

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