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News: Nixon, Carnivorous Plant, LaToya Jackson, Utah, Mona Lisa


30 short LGBT films nominated for £25,000 Iris Prize.



Giant meat-eating plant discovered: "The plant is among the largest of all carnivorous plant species and produces spectacular traps as large as other species which catch not only insects, but also rodents as large as rats."


LaToya Jackson may be on primetime this fall.


Gays in Utah lose an ally as Utah Governor Jon Huntsman resigns to become Ambassador to China.


TAPES: Richard Nixon thought Leonard Bernstein's man-on-man kisses with Alvin Ailey were "absolutely sickening."


Twisted UK Roman Catholic priest David "devil in the dog collar" Pearce faces jail for sexual assault on schoolboys for 36 years.


Washington anti-gay marriage foes want donor names kept secret: "Sponsors of a campaign to overturn Washington state's domestic partnership law have asked the state's Public Disclosure Commission to keep the names of their donors secret because they say the supporters have received threats."


First listen: Ryan Gosling's band Dead Man's Bones track "My Body's a Zombie for You".


Just to clear everything up: Jaime Pressley did not pee on the sidewalk outside the Abbey in West Hollywood.



Teabagger tears up Rosa Parks poster at Claire McCaskill town hall.


Well-known homophobe and right-wing windbag Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council has already penned a piece for Wingnut Daily criticizing Obama's award of the medal to Milk, calling it "the first time in history that the nation's highest civilian award has been granted primarily on the basis of someone's sex life."


Tom Cruise's son Connor likely to take role in remake of Red Dawn.


Beckham stretches his legs.


The Amateur Gourmet and his boyfriend eat at El Bulli, the world's #1 restaurant.


Advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck pushed.



Woman attempts to scald the Mona Lisa with cup of English breakfast tea: "Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece was completely unscathed, as the ceramic mug smashed on bullet-proof glass surrounding the painting. Paris police said the woman was taken to a psychiatric ward afterwards. 'It looks like it was done by someone who was unhinged and wanted to draw attention to herself,' a Louvre spokesman was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency."


Bradley Cooper beams at Hangover premiere in Barcelona without Renee Zellweger. Ted Casablanca on the new relationship: "We seriously think his publicist has more to do with these A-list couplings than his heart. He knows he's unavailable—in more ways than one, trust—but he's trying to convince these women otherwise."


Pee Wee Herman returning to the stage. Reubens: “It’s time. My Pee-wee suit and red bow tie are at the ready - and this is proof that white shoes are cool past Labor Day.”


Minnesota Senator Paul Koering doesn't find enough support to run for governor: "But Koering, a gay legislator, also believes the fact he’s gay is something Republican Party delegates find hard to accept. 'I didn’t really want to say that,' he said. 'That’s a hurdle some delegates can’t get over,' said Koering. They’re just closed to him, he explained."

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  1. Adam's account of El Bulli was spectacular. Magical. But you've been warned - read it at your own peril. I wish I hadn't because now I desperately want to go.

    Posted by: K | Aug 12, 2009 4:26:13 PM

  2. *sigh* Goodbye Huntsman ... Obama stole the closest thing we had to a moderate Republican for our governor. Now we go back to the stone age with Herbert, who still tows the old party line about global warming being fake and that the gays are evil. Obama made some local LDS leaders and other conservatives very happy by getting rid of Huntsman. Worst part is that, because of how the law is written, we're stuck with him for a year and a half until we can hold a special election.

    Posted by: msbutah | Aug 12, 2009 6:10:20 PM

  3. And Nixon never was a lyric in a REM song...

    Posted by: hank | Aug 12, 2009 7:28:23 PM

  4. There was NO reason for that man to tear up that poster. He didn't even know what was on it!

    He is SO lucky they dragged HER out of there. She did not look happy at all.

    Btw, why was SHE dragged out by SEVERAL policemen?

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Aug 12, 2009 7:32:07 PM

  5. @MSBUTAH, he stole him because he was a likely effective rival for the 2012 election. I'm surprised Huntsman took the job, since I'm sure he was strongly advised not to, and being governor provides a much better resume for higher office than being an ambassador---even to China.

    Makes me think something else was going on here, both in terms of Obama's choice and Huntsman's acceptance.

    Posted by: Paul R | Aug 12, 2009 9:47:37 PM

  6. Huntsman knew he didn't have a chance, as a "moderate", getting nominated for anything. The Obama offer was an extended lease-on-life for both of them. Trust Blue-Dog Obama to do anything possible to make day-to-day live for Gays & Lesbians that much more difficult.

    Koering, needs to validate his existance the only way possible, finding a final solution to Rep Bachmann.

    Posted by: hadassah weinreb | Aug 12, 2009 11:56:37 PM

  7. That plant was discovered by a Towleroad reader; you cover every angle ;)

    Posted by: Stairs | Aug 13, 2009 3:44:44 AM

  8. I was hoping the article would say the pitcher plant is large enough to eat James Dobson.

    Posted by: KevinVT | Aug 13, 2009 9:19:11 AM

  9. Wait, is the implication that Bradley Cooper is gay?! OMG.

    Posted by: Rich | Aug 13, 2009 11:07:07 AM

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