News: Helene Gayle, Equality March, Caster Semanya, Lance Bass

RoadArnold Schwarzenegger to induct Harvey Milk into California Hall of Fame. Will he have the gall to veto Harvey Milk Day again after doing so? You can still call 916-445-2841 (and press a button) to voice your support for the Harvey Milk day bill.

Bassdate RoadLance Bass has a new bodyguard.

RoadTests on runner Caster Semenya show unusually high testosterone levels.

RoadLouise at Pam's house Blend points us to two fundraisers for the Maine marriage equality battle.

RoadDr. Helene Gayle tapped to lead Presidential Advisory Council on
. Sebelius: "Dr. Gayle is an
internationally acclaimed leader with a long history
of working to end the epidemic both around the world and
here at home in the United States. We are hopeful that the Presidential
Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, under her leadership, will
serve a platform to share our plans and insights with the
public health community and the public and serve as a
vehicle to carry their ideas and input back to the

RoadDavid Beckham opts for more modest swimwear on American shores.

RoadLate Lady Gaga booed in Britain.

Pauley RoadAfterElton interviews NCIS actress and  civil rights activist Pauley Perrette.

RoadLittle Britain's Matt Lucas looking for romance.

RoadFormer Naval petty officer Keith Meinhold on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell: "We serve this country honorably, too."

RoadMichelangelo Signorile on why he's decided to attend the National Equality March in D.C.: "It’s time
for these new, even risky approaches, and it’s time
to ask for it all — now. That’s why I’m
going to Washington for the National Equality March —
called for by legendary activists David Mixner and
Cleve Jones — even though, like others, I wasn’t
initially down with the idea. It’s time the
rest of us showed up on the National Mall and let
Obama know that the cocktail party crowd — the suck-ups,
the sycophants, and the scaredy-cats — doesn’t
represent us."

James Kirchik profiles Shmuel Herzfeld, Washington's gay-friendly Orthodox rabbi.

Wilmer RoadWilmer Valderrama scowls in the surf.

RoadNew Zealand principal who stole from school now claims he's being victimized for being gay.

RoadAnderson Cooper on Heidi Montag: "I don't know who this person is, nor why she's pretending to be a singer, nor why anyone should actually listen to her, but apparently she's famous." Clip.

RoadPolitical Science professor calls on Maryland to lead in marriage equality.

RoadLesbian UK policewoman throws her support behind gay night at town's pub, speaks about her sexuality.

RoadThe SF Chronicle talks to The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California: "As a Christian in the Episcopal Church, I firmly believe in a God who's
transcendent, who encompasses the whole universe. There's a lot of
attention paid to human sexuality. But when we frame the question as 'Is it too much?' there's almost an implication that there's only so
much energy to go around."